Friday, April 29, 2011

My Silly BF!

Silly Actions
Kissing the bird~

Try to drag the treasure box~ LOL
Pulling a Brownze statue's pants??!!
WOW~I found a treasure box!


A silly photographer taking those photos of a silly guy! Haha~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


My housemates , dar-dar and I planned for having supper buffet at Jogoya~ Coz it was the second last day of the buy 1 free 1 promo~ But when we reached there at 8.30pm, the person incharged told us that it was fully booked~
We ended up with having late dinner at Kampachi~

A pot of tea for 2~ I ordered Houji Fruit Tea, japanese green tea with apple+berry aroma~ Nice~

I had Nabeyaki Udon while dar-dar ordered Ten Zaru Soba~
Nabeyaki Udon~ I burned my tougue again~ The soup was hot!

Ten Zaru Soba~

Our dessert~ Mochi~
But it tasted like the "muachi" we had in pasar malam~ And it costed RM18++ lol~ 6 times the price of the one we bought in pasar malam~ Kakaka~

Sticky Candy anyone? Finally I brought a can of candies back after I visited the shop for several times~
It's not cheap man!!! RM20 for a small bottle of candies~

Monday, April 25, 2011

Malacca~ A place with sweet memories~

I went to Melaka yesterday... No any special plan~It was a "Jalan-jalan cari makan" trip~
I missed Melaka so much~ I stayed there for 1 year when i was studying my Foundation course there~



My favorite Mille Crepe from Nadeje~ The best Mille Crepe in town~
Green Tea Flavor

Cheese Flavor~
It melted in my mouth~ Yummy-licious!!!

Nice coconut milk shake in Klebang~ People are willing to queue for 30 minutes just to buy the milk shake...


Sand drawing~ I was drawing on the beach like a small kid~haha!

Don't shoot me!!

Nothing to write about this historical place, Melaka~ coz i hate history subject!
The only thing in my brain is FOOD!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free Starbucks Coffee~

Starbucks coffee any one? Plus a cute keychain in a Starbucks printed black pouch~

Just spend RM8 to get this magazine~
( I bought it from Kinokuniya...Im not sure whether other shops got this free gift or not....)

I've redeemed the coffee~ U can choose any flavor as long as it's regular size coffee~
Cool rite~

The coffee worth more than the magazine itself~

The contents of this magazine are all about luxorious brands~
 Lol~ I still cant afford to get one of those branded items~ Nvm~ I'm sure I'll get 'em 1 day~ hehehe XD

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Date confirmed!

Ok... I'll be sending in my FYP report to FOE later~ I mean in the afternoon~ Another half more day~
Just to squeeze out few minutes to update my blog~
My report is still messy~ It's really SUCKS!!!
I have to arrange it nicely, check line by line, add references and compile my appendices... Printing and binding job too!
OMG!I'm running out of time! Another sleepless night~
Only me awake at late night.Lights in my room are turned on, i could hear the sound of my quad core CPU and the keyboard typing sound accompanying me in the lonely night!!

Sorry if you saw me with panda eyes... I'll try to cover my face with thicker foundation~ Hope everything will come to the end soon~ So do my undergraduate course~ Yippie~ I'm graduating soon!!

P/S: The date for my presentation is confirmed~ It falls on the second week of presentation week, which is on 5th May (Thursday)!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Get Stucked~

OMG~ I get stucked on writing my FYP report~
My web application development is done~
And I have completed 40 pages of report...
I have squeezed my brain juice~ It's totally dried out now~~~
And I still have 20+ pages to go~
I think I have to take a rest~
I slept at 6am yesterday and it's 4am now~
Please stop those sleepless night....

P/s: I need a new spec~ My eyesight is getting poorer~

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slacking Time

I did my project till 4am this morning, then i slept for 7 hours~
I woke up at 11am and continued some of my work.
At 2pm, I was called by Yvonne to attend a talk conducted by a guy from Intel~
Got a lot of useful information from him.

Then, we had a short meeting with Yvonne regarding to our FYP.
Hmm, so far so good, but I have to speed up my progress!
20th is my deadline for submitting soft cover report, and I should come out with a final draft of report by this Saturday. Yvonne's gonna check our report before submitting...

I had RM2 sushi with dar-dar for dinner~
I was tired yet hungry! And I had a really good appetite~
I had 8 plates of sushi YEAH ^^v

Today, I went to and found some relevant job, quickly I sent in resume...
Huhuhu~ I sent 6 today, hope can get reply from them~ At least 1 pls....
I'm graduating soon...I hope to get a job and settle down ASAP...
I need money to loan my car... Although my mom is helping me to pay for the car loan now~
And I want to buy a notebook...

My shopping list are full but my pocket is empty~ Sigh...

Pity Face....
Good night~ Charging up my energy tonight and boosting up my engine 2moro~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hope to finish it soon~

Buttocks sticked to the chair for continuous hours,
Eyes aresticked to the monitor,
Fingers are typing non-stop...

I'm tired~
I can't sleep early everyday, and few more days to FYP deadline...
Rush rush rush~
Hope all will over soon...

Until my next plan of vacation...
A budget trip instead...
Hmm... Penang sandy beaches ? Or Hatyai Shopping Spree?

