Sunday, July 12, 2015

Traveling with KLM

My first experience with KLM.
This is my first time traveling to Europe.
I chose KLM Royal Dutch Airline.
I flew from Narita to Manchester and made a transfer at Amsterdam.

 photo DSC02398_zpsfaphyauu.jpg
Nice blue color.

 photo Photo 6-27-15 11 23 00 AM_zpsn6ofxlkg.jpg
Snacks and drinks.

From Japan to Amsterdam, 11++ hours flight.
 photo Photo 6-27-15 12 08 10 PM_zpszjfyrghu.jpg
The 1st in-flight meal.
Beef ball stew and potato.
Overall quite nice except the cake.
I loved the bun very much.

 photo Photo 6-27-15 3 59 30 PM_zps3f3cyobz.jpg
In between, they served ice-cream.
JAL serves Haagen-Dazs though.
But Meiji ice cream was quite OK too.

 photo Photo 6-27-15 8 06 17 PM_zpslici8cfe.jpg
Meal before landing.
Tomato penne. Quite good but I didn't finish it.
I saved my tummy for fish 'n' chips.

 photo Photo 6-27-15 12 42 13 PM_zps9nsgdmvb.jpg
The design of paper cup was nice.

 photo Photo 6-28-15 12 27 03 AM_zps4cfbijjr.jpg
From AMS-MAN, was only an hour flight, so they serve only snacks.
This is yummy!

11 hours flight
 photo Photo 7-5-15 10 53 10 PM_zpswrh0xjm8.jpg
I ordered red wine.
They served my favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.
Very nice wine.

 photo Photo 7-5-15 11 36 40 PM_zpsaspgeyri.jpg
Quite appetizing.

 photo Photo 7-6-15 3 44 13 AM_zpsccmc1dwp.jpg
In between, they served ice-cream as usual.
As this time was traveling from Europe to Japan, they served Belgium ice-cream.

 photo Photo 7-6-15 3 46 10 AM_zpsxn3omt5w.jpg
Belgium ice-cream!

 photo Photo207-6-152062041200020AM_zpsrsg4yhja.jpg
Breakfast before arriving in Japan.
Omelette meal.
Quite nice but a bit salty.
But I finished it all.
I was so hungry.

Arrived at Japan safely.

I had a pleasant trip traveling with KLM.
Overall service, seats was good.
I even watched Fifty Shades of Grey in flight.
At first I didn't know what the story about,
so I just watched it until I saw naked scenes.
WTF! Then I immediately stopped it. LOL


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