Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More Foodies that I had in UK

 photo DSC02535_zpsuivaalpf.jpg
I eat berries almost everyday during my stay.

 photo DSC02743_zps8ifamppc.jpg
Love British strawberries.

 photo DSC02745_zpsnqeopfwy.jpg
Heart- shaped.
So lovely.

 photo DSC02750_zpsm1l6f9cd.jpg
On the other day. Blackberries and strawberries.

 photo DSC02753_zpsuby8nbii.jpg
He wants some too.

 photo DSC02754_zpslezphoaz.jpg
I really love this!

 photo Photo 7-3-15 4 14 35 AM_zpsb6xx0iqe.jpg
And some snacks.
Tyrrell's English crisps.

 photo DSC03075_zpsp5nerwwt.jpg
On the other day, blueberries and strawberries.

 photo DSC03077_zps8rnt9pm7.jpg

 photo DSC02895_zpsoxzrfihh.jpg
Innocent Strawberries & banana smoothies.

 photo DSC03026_zpsse2lnani.jpg
Pineapple, pear and kiwi smoothie from Smoothie!

 photo Photo 7-1-15 3 32 40 AM_zpsorq7ali9.jpg
Strawberry and banana smoothie from Tesco.

 photo DSC03420_zpshh5pnzpe.jpg
From Mark & Spencer.
I love smoothies and juices here.
Far nicer than those I had in Japan.
Especially their smoothies!

 photo DSC02562_zpss1adzyz9.jpg
I love their sandwiches too. Cheap and nice.

 photo DSC03082_zpstdrf2oyg.jpg
Prawn mayonnaise.

 photo DSC02840_zpss61c2gph.jpg
The Cadbury brunch bar is nice!
Bought Carr's MELTS CHEESE, and not going to open this yet, until I meet my dar-dar.

 photo Photo 7-3-15 3 43 53 AM_zpslktgx8d2.jpg
Pork sausage for only a pound from Tesco. Yummy!


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