Monday, June 30, 2014

Subway Japan

Subway - Where you can have a balanced meal below 400kcal-
 photo 20140629_184226_zps6b2b3a4e.jpg
Ordered subway value set (SUBSET) for 500yen (comes with drink or baked potato)

 photo 20140629_184154_zps5319a271.jpg
I ordered ham & egg + a cup of coffee.
So sad the cheese is not free in Japan.
I miss Subway in Malaysia and Singapore where they will oven toast the cheese until it melts... Yummy.....

Sunday, June 29, 2014

鎌倉〜円覚寺〜 Kamakura Engakuji Temple

 photo 20140628_132649_zps47c84c59.jpg
Went to Kamakura again.
Joined KSGG tour guide training event.
This time, we came to Engakuji which is located just beside JR Kita-Kamakura station, one station before Kamakura Station.

 photo 20140628_133641_zps8ec2d4a5.jpg
Quote from the link.

Engakuji is one of the leading Zen temples in Eastern Japan and the number two of Kamakura's five great Zen temples. Engakuji was founded by the ruling regent Hojo Tokimune in the year 1282, one year after the second invasion attempt by the Mongols had been reverted. One purpose of the new temple was to pay respect to the fallen Japanese and Mongolian soldiers.
 photo 20140628_133910_zps3d859987.jpg
It's Hydrangea season.

 photo 20140628_133935_zps0905c92b.jpg

 photo 20140628_144402_zps13d960a6.jpg

 photo 20140628_144421_zps52c0cf29.jpg

 photo 20140628_144600_zpsaf4da586.jpg

 photo 20140628_144632_zps2f844ef1.jpg

 photo 20140628_150902_zps5bb821e4.jpg

 photo 20140628_150913_zpscfd9ba18.jpg

 photo 20140628_153146_zps26d6c654.jpg

 photo 20140628_161807_zps9832c848.jpg

 photo 20140628_161906_zpsbcbca198.jpg

 photo 20140628_162018_zpsc7ea5851.jpg

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Had burger for lunch at a famous burger shop from Hawaii, KUA'AINA.
I went to the shop which is located at Yokohama Bay Quarter.

 photo 20140628_112813_zps18dfec11.jpg
I ordered hamburger lunch set which comes with fries and drink. (1,089yen)
Waited for around 5 mins for my burger.

 photo 20140628_112823_zpsa84770cb.jpg
And i ordered organic hot coffee.

 photo 20140628_112945_zpsa48857d4.jpg
Nice crema on top.

 photo 20140628_113235_zps4498ae87.jpg
Big portion.
1/3 lbs of patty.

 photo 20140628_113243_zpsd2161f86.jpg
The fries are good too!

 photo 20140628_113455_zpsc443e615.jpg
I stacked the burger up and put it into the wrapper.
I'm sure my dar-dar will love this burger.
Wish I can bring him and try next time.

Tumbler Lunch Container

 photo 20140628_223111_zpsa254a886.jpg
This is not a normal tumbler.
It is a two layer tumbler.

 photo 20140628_222800_zps5c3a9f93.jpg
It looks like this.
I going to start my "lunch in tumbler" life from next week.

 photo 20140628_222840_zps5924b0f6.jpg
Nice idea rite!

 photo 20140628_223226_zpsc8d4d5df.jpg
Some example recipe.
I am going to make salad for lunch next week.

Cooking Diary June 2014 (3)

 photo DSC_3887_zpsbfbc4c92.jpg
Lemon chicken with green pepper
(Sauce from Lee Kum Kee)

 photo 20140626_091243_zpseda01369.jpg
"Char siew" chicken
and fried tanghoon with fish cake

 photo 20140628_074323_zpsf568c389.jpg
Squid ink baguatte from Gondran Cherrier + camembert cheese and salad.
Quite nice!

 photo 20140627_073522_zpsf44dd81d.jpg
Oatmeal pancake with honey.
Simple and quick breakfast for a rushing morning.

 photo DSC_3844_zps9c7ae13f.jpg
Energy boost breakfast
Chick pea salad in whole tomato
Croissant + sunny sideup
Yogurt with Honey
Banana with peanut butter
 photo DSC_3848_zps8c49c5ed.jpg

Friday: Gontran Cherrier TOKYO

 photo 20140627_151854_zps9bc16e0c.jpg
Attended VSAT VIsual Science and Technology Consortium at CIC which is located near Tamachi station, TOKYO.
Learnt about the future of 3D printer, color research and also topic about texturing etc...
The talk ended around 5pm, and then I took train to Shinjuku for shopping.

I had my early dinner at this nice bakery cafe a.k.a Artisan Boulanger , which is highly rated at Tabelog.
Gontran Cherrier TOKYO
 photo 20140627_175345_zps17b5fc10.jpg
Picked two pastries and ordered a cup of Maple tea.
I was hard to make choice as every pastries in the shop looks so tempting.
I didn't order coffee this time coz I do not need caffeine. Lol.

 photo 20140627_175338_zps46a95df4.jpg
Left: Bread with cream
Right: Pastries with a frankfurt. ( Was very crispy and yummy!)

 photo 20140627_175843_zps55e988d6.jpg
Love this too.
The cream is thick but not sweet. Just simple and nice.

 photo 20140627_180040_zps53170066.jpg
It was raining outside.....

 photo 20140627_232356_zps88b4c6e1.jpg
And I bought this squid ink baguette and this shall be my breakfast tomorrow.

 photo 20140627_232448_zpse43704d6.jpg
And also cranberry bread, freshly out from oven!

 photo img1403832462108_zpsc4692f08.jpg
Selca of the day!
Happy Weekend.

Lab Party @ Odaiba

 photo 20140625_160445_RichtoneHDR_zps412b891e.jpg
A cloudy day at Odaiba, Tokyo.
One of my favorite place in Tokyo.

 photo 20140625_160526_zps89f76184.jpg
Trying to take a selfie with rainbow bridge but failed.

 photo 20140625_171113_zps2595bb6f.jpg
Had a piece of Tiramisu cake at Starbucks while waiting for dinner.

 photo 20140625_182213_zps52d40119.jpg
Lab party was held at this special restaurant called Kings of the Pirates.

 photo 20140625_182228_zps6c032b72.jpg

 photo 20140625_182247_zps7ba65816.jpg
I wanna eat this!!

 photo 20140625_183538_LLS_zpsff66f079.jpg

 photo 20140625_183940_zps928f2bc6.jpg
We had 2 hours of drinking session.
I had red wine, white wine, cassis orange and fuzzy navel...
But luckily I'm not drunk. Hehe!

Had fun chatting with my lecturer and labmates.
It was a relaxing day after busy schedules.
Will work harder and think about my research!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Goodbye my Xperia Z

My Xperia Z has served me well for the past 15 months.
Last two days, the screen of my phone was not functioning and I realized there is a crack on it.

(Temporary phone that they lend me while waiting for new phone)

So I went to DOCOMO and ask for their service.
It costs 5000yen to repair it but it takes longer time to fix it , or you can exchange new phone one to one for 5000yen and u can get it faster.
So I decided to exchange a new phone. But unfortunately, Xperia Z is already out of stock.
So they offer me a range of compatible model which I can choose from ,
and at last, I decided to choose Galaxy S4.

I got my new S4 on the following day.
Whew. Well, 5k yen (around rm150) spent for the prompt service.
S4 is quite nice to use. I'm loving their S-gesture.

~Goodbye Xperia Z, welcome Galaxy S4~
~Goodby SONY, Hello SAMSUNG~
~From JAPANESE to KOREAN brand~


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