Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hodogaya Candle Night

 photo DSC03258_zps696e5191.jpg
Went to Hodogaya Candle Night with a Korean friend.

 photo DSC03269_zps68f95e9a.jpg
Nice paper hemisphere!

 photo DSC03275_zps75fa1f6e.jpg
We were queuing for KEBAB!

 photo DSC03277_zps06739a7d.jpg
Such a big volume, for 500yen! Yummy!

 photo DSC03278_zps1a54f733.jpg
The sky was getting darker and darker.

 photo DSC03309_zpsc2049138.jpg
Fire dance!
The girl was dancing with a fire whip!
So cool!

 photo DSC03332_zps1276adbb.jpg
Handsome guys dancing with fire stick!

 photo DSC03351_zpsbf56d072.jpg
It was really crowded! Hehe!

 photo DSC03357_zps11951319.jpg

 photo DSC03367_zps1cf7c0cc.jpg
Candles everywhere!

 photo DSC03375_zps158d0c5e.jpg
It was a great night!
The end of August! ( End of summer soon!)

 photo DSC03378_zps7c6a281c.jpg

 photo 1235041_700871686594341_2066778175_n_zps2c01b738.jpg

Last photo.... with the Korean friend.

Friday, August 30, 2013

HM ホットケーキミックス

HM is a common term in most Japanese cooking recipes websites, which stands for Hotcake Mix.
I was so tempted to make cupcakes using HM after watching many videos from youtube and recipes from CookPad (!

So I went to nearest supermarket and grabbed a packet of HotCake Mix powder (800g), 1 litre of low fat milk, a packet of eggs and also strawberry jam.
 photo DSC_1415_zps6afa5dd9.jpg
These are all 1071yen!

For today, i used 200g of hotcake mix, 150ml of milk, 2 eggs and some strawberry jam, so the ingredient for today cost me about 200yen!

 photo DSC_1413_zps3f7aa60c.jpg
Also bought this mould for making waffle using microwave oven( 440yen)!

 photo DSC_1414_zps3318ca09.jpg
This is how the waffle mould looks like.

 photo DSC_1416_zps8783176c.jpg
I used 2 eggs....hmm...maybe 1 eggs is enough.

 photo DSC_1417_zpsb787cf18.jpg
Mix 200g of HM, 2 eggs and 150ml batter is done within 5 minutes!

First attempt
 photo DSC_1419_zpse335ecc3.jpg
put the batter into the mould, heat it with microwave for 1 minute and 20second ( my microwave is 730W)
Opps....first attempt was failed.
It expanded so
So i guess, is because of the air inside the batter...or do not use 2 eggs at once....hmm not sure.....

 photo DSC_1420_zpsca2e6bcf.jpg
Cupcake first attempt ( mix with strawberry jam)
Too much air expanded to much!

 photo DSC_1427_zps969bea5e.jpg
2nd attempt....nicer! less airy!

After few attempts...
 photo DSC_1425_zps718dfe62.jpg
Getting nicer and nicer....taste like steamed cake! healthier choice!

So, what did I made with 200yen ingredients?
 photo DSC_1426_zpsd285ec28.jpg
4 pieces of waffle
 photo DSC_1424_zps5ce8a00a.jpg
11 cupcakes ( left 10 in the picture, coz 1 has been eaten by me...hehe)

15 items for only 200yen!
So, average around 13.33yen each!
Wow....what a cheap food! Hehe!
This will be my breakfast and tea-time for at least 2~3 days....hopefully!!

As conclusion or my personal opinoin,
after mixing the batter, leave it for awhile until it become sticky, make sure that it is not full with bubble....huhu
The taste would be nicer by adding butter inside.

