Friday, January 30, 2015


 photo 20150130_081648_zps2fhy7eg4.jpg

 photo 20150130_081659_zps5ydujj9l.jpg

Woke up to snow in the morning.
But it turned into rain in the afternoon.
The white beauty town is only last for a very short while.
Hope it won't snow on the day I leave Japan....

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brioche Doree

 photo IMG_20150112_114503_zpsuotv7amn.jpg
One of my favorite bakery in Yokohama.

Tiramisu Mille Crepe

 photo 20150124_181940_zpsxmesvwy4.jpg
Doutor new menu- tiramisu mille crepe

Cooking Diary January 2015

 photo 2a2c90ba-bef4-4d12-851a-a507e3cd001d_zps6b6t2tlz.jpg
Pork chop slices and pasta

 photo IMG_20150104_122806_zpsvemisw6f.jpg
Pork chop

 photo 20150121_120437_zpsyylsditj.jpg
Salmon mayo sandwich

 photo 20150123_122049_zpsfzfhkgik.jpg
chicken, beans and egg salad

Monday, January 19, 2015

Gontran Cherrier

 photo 20150118_160452_zpslrt4qtju.jpg

 photo 20150118_161722_zpsqtvueuko.jpg
I love Gontran Cherrier so much.
Had afternoon break after shopping at Shinjuku.
The olive bun and the croissant was so awesome.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thai Food

Had Thai Food for dinner with Malaysian friends at a thai restaurant at Shin-Okubo.

 photo 20150118_181849_zpsfe0digmq.jpg

 photo 20150118_183412_zpsx4geqbmc.jpg
Fried kangkung !!!

 photo 20150118_183659_zpsk5fvggee.jpg

 photo 20150118_184310_zps7k8ulbz2.jpg
Crab with egg!

 photo 20150118_184414_zpsssmfk8cp.jpg
Prawn and glass noodle

 photo 20150118_184600_zpsdpttwyas.jpg
Sweet and sour fish
My favorite

 photo 20150118_185739_zps4rsgblnq.jpg
Green curry

The food was quite authentic.
And the price quite reasonable.
5 person for around 10k yen.

Friday, January 16, 2015


 photo 20150116_134642_zpsotf2jol8.jpg
Lunch set for only 950yen

 photo 20150116_135236_zpspsb99ct2.jpg
A very big portion!
Cajun Chicken Fritatta

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Year Party at Host Family's Home

 photo 20150112_164430_zpsemuzautg.jpg

 photo 20150112_164443_zpsvbapafmr.jpg

 photo 20150112_153237_zps82z6nybw.jpg
Osechi  ryori

 photo 20150112_153319_zpsmllf1yov.jpg
Osechi  ryori

 photo 20150112_154048_zpsozagokyt.jpg

 photo 20150112_163640_zpsyvfhg4c6.jpg
I tried making Takoyaki for the 1st time

 photo 20150112_174750_zpst0xsrpvl.jpg

 photo 20150112_174752_zpsbsmea7op.jpg
Chicke wings

 photo 20150112_174756_zpsrrhyyetf.jpg

 photo 20150112_174759_zpsrufsq5li.jpg
Nice smoked salmon

 photo 20150112_175131_zpskbaejbsb.jpg

 photo 20150112_175152_zpsczvpzpj6.jpg
Had a lot of fun with host family.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Hatsumōde (初詣 hatsumōde?) is the first Shinto shrine visit of the Japanese New Year. Some people visit a Buddhist temple instead. Many visit on the first, second, or third day of the year as most are off work on those days. Generally, wishes for the new year are made, new omamori (charms or amulets) are bought, and the old ones are returned to the shrine so they can be burned. There are often long lines at major shrines throughout Japan.(FROM WIKIPEDIA)

 photo 20150112_145159_zpsnlatmtmo.jpg

 photo 20150112_145608_zpssnt0cmg9.jpg

 photo 20150112_145721_zpsxnit0gvd.jpg

 photo 20150112_145749_zpszvfz9vly.jpg

Friday, January 2, 2015

Godiva Chocolixir

 photo 20150102_155411_zpsdcfaab8d.jpg
A cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day.

 photo 20150102_155404_zps36ad257f.jpg
Godiva's Hot Chocolixir

 photo 20150102_155428_zps953e1b4f.jpg
I don't really like chocolate.
but since this winter I became a chocolate lover.
Especially hot chocolate drink.
This is really awesome.
The chocolate was so thick and creamy.

Fauchon Bakery @ Gotemba

 photo 20150102_114019_zpsc48c887f.jpg
FAUCHON is a famous bakery in France and the have franchises across Japan.
Love their paper bag design. Black and white, simple and nice.

 photo 20150102_114025_zpsd09f51fd.jpg
I had my early lunch once I reached Gotemba Premium Outlet.

 photo 20150102_114218_zps216f9702.jpg
This is just simply delicious.

 photo 20150102_115003_zps014960f7.jpg
One of their best seller- Carré crème.
Carré means square in French.
Cream in square bun.

Gotemba Premium Outlet

 photo 20150102_112624_zpsc8e2465f.jpg
It was my 2nd visit to Gotemba Outlet Park.
Very easy access from Yokohama YCAT.
There is a direct bus service from Yokohama to Gotemba Premium Outlet for only 2,900yen round trip.
It usually takes 90 minutes to reach.
But due to heavy traffic (during New Year time) , it took 2 and a half hour to reach.
Nice weather today.
Mt. Fuji can be seen very clearly.

 photo 20150102_112629_zps9d39e50a.jpg
Crowded everywhere.

 photo 20150102_133139_zps18987ed6.jpg
Branded stuff are cheap.....

 photo 20150102_141613_zps305dfe76.jpg
Prada anyone?

 photo 20150102_163213_zps43ae803d.jpg
During return time, the traffic even worse.
It took 3 hours to reach Yokohama.
Was so tired due to lack of sleep last night.

Didn't do much shopping even though sales was everywhere.
I bought myself a pendant from Folie Follie.
 photo IMG_20150102_223111_zpsrvx6umac.jpg

Holiday ended happily and I have to go back to lab start from tomorrow.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Brook's Cafe

 photo 20150101_164057_zps63e44fd5.jpg
Met up with Crystal for afternoon tea.
We went to Brook's Cafe at Harajuku.

 photo 20150101_164254_zpsa08453b4.jpg

 photo 20150101_164245_zpsead173b7.jpg
Gateau de Cafe with whipped cream and fruits.


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