Monday, November 29, 2010

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

4th Dec 2010(Saturday)-12th Dec 2020 (Sunday)

I've planned for my sem-break ^^
Attentively, my dar-dar n I will be going back to his hometown for 1 day on Saturday.
And we will heading towards the North on Sunday.... Stay at my home for 1 day...

Monday-Wednesday,  Langkawi 3days 2 nights Vacation
Craving for cheap liquors and chocolates^^
Bikinis and beaches, Im coming~

Thursday-Friday, Family Warming day
Saturday- Back to KL^^

Another mid-term test on Thursday before the break^^ Wish me good luck....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Best Make Up Remover ^^


Cheap  200ml for only RM20+
Easy to apply and wash out
Best cheap make up remover i tried so far ^^
(Best make up remover is KOSE Seikisho though^^)
Promoted and recommended by VIVI ^^

I bought a cleanser to replace my Aqualabel's cleanser too ^^
I'm concern about my pores recently....

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Face !!??

My 1st killing mid-term test is over...
Tension released...
I usually blur during exam, so don't ask me i did well or not~ Haha!

大哥called my dar-dar today.
He told him that he will be transferring to Hino-shi, Tokyo.
So, will he a little change on our Japan trip^^ But he may be bring to Osaka and Gifu....

A silly face~ My face without tension^^ YEAH!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Take a Break

Tomorrow will be my 1st mid-term test for this semester....
or can be said this would be my last semester to sit for exam in my uni life^^
I woke up at 7am this morning, followed dar-dar to campus at 8am and i did some revision at the library while he is attending lecture. We had breakfast together at 9am. Then i back to campus to attend lectures from 10am to 2pm. Then i continued to study from 2-4pm at the library...Then i followed dar-dar back home^^ I'm quite hardworking today ^^ Hehehe~

Wish me good luck for 2moro's paper....

Refreshment to boost up my energy ^^

*A cup of Honey Lime Juice!*

Come in a small packet for 1 cup portion^^

A big lime included in the packet~

Take a break~ Have my drink ^^

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kisses (。・ω・。)ノ♡

✿My favorite lipstick ✿
✿Nude Color ✿
✿by Revlon✿

Vivi's Model ROLA as background ^^ 

My favorite ^^

Monday, November 22, 2010

Skip class day

I've skipped one hour lecture today^^ This is the first time in this semester.... Today I suppose have 3hours lecture, but the first 2 hours has been cancelled. So i decided to skip the following hour of lecture^^
However, I worked on my lab report DSP1 at home. Finally done after working hard and putting effort on it for around 8hours..... Tiring.... And this report only contributes 3 marks for my final exam.... LOL
28 pages of report and 1 cover page = 3marks....SIGH=.=


My report >.<

The 1st mid term test is around the corner. Left only 3 days for me to study from zero >.<
Gonna burn the midnight oil.... Good Luck!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend = time to rest? time to work??

This weekend shall be a busy weekend.
I have to submit my lab report which we given 2 weeks time to do but i just started it now >.<
Have to submit on next Tuesday....
and.....I have to work on my FYP....Set up my Android SDK and try to connect to MySQL and SQLite...
 and I'll be having a mid term test next thursday.

 So, i have to work on my lab report, Android codings and also revision for DSP during my weekend =.= Everything come at once... Huhuhu~
My university life starts to busy again!!
I bought 3 T-shirts and 1 Denim skirt from Esprit Outlet today.
 Cheap, simple n nice for me to wear to campus ^^
 And 20% storewide discount too ^^

Love at first sight....I like the print on the t-shirt ^^ This cost only RM49.90... So cheap ^^ Photobucket

Knee length simple skirt. This costs only RM99.90^^ A free-scarf on the waist too...

And another 2 is RM29.90 each... very simple T-shirt.
My dar-dar's chose this flamingo-T for me... Hehe

Another pinky...LOL

Better buy more clothes before the price of clothes increase~ Huhuhuhu
This is the 1st time in my life... Bought 3 t-shirts at once. I rarely wear t-shirt usually.
 This is a change on my fashion style...Haha~

Look out point @ Ampang

After 6pm class, my dar-dar and I followed CY to Look Out Point for dinner^^ We planned this trip few days ago. HY, JH, Mike and JX joined us for dinner at after singK...

Traffic jam along MRR2 as it was peak hour. Our driver, CY a bit lost in Ampang and time wasted to go back to correct way. We reached up there at 8pm. From there, we can see the night view of Kuala Lumpur clearly ^^ Bright and nice... The weather is quite cooling there. We can see mist too!

Hungry hungry~ Faster have a look of Menu ^^

I ordered grilled fish and a cup of Italian coffee for my dinner ^^
My dish

Nice grill fish


We enjoyed the scenery and the environment here. We sit in the restaurant for about 2 hours... Then we walked around and took alot of photos. Other photos are at JH's DSLR...