My tired face~

Sunday, April 10, 2011

KiKi , Taiwanese Cuisine @ KLCC

CY, Shelli, dar-dar & I had Taiwanese food @KIKI today~

Mouth-watering sweet potato ball is a "must try" item~ Most of the tables there ordered this ^^


We had our lunch quite late, at around 2.30pm, but the shop is still packed...
Every meal offered here is set meal~ Not recommended for ppl who are on diet~ Haha~
Dar-dar's set - Gong Pou Chicken- (if not mistaken~)
Caution! HOT!

The rice is nice~

I had fish fillet with egg and tomato~ Yummy~

And I love the banana milk the most~ (OMG dar-dar's tummy is getting bigger~)
It is blended with real banana~ Fresh and pure~

Jasmine& Oolong tea~ wat a great combination~

After a splendiful meal, dar-dar and I went back home while CY and Shelli have their romantic date in Aquaria~
Just accompany my dar-dar for a simple lunch~
No time for me to shopping coz I need to rush my FYP~

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday Night

Sorry that I lie down on my job again today~
I can't concentrate on my FYP until i get a bag...
So I asked my dar-dar to drive me to Mid Valley!
It was 6pm and damn traffic jam along KL-Seremban highway~
It took longer time to reach our destination, but we arrived safely~
Today i hunted cheap japan brand handbags from Isetan!
Cool~ Today is the 1st day of promotion~
Handbags 2 for only RM99! And i bought 2 for myself~
Sorry to be so selfish~
Actually i planned to buy one for my dearest mummy but I can't find any suitable one~
End up with buying 2 bags at once~ It is rare for Isetan to have crazy discounts~hehe

See the ori price! RM229~
And now!! 2 for RM99~


And the design are simple and nice~

My sis-in-law told me that my bro just bought me a Radley's purse for me in UK~
(I just got a CK's purse from him during his travel in Germany...Another purse again!!! huhu~)
And they also bought me Harrods' handbag~ OMG~
Love them so much~
They are coming back 2moro~
Can't wait to see my souvenirs~ hehe

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Movie Time~ Forget about FYP

I'm so sorry to my dar-dar as I have no time to accompany him recently as the FYP due date is around the corner....
Today, I decided to pull out some of my time to date with my dar-dar~
We went to Sunway Pyramid for a movie~Battle of Los Angeles.
An interesting movie to watch.

We had taiwanese meal today~ I love the oyster mee sua or " o wa mi sua" so much~

After a sweet date, I need to get back to work!
I think I have to manage my time well... Hope everything will end soon~

Take a break. Have a Kit-kat!

Limited edition of Kit-kats from Japan~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Project

Less time on facebook and also my blog...
I'm still doing my FYP project...
It's still a mess!!
OMG~ The deadline is around the corner...
And I'm still figuring out how to sync my database from Android to my remote database!

Still developing my simple web applications~
U can try the login and register part.
Trying to upload the food menu ASAP~
OMG! I'm running out of time...

Do visit my page Menu Planning

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy 52nd Month Anniversary

I can be cheered up by just a lil' piece of cheesecake~
My favorite cake is cheesecake, any cheesecake will do~

And I'm in love wif food made wif matcha ( green tea)!
Such as Matcha Soba, Matcha Ice-cream, Matcha chocolate, Matcha Crepe and....
Matcha Cheesecake ^^

A superb combination of two things I love the most!

And my dar-dar's capucinno cheesecake ~

Happy 52nd Month Anniversary~

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I've sent my resume to few top company in my list.
1. Panasonic
2. Sony
3. IBM
4. Toshiba
and also to 1-2 small company...

Actually, I just sent resume to Panasonic , Toshiba and IBM under general resume, they didn't offer any job related to engineering recently, except for Sony.

I received a call from IBM this morning, which woke me up from my sweet dream... I was told that they don't have any job relevant to engineer...Sigh... No chance to enter IBM... But it is also a good news to me, at least I can give up IBM and I don't have to move to Bandar Utama...

Actually my 1st choice is Panasonic, but they don't have any job for now... Some of my dar-dar friends is working at Panasonic and they have chances to travel to Japan for work...
My only hope for now is Sony... The work place is quite near from my house and I heard that Sony offers a good pay, car loan and house loan subsidiary too~ Hope I can have a chance to be interviewed...

Waiting for reply...
Hope to enter a Japanese Company for my 1st job...


S.I.M.P.L.E date

A sweet date with dar-dar~
The 1st day of the month, pocket money reloaded.

Just a simple outing. A day to relax after hard work on FYP.
Finally, I had time to watch "Rango" with dar-dar^^ The lizard was ugly and weird, but it's cute.
The storyline was meaningful. A nice movie for everyone.

I had Red Bean Green Tea Crepe before dinner at Pavillion~

Harajuku crepe has been listed in my favorite food after I tried the nice one in Japan~haha~
But the one sold in Pavillion also nice~ Support^^

Then, we had our dinner at Sushi Sanmai...
Actually, we planned to have dinner at The Ship, but a little bored as only 2 of us~
We prefer to eat nice food and share wif our housemates~

We just had unagi, salmon head and 2 oyster for our dinner...
I were not hungry as I just had a nice crepe...


The oyster was nice... although it can't beat the one I had in Japan...

Simple dinner with someone I love so much...

I bought KAT-TUN concert DVD ar Sungai Wang today. Let's get Rock tonight^^

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool

One quarter of Year 2011 had past....
Big events on the past 3 months was:
i) 2 weeks trip to Japan
ii) my brother's wedding day
iii) bought a diamond ring
iv) bought a SEIKO watch

My coming shopping list:
a) Formal suits
b) branded Tote bag

I love dreams and wishes~
And I love to dream~
And I am dreaming....

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