Thursday, July 30, 2015

Boulangerie Asanoya

They also have franchise at Singapore now.

Love this cherry pie so so much!!!

Very generous amount of cherry on top.
Not so sweet and very fresh.

Paired with a cup of black coffee.
Life is just simply perfect.

Unagi Day!!!

Had unagi don for dinner at GUSTO!

Cheap and nice!

It is a Japanese custom to eat eel (unagi) on Midsummer Day of Ox (Do You Ushi No Hi ) since Edo period. 
They believe that eel can stimulate appetite and provide energy and stamina during blazing heat of summer.

Shopping Day

It has been awhile since my last visit to Lalaport Yokohama.

Had lunch at DONQ.

Bought a skinny jeans from Forever21. Hehe!

And also a pair of sandal from Itoyokado.
Can't wait to go back MY!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July Foodie - Enjoy Food, Enjoy Life

 photo A38ED112-F9A3-4089-8DB8-2D07FE49978A_zpsc8ufqlxt.jpg
Cafe Lexcel
-Wasabi cream cheese and salmon sandwich

 photo 8D1B94CA-EA27-4894-9B81-54D4EDC32364_zpscwd1qmtz.jpg
Fillet 'O' Fish after a year.

 photo 8FDDC80D-B57D-4549-A6E6-81290732759F_zpse1pbgwef.jpg
Mango Mille Crepe from Doutor.

 photo DF06F6DF-37C1-469F-9D84-87C85FDBDF63_zps0xcsehqe.jpg
Canteen's Salmon Bowl.

 photo 14FB58C7-02B8-4967-A9B9-9CA3392E856D_zpshahuw46j.jpg
Gontran Cherrier.

 photo D3ACDC16-1EE5-4C5E-A7D6-F54920B52114_zpszbsgul9u.jpg
Peach in Peach frap from Starbucks

 photo 5C81163A-C788-4FD9-A016-F864E93E20C6_zpsifn7uuls.jpg
Korean Cold noodle from canteen.

 photo 57B62272-53DD-4404-ABC6-F40850BB0883_zps03cfpwqv.jpg
Komeda's cup coffee.

 photo FF1B3802-39A5-464A-8A8A-FFC93E7DD560_zpsqmeygedn.jpg
From Bamiyan
Bittergourd jelly
Xiao Long Bao

 photo 0CD8B56E-5488-4AB9-ADB3-C81B42E66907_zpsqv3vpebo.jpg
Mocha roll from Kikuya

 photo B3418AE0-4DA1-494D-B46C-D0AA627DE04B_zpsilwx1iwz.jpg
French toast and cappuccino from Antico Caffee Al Alvis

 photo 8F99C49F-91D7-4C55-93B6-A98017C9C78F_zpscglfuup1.jpg
Jack Cafe
 photo F9982F9A-1F69-47C8-97AC-012E048204E0_zpsm7tzaqax.jpg
Yummy egg sandwich from Jack cafe.

 photo 1E460503-CF5B-4436-BA7D-15FDE16B9268_zps6qq0wo2q.jpg
Sandwich from Espresso Americano

 photo 2352E7A1-F3F9-48E6-AC45-6DA46462366E_zpshgyhcmxe.jpg
McD Soft Twist

 photo AB565F20-C425-4BA1-BF15-CD428E1D3DA4_zpsqvdhugmq.jpg
McD Apple Pie

 photo 7AC71577-38F7-499F-AA42-1BBAE1210BFB_zpsvmrhspjs.jpg
Keyuca Cafe

LONDON: Monmouth Coffee

 photo DSC03331_zpsrggqzwbt.jpg
Located at Borought Market.
Monmouth Coffee is one of the famous coffee shop in London.
 photo DSC03337_zpsdkbcxrjf.jpg
Very crowded since it's a Saturday.

 photo DSC03340_zpsohddscdl.jpg

 photo DSC03341_zps35z0zonx.jpg

 photo DSC03343_zpstpb5viao.jpg
Looks yummy!

 photo DSC03344_zps11nzwx3t.jpg

 photo DSC03346_zpsowuf2mlu.jpg
I ordered a cup of Macchiato.
FYI, they are serving double shot.
Good coffee.
I was energized to continue my trip.
Love ya!

LONDON: St.Paul Cathedral + Millennium Bridge + Borough Market

 photo DSC03304_zpsaluusogb.jpg
St.Paul Cathedral

 photo DSC03307_zpsaq67fzcd.jpg
St.Paul Cathedral

 photo DSC03310_zpseqcady5d.jpg

 photo DSC03320_zpsqfgtszaq.jpg
Awesome view.
The Shard, the 87-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London.

 photo DSC03324_zpsdylwhbhc.jpg
The famous Millennium Bridge

 photo DSC03335_zpsm9ofbae5.jpg
And the famous Borough Market.
Foodie Lover must come here.

 photo DSC03336_zpscazm8ugb.jpg

 photo DSC03349_zpscedaw3mb.jpg
Bread Ahead.
Must try their bread and donuts.

 photo DSC03350_zpsz2fg3k6l.jpg

 photo DSC03351_zps6nqizjjz.jpg

 photo DSC03352_zpskizof9iy.jpg

 photo DSC03354_zpsl3nqp6l9.jpg
Bought this olive and cheese stick.
Very long and yummy!

 photo DSC03358_zpsbnz8amy4.jpg

 photo DSC03359_zpsbnvi9wo9.jpg
The Shard.

 photo DSC03360_zpsvj6yyvtv.jpg
Cheeeese anyone?

 photo DSC03362_zpsywdls4hw.jpg

 photo DSC03364_zps611y5t7e.jpg
And the giant cookies.

 photo DSC03365_zps6obcjipv.jpg
Raclette of the famous stall too...

 photo DSC03366_zpst3pkzrri.jpg

 photo DSC03367_zpsupqsj6g9.jpg

 photo DSC03368_zpsc8skc5io.jpg

Too many things to try but I had only limited time and limited space in tummy.
I wish I could come here again with my dar-dar one day.

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