Next planning....
pumpkin cake and sweet potato cake....hehehe!!!
Mixed fruit cake would be nice too, i guess!!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jazz Promenade Crew Meeting

 photo DSC_1402_zps908185ef.jpg
Cute flowers! While waiting for bus.

 photo DSC_1403_zpsdce548ff.jpg
Today's dinner is Saizeriya's Hamburger steak @ 399yen.
Hehe. I'm broke recently.

 photo DSC_1408_zps033758db.jpg
Went to Yokohama Art Museum for Jazz Promenade Crew briefing!
Looking forward to this event! Hehe!

 photo DSC_1405_zps8d1db2e0.jpg
Passed by Bayside Geihinkan!
Looks so romantic!
 photo DSC_1406_zps922a91c4.jpg

 photo DSC_1404_zps336fc31c.jpg
Had McFlurry for supper. So sweet!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Deco Corner

This is the only deco corner in my house.
Since I don't want to buy any extra furniture for my house....
So, this is the limited area for me to decorate.

 photo DSC_1394_zps2a591bc3.jpg
A small corner beside TV for me to decorate.

 photo DSC_1395_zps78e601e8.jpg
Postcards from Kamakura!

 photo DSC_1393_zps9adc206f.jpg
Bought this 2 layer rack from Natural Kitchen for only 105yen x3 = 315yen!

 photo DSC_1396_zpsbd7bc8ed.jpg
My dining table is now clean and tidy. Hehe!
Finding a nice table cloth for this square table. Hmm...

Random Cooking Diary 18

Not much new menu recently.
Getting lazier and lazier... Huhuhu

 photo DSC_1279_zps34191946.jpg
Bought this Gronola from Kaldi Farm for 420yen!

 photo DSC_1283_zps6911d51b.jpg
Had Granola Yogurt Parfait as breakfast for continuously few days.

 photo IMG_20130825_115326_zpsb2099067.jpg
Oden first attempt!
Low calories meal! Hehe!

 photo DSC_1399_zpse44c9eaa.jpg
Sweet and sour prawn!

 photo IMG_20130824_111910_zpsd911b3ca.jpg
Egg toast. Heart-shaped! So cute!

 photo DSC_1275_zps8acadb4a.jpg
Another lazy day to prepare lunch!

 photo DSC_1300_zps1bc4d7b1.jpg
Oh no! This is called lunch!

 photo IMG_20130822_110504_zpsae63f55a.jpg
Prawn salad.

 photo DSC_1285_zps397b4abb.jpg
My sandwich obento....

 photo DSC_1295_zpse429036c.jpg
A pretty lazy day. Heat up packaged curry and dip with my bread.
This was my lunch! Lol....

 photo DSC_1397_zpsaa053d85.jpg
Veggies, gyoza and omelette.

 photo DSC_1398_zpsa7e00509.jpg

Huhu~ So sorry for this crap post about cooking diary.
I had no mood at all on cooking due to exam preparation.
This week I shall clean up those leftovers in my refrigerator before doing groceries again.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Handphone Pouch

 photo 2013-08-26-21-00-38_deco_zpsf6055f62.jpg

Bought this from SERIA for only 105 yen.
Finally found a pouch which can fit my phone! Hehe!
Quite nice!

I'm stingy and I know it! Lol....
My phone cost me over 80,000yen but I am using a 105yen pouch to protect it. Lol..... Sounds so IMBA! Haha~

Shopping day

 photo DSC_1386_zps0ebdb968.jpg
Had lunch at First Kitchen!
Japanese fast food! Hehe!
Everyday value set (Burger + Fries + Drink) for only 500yen!
Today's set is Bacon Egg Burger!
I chose Cafe latte for my drink.

After lunch, I walked around Yokohama station and then i took train to Kawasaki.
 photo 2013-08-26-17-16-13_deco_zps3e9d8a6c.jpg
Like this trench coat so much.
Wish to have one too! Huhu~.~

 photo DSC_1390_zps687fe121.jpg
Came to La Citta Della Kawasaki after so long....
 photo DSC_1389_zps45e340b9.jpg
Selca in front of mirrors....hehe.

 photo DSC_1388_zpsc21d7aab.jpg

 photo 403255_378939745454205_907507651_n_zps222bd07a.jpg
Hehe! Wow....I have changed alot!
 photo 398758_378939968787516_58495432_n_zps617ddb18.jpg
January 2012
( The same restroom! Hehe)
 photo 423372_378940118787501_1688031610_n_zps70d66e61.jpg
January 2012

 photo DSC_1391_zps19c7b2b2.jpg
Before going home, bought a meat pao 肉まん from PAOPAO at Yokohama Station as my dinner.
168yen each! Hehe!

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