Sunday, March 29, 2015

Blue Bottle Coffee

Finally, we came to the famous Blue Bottle Coffee.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Finally tried Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.
Located at Omotesando.
Usually, you need to queue for 2 hours but luckily we just waited for about 30 minutes.

Was so regret that we didn't order the fondue.
Looks so special.

This is what we ordered.
Creme brulee crepe. 

(Hot chocolate drink)
The name of the drink sounds so dirty....LOL

From Max Brenner website.
Suckao is the espresso of the chocolate drinks. 
It is a small, dense, concentrated shot of rich chocolate. 

The term "suckao" is made up of two words that describe the utensil and the unique drink 
it contains: 
To draw the dense liquid through the metal straw. 
The Spanish word for cocoa beans from which this rich chocolate drink is made and which determines its quality.

You can put the chocolate into the hot milk according to your preference.

This is nice but it was abit too sweet....
Luckily 2 of us shared this so we wont feel so guilty after eating this.

Sakura -Meguro River

Meguro River is one of the famous spot for Hanami.
There are more than 800 Sakura trees along the river.
It would be nicer during full blossom.

Sakura sakura.....You are so lovely!!

Wish I could come here with my dar-dar one day!!

Lab Farewell Party

My recent selfie.
My hair is getting longer and I am going to have a hair cut before the new semester starts.

Farewell party at night was fun.

The chicken wing was so yummy!
ANd we had a lot of fun too!

Good luck,
and it shall be my turn next year !!!

Todai campus

Attended SP's convocation at Todai.

Todai main campus is so nice.

Congratz to those students who are graduating.
I have one more year to go.....

New Hachiko statue has become a symbolic in Todai.

Me and hachiko.
At first, I planned to hug Hachiko but since there was some other Japanese around, I don't dare to do so, so at last I put my hand on it's tail.

And also me and the famous akamon (red gate).

Had lunch with my frens at Todai's canteen.
Not too good but not too bad.

Sakura in Ueno Park

Ueno Park in the morning.
Weather was nice.
But still sakura is not yet full bloom.

Ueno Park is a famous tourist spot especially during Cherry Blossom season.

Please keep the park clean.

My shadow with Sakura tree.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Best Omelette so far

Had my early breakfast at Ueno Station before going to Tokyo University to meet my friends.
I departed from Yokohama very early in the morning (6am ++) to avoid the crowd during rush hour.
And the day before, I have gone through Tabelog to search for nice restaurant or cafe which serves morning set.
And I found this.

The shop is located inside the station (before the exit of the station)
And the morning set was only around 650yen.
Comes with a cup of coffee/tea.

It was so fluffy.
This is the best omelette I had so far in Japan.
Thumbs up!

So so so so fluffy inside......


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