Sunday, March 31, 2013

More sakura

Photo taken randomly...Hmm...
Couldnt remember so well, coz i took alot of photos of Sakura randomly.

 photo DSC_0002_zpsb05a9250.jpg
At Ueno Park....

 photo IMG-20130329-WA0001_zps66ee208e.jpg
At somewhere at Yokohama!

 photo DSC_0013_zps30fc69ba.jpg
At Shinjuku

 photo DSC_0014_zpsceae0109.jpg
At Shinjuku

 photo DSC_0006_zps57f87acc.jpg
At Motomachi!

Random Photos~ Daily Life in Japan~

 photo DSC_0534_zpsdffd5fc0.jpg
Finally got my Xperia Z! Whew! So happy!

 photo IMG-20130327-WA0000_zps37e52ac5.jpg
Banana Latte, so nice! Bought from Lawson 100 Store for 105 yen.

 photo DSC_0515_zps4cc4b41e.jpg
Ah, I forgot than instant noodle here does not come with chopstick or fork. So!!! The genius former-engineer used the small tiny coffee stirrer to eat her instant pasta.
Yummy! Huhu!

 photo DSC_0529_zpsc1ac1c77.jpg
Applied 住民票 cost me 300yen. Hehe!

 photo DSC_0531_zps26a43ef7.jpg
Sakura Swiss Roll and a cup of coffee, at 500yen @ Doutor Coffee!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sakura everywhere

 photo DSC01086_zps4ae2980e.jpg

 photo DSC01136_zps34106ea5.jpg

 photo DSC01208_zps569d6851.jpg

 photo DSC01211_zps1ffa89d7.jpg
Me under sakura tree :-)

 photo DSC01215_zpsb54e8e65.jpg

 photo DSC01226_zpsaebd89a2.jpg

 photo DSC01228_zps1679325b.jpg
Sakura and Intercontinental Hotel Yokohama!

 photo DSC01245_zps84462f80.jpg
Minato Mirai!

 photo DSC01272_zpsc08c3948.jpg

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Reached safely

I've reached Yokohama safely.
Feel so lucky to see Sakura full bloom everywhere...
 photo DSC01003_zpsf9c7db1a.jpg

OMG. Finally I'm at my dreamland...

 photo DSC01012_zps9e848888.jpg
Checked in hotel. Will be staying here for 11 nights...
Nice and neat.
 photo DSC01022_zps69e8e933.jpg

 photo DSC01027_zps670bcc2e.jpg
My first meal in Japan...Haha....Yokohama famous Shiumai! Kiyoken!
 photo DSC01029_zps442e7e89.jpg
Really nice. 6 for 250yen!

 photo DSC01041_zps20cf89bb.jpg
Enjoyed the nice night view of Minato Mirai 21.

I shall take a hot bath and take a good rest.
Going to my Uni 2moro.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today is the day

The day of departure...

Busy packing, not much update for now.
So nervous!
Doing final planning and checking.

Goodbye to Malaysia soon...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Two more days

Hello, good morning!
Two more days later, I will be flying off.

How is my feeling?
Pretty excited.
But so sad to leave my family and dar-dar soon...
5297.6km away from each other...
But distance is not an obstacle to me :-)

Good luck :-)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Found a place to stay

Finally, I've found a place to stay.
It's located 1km away from the nearest train station and 1km away from my campus.
The place is quite strategic.

I found my apartment from this website:

Although a bit expensive compared to other rental apartment, but it's still in my range of budget.
To rent an apartment outside, for the first payment, normally you have to pay the key money, deposit, and agent fee, and you also need to find a Japanese guarantor, and you still need to go through screening by the apartment owner whether they want to rent the house for you or not, there are so many tedious procedures...and mostly, they are not furnished.
 photo ScreenShot2013-03-20at22735PM_zps355b6ad0.png
Quite spacious for 1 person, I will have my personal kitchen and bathroom. Yahoo!

So, what make me choose Leopalace?
( Although you can see quite a lot of negative feedback (thin wall, expensive...) from the forums...leave this later, we shall talk about the PROs first...)
LeoPalace is not a bad choice after all. Especially for those foreigner like me.

1. No agent fee and deposit needed. And no guarantor needed too!

2. You can make the reservation of your selected room online by paying 1st payment via credit card and go to the Leopalace office within 8 days after the payment.
This is the breakdown of the payment for the house I'm going to rent.
( the statement of online payment)
 photo ScreenShot2013-03-15at12009PMcopy_zpsb42208cd.png
-61,620yen per month for rental + internet (utilities such as gas, water and electricity not yet included)
( Don't worry, every Leopalace apartment has standard design, and quite new. The place I chose was only 7 years old.)

3.Fully furnished
IH Cooker , refrigerator, Microwave oven, washing machine, TV, table and chairs, and come with lightings...
And most important, it has Bathroom heater/ventilation/dryer system, which is important for winter or rainy season.You can hang and dry your clothes inside the bathroom.

4. Leo-net
Pay 1,600yen for every 30days to enjoy fibre optic broadband at home.
No any initial fees needed. Just apply it when you rent for the house.

