Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Selca of Myself

 photo PhotoGrid_1375237887254_zpsef582eb7.jpg
I'm going for a hair cut soon.
This will be my last photos with long fringe.
I am going to cut my bang soon!
After more than half a year of keeping my fringe, I decided to cut it short this time.

 photo 402605_373376692677177_1735943705_n_zps22bca4fe.jpg
I will look like this again soon! Lol!

 photo 381305_335849956429851_576600255_n_zps09c52477.jpg
Old photos!
 photo 196171_210416558973192_1002422_n_zpsba433605.jpg
Black hair!

Random Cooking Diary 15

Blog for another random cooking diary post since today is the last day of July, so I wish to clear up all the list of pending post for this month.

As I mentioned on the earlier post, I have just started to drink Bizenshoku every night to replace my dinner. But, what I actually do is, I cut down the amount of my dinner and add a cup of Bizenshoku.
 photo DSC_1093_zps3fc0d97e.jpg
Sometimes, I just drink Bizenshoku with plain water if I am having something for dinner since drinking it with milk or soya will add more calories into my meal.

 photo DSC_1085_zpsc570f1fc.jpg
This is how my dinner looks like. More veggies at night!
Corn and spinach with sausage! And some Japanese Souzai/ garnish (lotus root and bamboo shoot). And also a bowl of salad.

 photo DSC_1092_zps1d3a8816.jpg 
Dinner on the other day was mini sausages, spinach, corn, lettuce and eringi mushroom.
( It's easy to prepare those food, just need to boil it without using any cooking oil. Just add some salt for seasoning)

 photo DSC_1090_zps737026dd.jpg
During lunch, I have something heavy. Had curry udon and also cucumber.
 photo DSC_1091_zpsff85e510.jpg
Curry is ready packed food sold in the supermarket. Just need to heat it up. And pour onto the udon. Cheap and fast meal ( Udon 30yen per serving and a packet of curry for 98yen)

 photo DSC_1086_zpse5e0f6d3.jpg
Yum yum... fried glass noodle with egg and chicken and carrot.
Cut seaweed on top as decoration. Hehe!

 photo DSC_1080_zpsacb4d5ed.jpg
Udon soup with Kamen Rider sausage.
 photo DSC_1081_zps0c20735b.jpg
So cute. Kamen Rider Wizard print on top of the sausage.

Good! Done!
Wish can write more post on cooking! Hehe!
Most of my menus are good references for lazy people.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Souvenir from Korea

 photo DSC_1083_zps61982b0d.jpg
My classmate from Japanese class, who is also a guest professor in my university brought me some souvenir from Korea. It's BB cream from Missha( M Signature Real Complete B.B.Cream).
Not bad. Very moisture and nice smell. Hehe.
Seems to have good review from the internet too!

 photo DSC_1084_zps7475d8ae.jpg
Mask from Skin food too! XD
What....snail mask?!!
OMG! Can't imagine about the smell...
Shall try it soon! Hehe!

Anyway, really thanks !!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hot Summer -Room Temperature-

 photo DSC_1077_zps1ec0f4e9.jpg
Just some crap.
Weather is getting hotter.
I prefer to stay at home during weekend.

But it does not seem good to stay at home as well.
It's hot inside my room!
Room temperature was 35.3 degree Celcius.

 photo DSC_1079_zps0e439222.jpg
And thanks to the invention of air conditioner.
Feel better now.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

My TOEIC result is out

Got 940 marks out of 990! Hmm...I'm satisfied with my result although I couldn't get full marks.
Anyway, I got full marks for the listening part(495/495). It was quite easy.

But when it came to grammar and comprehension part, I didn't have the patience to read through every single line of the passages, thus I got only 445 out of 495! Hehe!
I will use this TOEIC test result as my English paper for my Master Entrance Examination.
I will get 100marks for my English paper by using this TOEIC result. ( Basically, my university have their own formula to convert TOEIC test results to the English test results)

Now, I just need to concentrate on other subjects and also the interview.
Wish me good luck.
3 more weeks to the actual day !! Praying hard!

 photo DSC_1076_zps6c182ca1.jpg

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Random Cooking Diary 14

 photo af455bcf-cbe6-4155-b446-909620f5d8ac_zps7ae35ae2.jpg
Main dish: Cheese hamburger and 2 small pieces of pork chop! Yummy!
Side dishes: Mushroom and spinach and cucumber!

 photo DSC_1056_zps9cc256d9.jpg
Sweet and sour fried squid!

 photo DSC_1059_zps218dd9c4.jpg
Tomato soup!

 photo DSC_1074_zpsa5632821.jpg
Tarako pasta ( Japanese style)

 photo DSC_1057_zps110ebf2d.jpg
Harusame/ glass noodle a.k.a. tang hoon salad.

 photo DSC_1051_zps87f870d9.jpg
Healthy breakfast! I love corn and blueberries!

 photo DSC_1049_zps15bb95ee.jpg
Fried udon!

 photo DSC_1050_zps9a5f4a69.jpg
Steam egg! Hehe

 photo DSC_1048_zps2d56c12b.jpg
Fried beansprout!

