Thursday, May 26, 2011

CRABBIE @ Tak Fok Restaurant

My housemates and I went for dinner yesterday!
We went to Tak Fok at Puchong (Main Branch at Kepong)~

It was totally different from what is written on the food blog by others~
They said RM20 per KG crab~Bla Bla Bla~ Cheap and Nice~
But we were totally dissapointed.

They have weird policies on ordering dishes.
We ordered 2kg of crab.
And they said if u din order other dishes ( other than crab), the crab itself is RM38 per kg.
If you order 2kg of crab, you must order 3 dishes to get their promotion price at RM30 per kg and
If you order 3kg of crab, you must order 4 dishes and so on!
Can I report this to FOMCA?
The menu didn't state any terms and conditions, and the menu written there RM30 per kg!!

Fine~ We order 3 dishes at last... We don't want to spoil our mood!

The food are quite nice here though~
I like their pumpkin barley! A bit pricy~ RM2.80 ea

Our vege~

Marmite Pork Rib

Salted egg soft shell crab~ RM30!!

2kg of butter crab (Rm60)

And fried Mantou RM3.60


A plentiful dinner~ but....
When we pay the bill......another story began~

I think I will not going to visit this shop anymore in future~
Beware of the price on the menu~ Only the price for "small portion" is written on it~
When we pay the bill, the order that we made are all in "medium portion"~
And of course, the price is vary from what we seen on the menu~ ( more expensive!)
Feel like being scammed by the restaurant~

To those who are going to visit this restaurant, think twice!


The date of my convocation is confirmed.
It falls on 8th October~

Huhu~ I failed the technical test today~ Therefore, I have no chance to be interviewed.
Lol~ They asked me really technical things which I never heard or seen before in my life~
It's ok~ I surrender! Haha~ Good company is really hard to enter.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Plan and Decide

I went back to my hometown for a few days and I've came back to KL...
This maybe my long holiday before i settle down and get a job~

I have decided to settle down in KL after my studies.
Not planning to take any master course yet.
Planning for a short vacation before i start to work but the times is limited.

Some of my friends are going for graduation tour and some of them has started working.
And my best friend has moved back to Kedah for her career life.
Sobs and Sigh...
I'm still in the middle of the ocean, no direction....

I have been offered by 2 companies actually.
The 1st one is as a R&D Engineer in a small IT company with total of 3-4 employees.
The offer is quite tempting~ but this is not my first choice as the company is small and I'm scare the financial status is not stable.

The 2nd one is from a well-known Korean company but they offer me one-year contract based position.
I think i would have a brighter future if i enter this company~ But they haven discuss with me about my salary. They will only discuss with me once i confirm to accept the position... Hmm...
Hopefully they will give me a nice figure too~

Im going for another interview tomorrow. One more last interview before I really settle down and wish me good luck coz 2moro's interview is quite tough ^^

Friday, May 20, 2011

Crazy Frog


New decorations for my cute handphone~

Feel like buying an IPhone or Ipad or Notebook...
But still dilemma in deciding....
I can't own three of them~ coz they are so costly...and my budget is so limited.
I started thinking about this since half a year ago... but still undecided...sobs~
Perhaps I shall save my 1st salary for one of the item above... ^^

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The end of my entire degree



Finally got my hardcover thesis~Going to hand in later~
Yeah~ I'm unofficially graduate~

Lil' Pug

I wanted to own a dog but it is very costly to take good care of a pet dog~
Medical fees and good food for a dog definitely will make me broke~

But at least i got a cute lil' Pug as my new plush toy~hehe


Adorable face~
Love his round big eyes the most~

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ah well...

Actually i got offered by a company in PJ as the position as a software engineer.
The pay is slightly lower than what i expected, but they promised that salary will be increased after 3 months probation period.

Hmm....An expanding listed company, bright future actually....
But i rejected~ LOL
Coz the location is not good, the most congested traffic during peak hours~
My friend advised me to move to PJ i wanna take this job...
LOL... I don't wanna move out alone~

Okay~ I decided to reject this job, coz of the location~
Time for me to send out resumes again... Applying for companies in Cyberjaya!
Be wise when sending in resume this time! Huhu~

Let me take a longer break after 5 years of studies~
I don't wanna enter my career life so soon yet~
Going back to my hometown on this coming weekend~
I miss my mom and dad~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

No boss wanna hire me~

YES! I'm still remain unemployed.
Feel like I'm drowning in the middle of ocean,
no directions and waiting for someone's help...

Tons of resume have been sent out but neither replies me!
Well~ I'm still waiting for chances~

Any established company who needs a fresh grad engineer who is
-hardworking ( if u pay me high salary)
-self motivated ( coz she is too shy to ask ppl)
-willing to travel ( i mean overseas....)
-willing to work for long hours ( if OT is paid)

Please leave a comment below!

Thank you.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Everything comes to the end~ The end of my FYP presentation and the end of my entire degree....
YES~ From now on, I am unofficially graduated and officially unemployed!! Gratz to me~

I was a low profile person which played a role as a "nobody" in my class / campus, wearing old T-shirt and sandals to class everyday, with a big backpack on my back~ From now on, I wanna be a charming OL in office^^ LOL~

I will be attending another 2 interviews next week~ Praying hard to get a good job with good pay....

Waiting for my Convo  in October =(
Wish to wear the square hat + long black robe with orang stripes ( The color for engineering graduates^^)!!

Yippie again~


Kita No Zen

The night after my presentation...

We went to Kita No Zen @The Gardens for dinner.
The food was not good as I expected.

I ordered OMURAISU (Omelete Rice)~ but it tasted like "nasi goreng pattaya"!!
I could find shredded chilies in the rice. And onion on top~
OMG! It was totally different with the one I had in Japan~ LOL


Dar-dar's EBI DON~Tasted so-so only...

Our dessert~
The green tea ice-cream was nice~
But they were too stingy on the cheese cake portion~ >.<
Four small slices of cheesecake>.<

At last, i bought my favorite milk tea before going back home~ Promotion price 2 for RM11.90 ^^

Woohoo~ 9999km and 10000km~
It's time to send my car  for 3rd service~


Monday, May 2, 2011


Lovely souvenirs from my bro and sis-in-law ^^
They are....

A purse from Radley~

And a bag from Harrods~

Both are in doggie printed design~ They are so~~~ cute!
Can't wait to bring my new bag for shopping!

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