This is why I chose Leopalace.
Convenient and less procedure.
They also offer monthly rental or short term plan according to your need.
You may go through their website for more information.

I will be going to their office at Yokohama once I reached Japan to sign up contract for my apartment.
May update more comments later after I get everything done.

Just wanna get a shelter in Japan, my requirements are just pretty low.
But maybe I'll started to complain the place I stay after awhile. Huhu...

 photo leopalace_zpsf0f84dbe.jpeg
Most probably I will sleep in the tiny hole (loft on the 2nd floor...)Hmm....
Btw, I will only be moving into the apartment on 8th April.... before that, I will be staying in the hotel...
Pity me.
So broke to pay for hotel ~.~
(Total 11nights at hotel in Yokohama + 1 night hotel in Osaka + 3 nights at hotel near Tsurumi)

Found this video!
The same design as my apartment! Pretty cool!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Gyu-kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant

 photo DSC00924_zps0b02af1c.jpg
Had a nice dinner with my best friend and her boy-boy @ Gyu-kaku before my departure to Japan!

 photo DSC00925_zps49ca9549.jpg

 photo DSC00926_zpsf6aa135b.jpg
I had Gyukaku for the first time in Japan and this is my second try.
But i think the one I had in Japan was nicer.

 photo DSC00928_zps9df66e83.jpg
His hungry face!

 photo DSC00929_zps63157780.jpg

 photo DSC00930_zps34f7e9e4.jpg

 photo DSC00931_zps00f47021.jpg

 photo DSC00932_zps68f8c897.jpg
Fillet, beef tongue, lamb rack, karubi....
On nom nom nom...

 photo DSC00933_zps3d5efa43.jpg
Seafood.... Prawn, salmon and squid.

 photo DSC00935_zps2f7fed67.jpg
Yum yum...

 photo DSC00938_zps20fe7a45.jpg
Prawn in da house.

 photo DSC00914_zps29b019e6.jpg
Another look of me, wearing glasses!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

9 more days until departure

Time is getting closer.

Checklist to do before departure:
>Passport and Visa - Done
>Pay PTPTN - Done
>Close bank account - Done

>Hair cut
>Meet up with friends
>Buy some souvenir to bring over
>Money changer
>Activate international ATM
>Final packing
>Print out hotel booking and flight ticket

And don't forget to bring...
>Bring important document and certificates
>University Entrance document

 photo DSCN5713-1_zps7bf1c51b.jpg
Getting nervous....argh...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dinner with Family

Home sweet home.
Spending my precious time with daddy and mummy at home before departing to Japan.
Time is getting closer and closer...

Had a nice dinner at a Thai Restaurant near my house tonight.
 photo DSC_0469_zps5d50ae0c.jpg
Cucumber and sambal as appetizer!

 photo DSC_0470_zps8e52c72f.jpg

 photo DSC_0471_zps69d09f81.jpg
Thai Style steam fish!

 photo DSC_0472_zpsa4543acc.jpg
Fried kailan!

I'm sure I will be missing hot and spicy food when I were in Japan...huhu

Monday, March 11, 2013

Short Escape to Langkawi Part 2

 photo DSC00708_zps709264ce.jpg
Kota Mahsuri

 photo DSC00712_zps07e1ed39.jpg

 photo DSC00713_zps5a78deca.jpg

 photo DSC00717_zpsb27b5d4a.jpg
Traditional Malay House

 photo DSC00720_zps348a9be7.jpg
Nice cotton tree

 photo DSC00731_zpsbe04b929.jpg
Telaga Mahsuri

 photo DSC00735_zpsb02b6ff2.jpg

 photo DSC00738_zpsab5a3f3d.jpg

 photo DSC00741_zpsd0734b8d.jpg

 photo DSC00743_zpsdf2c79a8.jpg

 photo DSC00744_zps10310941.jpg

 photo DSC00754_zpsb790b244.jpg
Seaside view

 photo DSC00758_zps3ef44806.jpg

 photo DSC00759_zpsf63eb7e2.jpg
Our hotel

 photo DSC00764_zpsa80cb8a7.jpg
Party tonight

 photo DSC00772_zpsd0197574.jpg

 photo DSC00778_zps9c789940.jpg
Me and my dar-dar

 photo DSC00780_zps1ba96218.jpg

 photo DSC00782_zpsf08ce3a4.jpg

 photo DSC00784_zps6595fb9e.jpg
Sandy beach!

 photo DSC00785_zps72923dcd.jpg
Nice sunset.

 photo DSC00788_zpsc0d74606.jpg
Our dinner at Orkid Ria

 photo DSC00789_zpsc400002d.jpg

 photo DSC00792_zps85b96116.jpg
Waiting patiently.

 photo DSC00794_zps9cd624ef.jpg

 photo DSC00795_zps0752c23f.jpg

 photo DSC00796_zps26e281bb.jpg
Fried vege

 photo DSC00797_zpsc4e194a3.jpg
Mixed vege soup

 photo DSC00798_zps377b7ec2.jpg
Butter prawn

 photo DSC00799_zpsf89d049b.jpg
Oyster omellete

 photo DSC00800_zpsa9c43225.jpg
We found a shop selling soap. Looks like sliced-cake...


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