Friday, December 31, 2010

VIVI February 2011 Issue

Wee~ Nice fashion to share....
My favorite ViVi again

Thinking of buying a new bag...
Vivid color bag is in the trend XD
Beige one is also nice~
and the brown one too ^^
I like the hat + the long curly hair~

Going to hunt for a nice bag as above ....

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yum Yum Day

Today is all about food...

I went to the newly opened Dim Sum shop near my house...Tian Xin Dim Sum @ Equine Park for my breakfast with my dar-dar ^^
The food is quite good, but the portion is smaller, the ingredients inside the Dim Sum is lesser than other shop. Price is quite reasonable and got 15% off for new shop PROMO....
We ate 9 items and cost only RM28 after discount. Average price range is from RM3.00 - RM4.50...
Some photos to share~
Char Xiu Bao
Fried Prawn... quite oily >.<
Har Kau... The prawn are fresh ^^
Half-Bau~ quite special!

We had dinner @ Station One....The food was not very nice.... We had a long chit chat with Pang after the meal...
My Irish Cafe.
Dar-dar's Chicken Chop
My Fish fillet rice... cold rice and the fish is coated with thick flour
Our dessert...

As 2moro is public holiday and my dar-dar's birthday, we will be going to KLCC for shopping ^^
And ZARA sale is started... Hunting for nice winter coat and dress ^^

Camera BOOM!!!

I have a mood in buying a digital camera recently.
I loved the SONY's TX9 model very much. I planned to buy it since long time ago.
But when i think deeper, i feel that i't not worth the price. It costs RM1499 =.=
Co'z I'm using my dar-dar's SONY T-90, which is the same series with TX-9.
Except TX-9 has few attracting new features such as background defocusing, low light boost , panaroma and 3D-photo...
I've tried the TX-9 in the Sony Centre everytime i went to shopping mall. Actualling the background defocusing features is not as good as i expected... It needs to meet certain requirements (30m away from the object) else it wont defocus the background.
If i really buy this TX-9, it just another camera for me... which is boring though it is slim and handy for traveling... So i gave up TX-9....
Sony TX-9

Until yesterday, I search around other brands of digital camera, Canon and Nikon.
Hmm... Canon IXUS is not my cup of tea. I'm quite interested in Canon G12. It has good comments from reviews... but its retail price is high, RM1700-1800, which i think its not so worth buying due to my budget. I rather get DSLR by adding few hundreds more....
Canon G12
Canon G12
Now, i'm struggling between NIKON COOLPIX P100 and P7000.
I'll talk about P100 first. It is bulky type of compact digitcal camera. It has a LCD screen which can flip out.
The most attractive one is its 26x optical zoom and the 10fps features. It is stlish and nice. The retail price in Japan for this model is only RM1k but Malaysia is still selling for RM1.4k.
I'm sure will grab one if selling RM1k in Malaysia. I can't wait to get it in Japan. >.<


COOLPIX P7000 is the latest one. It is slimmer compared to P100 but only 7.1x optical zoom. It is more handy for travel purpose.However, its price is higher compared to P100. Malaysia is selling RM1.5k for this model. This features is more or less the same as Canon G12.

I'll go to play around these two models when i go shopping ^^ Wish to get one NIKON P100 with RM1000 ^^This is my 1st new year wish for 2011....

I'm in love with NIKKOR lens...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In progress....

Good job for me today~
I had done a part of my ETM4096 assignment....YEAH~
A good start for me....

I'll start to do my FYP presentation slide tomorrow.
Gonna submit to my lecturer this Thursday ToT

Counting down... 3 more days to my dar-dar's 23rd birthday^^

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Just bought a sleeping mask...
A good thing of sleeping mask is...I no need to peel off or wash my face after applying the mask.
I can just apply it and sleep...And wash my face on the other day~


I bought this coz it has promotion and a free Linda's tumbler~ hehe

Sunday, December 26, 2010

To be continued...

Still working on my DSP2 report... I stucked at the last part... Exhausted, i need break.
Perhaps i'll call it a day and continue 2moro....

And spend few minutes on facebook and my blog before i go to bed.
I usually sleep between 12-1am.

Found a game in FB>>Fashion Sugar... Most girls should like it.
Fashion Sugar
Just created a simple look~

Time for bed~Nite nite~ Sweet dreams~

Happy Yummy X'mas

I had a simple date with my dar-dar for xmas.
We went to Mid Valley...
We had nice food...
We had nice photo shot with xmas deco...
We had a movie, TRON...
We had nice ice-cream for dessert...
But we bought nothing...
We end our xmas date with a plentiful stomach XD

A happy day starts with healthy breakfast in Subway~ 6 inches sandwich with a cup of white coffee ^^

We went to a lot of shops but nothing attracted me... I hate the crowd in the shops, hard to choose item and had long queue in the fitting room too. Not a good day for shopping...

Snapshots with xmas deco~~~



Nice xmas deco in Mid Valley~



We had movie at 1.30pm. Then we have our late lunch at 4pm at Dragon-i...

Deep fried eel...

