Saturday, June 29, 2013

PS Summer Seminar ~ Nice food~

Day 1: Dinner
 photo DSC_0828_zpsb08ccc5a.jpg
Buffet dinner! Everthing was nice!

 photo DSC_0831_zps593f543c.jpg
The cheesecake was so tasty!

Day 2: Breakfast
 photo DSC_0838_zps71ec06c6.jpg
Heavy breakfast!

 photo DSC_0839_zps47a63247.jpg

Day 2: Lunch
 photo DSC_0856_zps606b1793.jpg
Lunch after sports!
 photo DSC_0860_zps001ed0fd.jpg
Luxurious lunch!

 photo DSC_0854_zps62723b0e.jpg
Lobster salad!

 photo DSC_0857_zps79dc9749.jpg

 photo DSC_0855_zpse4f7d5fd.jpg

Day 2: Dinner
Forgot to take the photo of my food.
 photo DSC_0869_zpsa0b28eeb.jpg
 photo DSC_0868_zps2e9ed792.jpg
The cake was really good!

Day 3: Lunch
 photo DSC02812_zpsb94e41eb.jpg
Lunch was delicious too!
 photo DSC02814_zps479251fe.jpg

PS Summer Seminar ~Ise Jingu~

 photo 1014075_10151701899004777_349243067_n_zpsb2eb7ef3.jpg
PSS from Malaysia! In front of Ise Jingu!
 photo 601654_10151701878444777_128993515_n_zps5ba91a4b.jpg
Rainy days! PSS from Malaysia!

 photo 1016590_10151701868259777_663482499_n_zps9e96ea1e.jpg
At Akafuku 赤福! 

 photo 1016846_10151701897734777_238206673_n_zps4de53d6c.jpg
We are the

 photo DSC_0795_zps3ee69109.jpg

 photo DSC02727_zps9e418517.jpg

 photo DSC02731_zps5cdc7b88.jpg
Rainy day!

 photo DSC02733_zps80f8055a.jpg
Constructing new shrine

 photo DSC02739_zps91fcf81f.jpg

 photo DSC02741_zpsce71bd49.jpg

 photo DSC02743_zps94764798.jpg
I love this crane!

 photo DSC02744_zps542f3b68.jpg

 photo DSC_0789_zps44077992.jpg
Nice bridge!

 photo DSC_0809_zpse3f2dff5.jpg
>.< rain rain go away...

 photo DSC_0820_zps7628cac3.jpg
Stalking a cat...

 photo DSC_0796_zps8d0ca833.jpg

 photo DSC_0818_zps0a8c6335.jpg
Cute tail!

 photo DSC_0817_zps97aa0149.jpg
Me me me!

 photo DSC_0815_zps562af224.jpg
This is the famous AKAFUKU in ISE!

 photo DSC_0804_zps7458db6e.jpg

 photo DSC_0799_zps71fe07c4.jpg

 photo DSC_0803_zps5bacae26.jpg

 photo DSC_0801_zps8935d6ab.jpg

 photo DSC_0812_zps14f38172.jpg

 photo DSC_0821_zps7a86bac3.jpg
Amulet for my dar-dar!
 photo DSC_0802_zps74018b21.jpg
Nice umbrella. Sakura motive appears when spill water on it....

Friday, June 28, 2013

A day before Summer Seminar at ISE-SHI

 photo DSC_0757_zps2c525de7.jpg
Highway bus @ Yokohama!

 photo DSC_0758_zps6b1bac52.jpg
Service area at Ebina!

 photo DSC_0762_zps1ea9d4d5.jpg

 photo DSC_0761_zps6150f784.jpg
Service area at Kakegawa....

 photo DSC_0760_zps0fddf35b.jpg

 photo DSC_0759_zpscc12a221.jpg
Bought Tokyo Macaron Rusk as snack!

 photo DSC_0763_zps13319adc.jpg
Finally reached Nagoya after 5-6 hours bus!

 photo DSC_0764_zpsdebb6c1e.jpg
Continue to Ujiyamada Station via Kintetsu line from Nagoya Station....
Another 1 hour and 40 mins journey!

 photo DSC_0765_zps5c35127a.jpg
Finally reached my destination!

 photo DSC_0766_zpsf7a85cb8.jpg

 photo DSC_0772_zps650cab88.jpg
A nice town....

 photo DSC_0771_zpse85be53f.jpg

 photo DSC_0770_zps079aa5b5.jpg
Nice shop!

 photo DSC_0767_zpsf5d53f49.jpg

 photo DSC_0769_zps947d8df1.jpg
Our hotel.

 photo DSC_0768_zps8ac2ee37.jpg
Antique phone in hotel

 photo DSC_0773_zpsf3462c34.jpg
The place for our dinner and also lunch on the next day.

 photo DSC_0774_zpsf2dd6975.jpg
Dinner set. Zaru soba and ten don!

 photo DSC_0776_zps596ebbb5.jpg
Our desserts~

 photo DSC_0778_zps14a075aa.jpg
Mine! Melon Annin Tofu!

 photo DSC_0777_zps58a4c43f.jpg
Zul's Melon parfait!

 photo DSC_0785_zps92c394e7.jpg
Lunch: Sushi set!

 photo DSC_0786_zps09bcc080.jpg

 photo DSC_0784_zps08a07c62.jpg

 photo DSC_0782_zps68915a21.jpg

 photo DSC_0788_zps85e68359.jpg


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