Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tempus Restaurant - hotel breakfast

My stay comes with breakfast.
Actually it is paid, around 12-13 pound per meal.
There were many choices, from English Full breakfast, omelette, bread bar, fruits, cereal bar, toast etc.
At first, I didn't know how big is their portion so I ordered the omelette.
It was three egg omelette with cheese and mushroom. 
It was made after I ordered it.
And I had some bread and yogurt too.
Felt regret that I ate too much. Hehe.

And the full length mirror in the toilet. 

The following day, I thought I want something light, so I told the waitress 
"A little bit of scramble egg and some baked beans"
and look what she served me!!
The portion! Oh my!
But still I finished it....Coz I don't like to waste food.
Their croissant was good.

And the mirror as usual. 

So the following day, I ordered toast since the waitress will ask you every morning. "Tea or coffee? Would you like to have some toast?"
Alright, this day I made a good decision to have toast.
The portion is normal. 
And  jam and butter are placed on the table.
British people always drink tea with milk.
So milk is also served on every table. 

The maxi look 

On the other day, I picked pancake from the bread bar.
A bit hard and dry since it was not freshly made.
American pancake which I had in Japan was nicer.

And the OOTD.

The other days I had breakfast from other places even the hotel breakfast was paid as I wanna try something else. 


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