My jelly fish + dar-dar's porky~~~

A pot of fish + pork....

Satisfied with the meal^^ Then we continue shooping at The Gardens.
In the evening, we had ice-ream as dessrt before going home.
Nice hokkaido ice-cream^^
Dar-dar ordered 2 scoops of ice-cream, strawberry and hokkaido melon...

I ordered Matcha Parfait^^



Tired and exhausted....But happy^^

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Luxurious Fury Coat

I'm acting rich ppl...
I just bought a white fury coat. Nice material...
But not fur >.< I protect animals~ No fur for me ^^
Hmm...When should i wear this coat?
Looks weird to wear it for shopping...

Actually i planned to wear on my brother's wedding day. But I'm afraid it can't match the dress which my mom bought for me....
Perhaps I'll wear to Japan... Haha~ Walking on Japan street with luxurious + romantic fashion ^^

It matches my leopard printed dress ^^

And Hohoho~ Merry X'mas.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Silly Pose

Wanna share my silly pose with u all...
I didn't look sexy at all with exposing my shoulder, yet looks very silly~
Im not good in sexy pose.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010




Fast Food

Oh no~ I had fast food for my dinner...
Gaining fat again....
Fish n chips~ High in calories....

But it was a happy day with dar-dar after class ^^

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A cup of Tea

I have a habit of drinking tea.
The tea which I like to drink recently are green tea and mulberry green tea.
I feel relax while drinking tea during blogging and watching drama...

I like the mulberry green tea the most~ I bought it from Thailand Fair in Mid Valley last few months. It is made from 100% mulberry leaf. As i know, mulberry leaf is the main food of silk worm. Mulberry green leaf tea with japanese green tea is a popular tea with immune-boosting antioxidants and anti-cancerous alkaloids. It can also alkalyze our body. My mom always boil the mulberry leaves in hot water and make "alkaly water" for us... As i stay alone outside, the individual package of Mulberry tea is more convenient. No fresh mulberry leaf needed... Haha~

Benefits of Mulberry green tea are:

  • GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) maintains blood-pressure level

  • DNJ helps control blood-sugar level

  • Phytosterol Helps reduce Cholesterol in the blood vessels

  • Quercetin is excellent for the liver and can help prevent liver cancer

  • Flavonoids are powerful anti-oxidants

  • Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and 18 other essential amino-acids

  • Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc

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    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Another lazy day with dar-dar

    Ended up with a lazy weekend...
    Watching drama,
    and dating....

    I had Oyster Mee Sua for lunch^^ One of the famous food in Taiwan....Nice ^^
    And i bought a simple long sleeve knitted-T from MNG.... Preparing for winter in Japan XD

    I just started using my SK-II with the starter pack which i bought 2 weeks ago...
    First step of my face care starts with cleansing gel for removing make up, cleanser for washing my face, then apply lotion with cotton for wiping off the dead skin, and apply my miracle water with cotton for 10 minutes...then at last is the Repair C...I followed the steps which the salesgirl taught me... Hope i can maitain my hardworkingness on my face....
    Hope i can have clearer skin...

    Saturday, December 18, 2010

    Simple day~

    Today, my dar-dar bought a new wallet~
    Simple and nice....

    He also bought a bag for his dad as new year gift~
    As he bought shirts/ polo-T for his dad for past few years, he decided to buy a sling bag for him.
    His dad always travel here and there, it's convenient to have a sling bag with passport, wallet and documents in it~~

    Dar-dar also bought a grey long sleeves t-shirt....
    I stole and wear it for self portrait...Kakaka~

    I found that my skin is more even than last time... I can take photo without apply any foundation~
    Tat means my skin is getting better....
    I wish i can have a flawless skin......

    Actually i'm not feeling well today...
    I have headache for the whole day...
    I tried to lay on bed and closed my eyes, but i can't sleep~
    I'll try to sleep earlier tonite.... ^^

    Friday, December 17, 2010

    Transformed into a Lazy Bug

    I have no motivation to do anything these few days....
    I have three assignments and also my FYP, but i haven't touch any of them~
    I'm just a lazy bug,
    blogging and FB-ing,
    watching drama and variety shows,
    laying on the bed....

    Time flies quickly,
    and it's another weekend....

    I must start my first step tomorrow...
    Please please anyone....
    Push me and motivate me....

    Wednesday, December 15, 2010

    VIVI January 2011 Issue

    I just have time to see my the latest issue of VIVI and pick some of my favorites one among the nice fashion^^
    Chritsmass is around the cornerm so i highlighted some dresses which is nice to wear for a date...
    I wish i have nice dresses like shown in the magazine ~


    Nice and elegant hat that will make the face looks smaller ^^

    Casual wear with long overcoat...and I luv the cute boots~


    Polka dot dress...nice for a simple date~


    I like this hat too~ wish to get one ^^


    Nice handbag from Samantha Thavasa..... and i love the white dress~


    I love the pink tiny bag...suitable for date and party^^

    Can't wait to go to Japan~
     Wish i have alot of $$ to buy those stuffs in Japan....huhuhu~

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