Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue Day

Another 2 photos to share.
2 couples.
We are lovely couples, don't you think so?

Breakfast at hotel before Ah Pau's wedding.
All girls look so gorgeous in Blue! Hehe~
So coincident I sat in the middle and at the furthest from the camera, so I look slimmer in this picture.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Me in Blue

This is the dress I wore for Ah Pau's Wedding!
I bought it from Forever 21.
And my new high heel from Isetan@Orchard Road.


A narcist photo from me.

#Me In Blue

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Party Last Night

After Ah Pau & HonShun's Wedding,
we had party at their new home @ JB.

We had lots of alcohol.
Especially Champagne and Chivas and white wine...

Don Perignon Vintage 2003, present from Dage !
I am lucky to have chance to taste such expensive bottle of Champagne.

Luckily, I was not drunk at all although I had alot of alcohol last night.
My mind was so clear all the time.
Hmm....maybe my alcohol level has improved.

Feel so sad, coz Im not sure when we will gather around and have fun again after this...

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Their Wedding

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Ah Pau and HonShun's Wedding!


Ji Mui's and the married couple!

The gang from IBT ^.^

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Mood

Today I went to Orchard Road after work.
Finally got a big flower for my hair deco and a pair of wedges.

The whole stretch of Orchard Road is decorated by red nice decorations and lightings.

It's truly awesome. I feel so "oshare"(fashionable in Japanese) walking on this street. Lol...
You should come here and feel on your own.

Today, I just snapped with my lousy phone camera.
Will bring my camera and snap more photos next time.

#Red Xmas
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Orchard Road! Awesome!

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Christmas at Takashimaya. Hehe! I love Takashimaya!

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Haha... Finally the decoration is done @ Somerset 313. Do compare the photo with my previous post.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Xmas Deco

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Large bell or something?
Nice huge ornaments deco @ Toa Payoh Central.

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Purple Xmas Tree...but it looks blue in this picture.
@ Somerset 313!

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Lol....Me acting cute....

One more month to Xmas and long holiday...
Will be celebrating Xmas in SG this year.
Hehe. Looking forward to it.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Putotyra from AFA12

I was searching for Gacha Machines almost all around the island (i mean Singapore),
but I couldn't find any Gacha selling Kamen Rider OOO series( coz it's a quite old series of Kamen Rider....) until I went to AFA12 held at Singapore Expo Hall 7 last weekend.

I was so excited when I saw this Gacha Machine!!!
So I picked up my SGD50 dollar note, approach to the Bandai Counter and changed 30 pieces of 1 dollar coin.
And I only get the one I wanted so much at my 6th attempt of Gacha!
Lol....Hmm,  I got 1 Ankh,  3 Kamen Rider Birth ( in a row...damm!), and 1 Uva.....
And finally the 6th one, I got my most favorite Combo in Kamen Rider OOO, which is Putotyra.

Why I wanted the keychain so much?

This is because......
(The photos below explains all)
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

( Photo grabbed from Shu's blog!)
Because Watanabe Shu has it too...
He has Tamashi Combo as well, but I gave up gacha-ing after I got Putotyra!
Coz I knew I did something really crazy, I spent SGD18 just for 1 keychain...a small tiny

AFA12 event was held in Singapore last weekend.
It was a really large scale Anime Event and attracted Otaku and Anime Lovers from local and also ppl from Asia and other countries.
Although Im not a big fan of Anime, but I still giving support to those kind of event since it's a part of Japan Culture.

Look at the big crowd.
People are loving Japanese culture.....

Hmm....but I don't have any special feeling towards Anime industry although I have participated in Anime event during my University life, basically as a Japanese translator.
I was Japanese MC/ Translator for GACC event held at Multimedia University, Malacca on Year 2006, where famous Seiyuu, Furuya Toru was invited as the guest of the event.
And I was also a committee of DAICON event and I got chance to get near to Chihara Minori during the event...
But, I'm still not so passionate about Anime stuff.
Hmm...I hope I will fall in love with Anime one day.

But, definitely, I love Japanese Culture.
Especially their technology, their food and Sakura!
Counting down my departure to Japan!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sushi Express @ Raffle's Link

It's the only place where you can find cheap sushi on conveying belt in Singapore i guess.
Every plate costs only SGD1.50.
And free flow tea and wasabi....(FOC)....
They serving varieties of sushi, like salmon, tuna, yellow tail, shrimp...etc
And aslo appetizer and desserts too.

But you can only pick from the conveying belt , no order is accepted.
However, the sushi master always make sure the belt is full with sushi
so you can just pick any that you like from the belt.

My favorite sea urchin. But this is "not so good and not so bad", of course, not as fresh as I had in Japan.

Salmon roe...

Two of us had total 18 plates of sushi + desserts. And it's only cost around SGD32 after tax.
We definitely will come again next time when we craving for sushi and sashimi. Hehe.

And Chewy Junior's Cheese Lover as our dessert.

I love Saturday!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jurong Bird Park

Photos from Jurong Bird Park One Day Trip!

With Corporate Feather Friends member card from my company, I can bring up to 3 person to enter Jurong Bird Park for free.
But since every one was busy on Saturday, so only my dar-dar and I entered the bird park.
Lol....We had a date in the park.

Out first Stop: Penguin

I love Penguin the most. They are so adorable.

Parrot is cute too.


Some kind of yellow birdie.

I love their road sign...


A huge eagle.

Last but not least, weirdo him and Owl.

It was a bit tiring walk around the park.
But we had a great time with birdies. plan >> ZOO!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Weekend!

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A lovely Saturday.
We are on the way going to Jurong Bird Park.
(Birk Park post will be blogged later)
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Penguin~My most favorite type of bird! They can't fly but they are cute...Lol....

Our lunch at Ichiban Sushi before departing to Bird Park.

We had our dinner at Benten Cafe @ Jurong Point, it's a modern Japanese style Western restaurant i guess.
We just ordered 1 set of meal since we are not so hungry.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App
Cream of chicken and bread. Simple but tasty!

And our main dish- Hamburger and Hokkaido Corn Cream Croquette.
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

And our dessert- Strawberry Cream Cheesecake Parfait.
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

Overall, the food was nice with reasonable price. And the food is served in quite a big portion.
We definitely will revisit this shop in near future. :-)


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