Just some funny photos taken using dar-dar's digital camera...
Angry face + innocent face^^

Pity face!!

My solo part


Dar-dar's SS


We had an enjoyable weekend eve on the small hill^^

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Just came back from Rynn's Music Sharing~ This is the second time I went to his musing sharing session.
He just performed 3 songs and had interactive activity with audience ^^
I didn't buy his album so we went back earlier ^^
He is one of local artist that I support ^^ He has a nice voice too!
We sat on the second row, quite near to him ^^ He quite handsome. Hehe^^ Looks nice in orange-T too!! Bright and healthy image^^




Dar-dar and I had a large pizza for dinner^^ Stomach very full until now ....



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Luxurious Cheesecake

5-star cheesecake from Shangri-La's chef~
We ordered the cake few weeks ago. We get this cake today as today is Chong Yu's birthday.
Time to cut the cake after singing Birthday song...
Everyone can't wait to have a taste of this nice luxurious cake with thin piece of gold foil on top^^ The cake is heavy and compact. It's a 2kg cake^^
Altough it's compact, but it tastes nice and melts on your mouth, or can be described in chinese as "入口即化"!!
A thin layer of cookie on the bottom just nice to suit with the cheesecake.... A nice cheesecake to share with u all ^^ However, abit pricy... It costs RM120... Who cares to pay more if it worth the price ^^ Hehehe~~~~~

甜而不腻,入口即化 豪华芝士蛋糕!!

Thin layer of gold foil on top^^

Simple but nice^^


Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheesecake Lover

I'm cheesecake lover!!! Especially american baked cheesecake and marble cheesecake....
I was told that the cheesecake in Delicious cafe is the best! But I havent tried before. I love the cheesecake in Dessert's Bar which I think is the best to me so far^^

When I'm craving for cheesecake, I'll go to Secret Recipe as it is the nearest from my house^^ I can buy it anytime...
Marble cheesecake tastes quite nice... Its only costs Rm6.50++
I could hardly find a cheesecake costs lower than Secret Recipe nowadays... Starbucks, Coffee Bean are selling RM8-9++ and Delicious Cafe and DOME are selling at price RM12++....

As a conclusion, cakes in Secret Recipe is the cheapest among those famous cafe in town with good quality ^^

Yummy Marble Cheesecake^^


Dar-dar has booked a 5-star cheesecake from my housemate's friend! I'll write a review of it once I've tasted it^^ Can't wait anymore =.=

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tiring Saturday (Part 2)

X'mas mood everywhere

Grand decoration in Pavillion^^

@ Fareinheit 88
Unique Xmas tree made from CDs Simple but interesting^^

I went to UNIQLO. Packed with people as what i was told by my friends. I bought nothing there although the price is cheap. I don't like mass production of clothes. I prefer unique one ^^

I bought a panettone from a store in Pavillion. I bought the smallest one. 100g for rm7.99~~~

Tada!!! A muffin size panettone!!

Cut it into half^^ It's a bread.... Haha >.< Expensive imported bread... Taste very nice but a bit expensive... Panettone is a typical bread of Milan, usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year in Italy and Switzerland, and one of the symbols of the city of Milan. Refer more about Panettone Click Here

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tiring Saturday (Part 1)

We had our brunch and we went to KL for shopping.
We parked our car at Pavillion and walked to KLCC... Not very far, about 10 minutes walk from Pavillion....

We had Gelato ice cream as our dessert. We chose the Honey Melon flavor. Every single spoon of gelato is full with thick smell of melon....

Then we have a walk on KLCC park. This is the 1st time we walked together along te park. The park is clean. I love the old trees here.

Nice scenery^^

Twin Tower

I love the dolphins ^^ Many ppl picnicking and playing with the water at the park.

We went into KLCC COnvention Centre too. Mobile fair and Biotech Fair are held there. Nothing much in the biotech career fair coz we are not interested in it. We just took 2 nice orange color shopping bags from them~ Haha^^

I just captured some photos of old phones and mobile phones at the Phone Museum exhibition. Nothing much there too =.=

Ring ring ring^^

Then we walked back to Pavillion. We felt hungry and extremely thirsty. At first, I wanted to have dessert at Snowflakes but it was a long queue and no place to sit. Then we decided to go to Din Tai Fung for its Xiao Long Bao.

Lor Han guo to quence my thirst^^


Significant dish of Din Tai Fung .... Xiao Long Bao~ Dar-dar finishes 6 pcs as i cant take pork...

I had my La Mian... The soup is nice and the noodle have nice chewy texture. Yummy^^ The dishes here was served by the cook itself^^ Nice huh....

Our dessert= Yam flavour Pau... Mild sweetness with yam fragrance~ Highly recommended ^^
Kit-Kat box...Dar-dar bought a packet of Kit-Kat for me as I just want to collect its steel box... Haha~ I'm KIT-KAT mania^^

To be continued... Too tired

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