Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Konbini Part 3

 photo DSCN4652_zpsb916526b.jpg
This alcohol drink is nice.
Minus 196 degree celcius!!

 photo DSCN4654_zps8ae80c4f.jpg
My favorite Oden from Lawson!

 photo DSCN4720_zps33211a41.jpg

 photo DSCN4760_zps4c420a77.jpg
Ham and egg sandwich

 photo DSCN4763_zpsb5fae0b5.jpg
Green tea

 photo DSCN4788_zps2aa7c1e2.jpg
Mayo Winner

 photo DSCN4789_zps6353e261.jpg
Topiaco Milk Tea

 photo DSCN4810_zpsaea940a5.jpg
Onigiri again! Tarako flavor! Cod fish roe!

 photo DSCN4855_zps2d1739fa.jpg
Some kind of pizza bun!

 photo DSCN4981_zps84767b5e.jpg
Mentaiko onigiri!

 photo DSCN5066_zpsbcc9bff8.jpg

 photo DSCN5086_zpsfbdc51aa.jpg
Souvenirs for dar-dar!

 photo DSCN5115_zps8935b0de.jpg
I love this brand of sandwich!

 photo DSCN5117_zpsa43bfa08.jpg

 photo DSCN5127_zpse4ed2ac0.jpg

 photo DSCN5155_zps49b2fcea.jpg
Some kind of juice! Not bad!

 photo DSCN5178_zps9afdc9d7.jpg
Souvenirs that i brought back to Malaysia

 photo DSCN5179_zps5b59bcf4.jpg
Shiseido Parlor Cheesecake! Really nice!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Konbini Part 2

 photo DSCN4520_zpsf04bc992.jpg
Some kind of plum( ume) wine + orange to celebrate CNY eve at hotel room alone!
So pity ~.~

 photo DSCN4525_zps0a9ac514.jpg
Annin Tofu ( Almond tofu, from Tiya)

 photo DSCN4573_zps032e59bf.jpg
Some nice dessert from Famaliy Mart.
Strawberry pudding with whipped cream. Nice!
 photo DSCN4574_zps5a67d70f.jpg

 photo DSCN4586_zpscdc097e4.jpg
Tuna and egg sandwich!

 photo DSCN4596_zpsda44c1f5.jpg
My favorite! C.C Lemon!

 photo DSCN4597_zpsc2646913.jpg
Onigiri lover!

 photo DSCN4607_zps47e676af.jpg
Breakfast from Starbucks!

 photo DSCN4608_zps8b80a913.jpg
Dakara fresh start!
We called this genki water! Haha

 photo DSCN4609_zpsc114306b.jpg
Onigiri + yogurt as dinner on OT day!

 photo DSCN4611_zpsc5ee86e7.jpg
Very delicious! Premium roll cake from Lawson by Uchi Cafe.

 photo DSCN4612_zpsc3282a4d.jpg
Swiss roll slice cake which is eaten by using a spoon!

Afternoon Tea at Meguro

Randomly went to Meguro during weekend.
And we had our afternoon tea at a nice coffee shop called 珈琲茶館 集!
Had a great time chit-chating while having nice desserts~
It's only 1 mins walk from JR Meguro Station.

 photo DSCN5035_zpsdfa3a384.jpg
Nice display outside the coffee house

 photo DSCN5036_zps4f549b10.jpg

 photo DSCN5039_zps56e1a6c3.jpg

 photo DSCN5041_zpsc648e43f.jpg
Rare cheese cake 500yen (i guess)
 photo DSCN5042_zps49c63d51.jpg
My happy face ^.^

 photo DSCN5045_zpsc46efac3.jpg
抹茶白玉パフェ Parfait 950yen

東京都品川区上大崎2-27-3 武本ビルB1
 JR目黒駅 西口 徒歩1分 東急目黒線目黒駅 徒歩2分

 photo DSCN5048_zps03ea4092.jpg
Found this interesting teddy bear shop around Meguro.
There are a lot of unique teddies inside the shop. But bare in mind that the price are unique (expensive) too!
Highly recommended for teddies collectors!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Selca in Tokyo

 photo DSCN4580_zps2700307c.jpg
Winter fashion show.
My poncho for only 1k yen.

 photo DSCN4439_zps6a31817b.jpg
Oimachi! Yeah

 photo DSCN4785_zpscc984774.jpg
My new burberry bag!

 photo DSCN4346_zpsd681e9b1.jpg
Hmm...before going to work

 photo DSCN4896_zps66c4c249.jpg
Wearing fake lashes....

 photo DSCN5149_zps2feacb2a.jpg
Love my hair!

 photo DSCN5028_zps9bb54d7a.jpg
At Kawasaki

 photo DSCN4809_zpsf37a3841.jpg
In front of the mirror at elevator hall

 photo DSCN4908_zpsb4b18e8a.jpg
Acting cute

 photo DSCN5071_zpsd55ef529.jpg
Student costume

 photo DSCN4980_zps3059eba2.jpg

 photo DSCN5114_zpsaaa027ea.jpg
Grey is nice too

 photo DSCN4850_zpsbdd3cebb.jpg
ME and tiya!

 photo DSCN4359_zpsb4a745b9.jpg
Pin up my hair

 photo DSCN5171_zps40332650.jpg
Departing from hotel to airport

 photo DSCN4733_zpsb9a04502.jpg
With tokyo tower.
I looks ugly in this photo....

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