Fireworks -Summer in Japan-

 photo DSC03029_zpse3628f85.jpg
Nice view from my apartment! Hehe!

 photo DSC03033_zps61605002.jpg
More and more fireworks festival coming in August and September!

Yokohama Motomachi

Motomachi is one of my favorite shopping street in Yokohama.
A five-block long stretch of boutiques and shops, well known in Japan for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, original fashion, and Western influence.
("Quoted from Wikipedia")

 photo DSC02576_zpsc0bd9374.jpg
Nice landmark symbol at the entrance of the street

 photo DSC02577_zps5b5c62b6.jpg
A Sunday afternoon at Motomachi with dar-dar

 photo DSC02578_zps86fffd32.jpg
Famous temple in Motomachi

 photo DSC02580_zps144e995f.jpg
Durian spotted at a supermarket! hehe

 photo DSC02581_zps1258b3c8.jpg
Big red chair

Saint Patricks Day in Motomachi Yokohama
Crowd during St.Patrick Day.

Famous brand from Motomachi.
Kitamura K2
Star Jewelry

Homemade Tofu Sherbet Parfait

 photo DSC_1046_zps52e2684d.jpg
To make Tofu sherbet
Mash tofu, add milk and sugar and keep it in the freezer for at least 5 hours.
Then, take it out from freezer, cut it in size and put into a cup, decorate it with blueberries and banana! and also a nice white chocolate strawberry for decoration! Hehe!
 photo DSC_1045_zps6534b621.jpg

My first KFC in Japan

 photo DSC_1062_zps01fc4a80.jpg
My first KFC meal in Japan! Woohoo!

 photo DSC_1063_zpsb80a1ae5.jpg
This set cost me 980yen.
Damm expensive!
One fried chicken and one chicken fillet and one small potato fries.

 photo DSC_1065_zps90a852a3.jpg
And the most important thing is.....
My One Piece ice-cream maker! Hehehe!
Yum yum!
going to make my sherbet and ice-cream soon!! woohoo!
Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


 photo DSC_1060_zpsf1929b96.jpg
Amazake is a Japanese traditional drink.
Made from fermented rice.
It is best served in warm.
Morinaga has freeze dry amazake.

 photo DSC_1061_zps86aee7ed.jpg

 photo DSC_1062_zps89f658be.jpg
It's really easy to prepare.
Just add 100ml hot water and it melts.

 photo DSC_1063_zps90379ee3.jpg
Tada! Enjoying my amazake.
Amazake is good for preventing you from getting exhausted by the heat in summer.

Other benefits of amazake are listed in the article from the link as below:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bath or shower?

I usually enjoy bath at hotel. Coz it's included in the charge of the stay too. (Stingy me!!!)

But after I moving into my apartment in Japan, (and although I have a nice bathtub at home), I never take a bath at home coz I'm too stingy to pay high gas(for hot water) and water bill....I usually just take a quick shower.....until last week, i started to take bath at home.

After I tried once, I started to love bathing at home. I should enjoy my life, enjoy my bath at night after a day of hard work.
So, I went to drug store to grab some bath soap. It's call bub, from Kao. (花王 バブ)
or translated in English - Kao Japan Bub Carbonate Bath Tablet

It's cheap. If you by separately it costs 48yen each, but if you buy 20 in a box, it's only costs around 500yen.
 photo DSC_1048_zps3bf75091.jpg

 photo DSC_1049_zps5a7f479a.jpg
Milky white rose flavor
 photo DSC_1050_zps6f16cf58.jpg

 photo DSC_1052_zpsb1c9904d.jpg
It reacts in the water. Just like soda! Hehe
 photo DSC_1051_zps23261327.jpg

 photo DSC_1053_zps372d8860.jpg
Tada. It melted completely in the water.
Milky bath!
I kept sweating while soaking in the bath. This means my metabolism is increasing.Hehe
Believe it or not, I have lost 0.5kg in a week by just soaking at night. Hmm, maybe it's also related to my diet too....hehe....keep fighting!!! Hmm...but soaking in the bath every night might be very costly. So I would like to set it be 3 times per week due to budget constraint. Haha.

Random Cooking Diary 13

 photo DSC_0963_zps871d9fb7.jpg
Seafood and veggie platter! Big scallops!

 photo DSC_1005_zpsf91c4a47.jpg
Juicy marine steak. It's squid slice!

 photo DSC_1008_zpsf4db4af6.jpg
Think and juicy. Goes well with lemon and butter.

 photo DSC_0985_zps79e43d39.jpg
Malaysian style bihun goreng! Yummy!

 photo DSC_1014_zps9c302493.jpg
Mix and match. A simply simple dinner.

 photo DSC_1041_zps986795bc.jpg
Broccoli with crab stick!

 photo DSC_1042_zpsada79fa0.jpg
A veggie day!

 photo DSC_1043_zpsc236e992.jpg
Fried kailan with pork!

 photo DSC_1044_zps97705c2b.jpg
Fried bean sprout!


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