Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is Malaysia's 53rd independence day. However, no special feeling to me. I'm not so patrotic anyway. It just a public holiday to me.
I went to Sunway Pyramind in the morning. We reached there at 11am. We had our lunch at Pasta Sanmai.

Green tea

Korroke Curry Rice (ordered by my dar-dar)

I ordered a set with 2 dishes.
Avocado & crab meat Pasta

...and Unagi Omu-rice

It was a simple lunch full with joy.

I didn't buy much thing. I just bought 15 pieces of masks for RM40. It's cheap. Hehe~

No shopping mood as my dar-dar is rushing back home for assignment. We went home at 1.45pm....The shopping mall start to be crowded and traffic jam everywhere. It's hard to find a parking lot too. So we went home earlier.

I will be spending my whole afternoon and evening playing facebook, sleeping, playing ipod..... huhuhu~


After my dar-dar fetch me to work and he went back home....Then he msn me n told me that his grandma passed away at 10.30am...I applied half day leave from my boss and left office at 12.30pm. My dar-dar packed my things and we went back to Sg.Siput straight. We saw grandma lying in the coffin,and sleeping so peacefully.....

She was 90 years old. I think she had no regret in her life. And all of her son, daughter , grandson-granddaughter came back for her funeral. She had a grand funeral ceremony with nun praying for her, and also a musical band during the last day of her funeral.

Rest in Peace....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Friday~


This is a morning with surprise~ Today dar-dar fetch me directly to my office at Mid Valley. We had a rushing breakfast at Kim Gary before i go to work. I was so happy coz i no need worry about the bus today.
I had a fish burger for my breakfast.

Today is public holiday for Selangor. But Mid Valley is under Kuala Lumpur, therefore no holiday for me. huhuhu~~~~

Ajisen Ramen

We went to Sunway for dinner. Dar-dar treated me ramen tonite XD
At first, we wanted to go to Sushi Sanmai but there were a lot of ppl waiting....we have to queue up...
So, we changed our mind and have our dinner at Ajisen Ramen.
I posted some pictures of our food.

My ramen...the soup is very nice XD

Crispy salmon...not so's raw salmon~.~
**Student can enjoy 20% discount on food n drinks on weekdays~just show your student ID XD
After dinner, it was too late. Shops are closing. I can't even have window shopping. huhu~.~
Tomorrow is the last working day for this week~Gambatte ^^

Monday, August 23, 2010


It is the latest fashion in Japan: Headband.
I also bought a white headband but I don't how to wear it nicely.
I just simply apply it on my head...Hehe~

Shizuji with headband

I just bought VIVI Sept 2010. VIVI is my favorite fashion magazine.

Girls in VIVI wearing headband

Thursday, August 19, 2010

BBQ Plaza

My dar-dar n I went to BBQ Plaza for a pleasant dinner.
We had a great time together having nice food.
I feel relax and all my tiredness and stress disappeared after this dinner.
We both feel satisfied with the food , service and environment here.
It was a great nite of the middle of the week.



BBQ Plaza is one of my favorite restaurant. XD

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy Life

I am busying with my internship now...

I wake up at 7.30am everyday, have a cold bath, and my dar-dar will drive me to Putrajaya Central. The bus will take off at 8.30am. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Mid Valley. I start to work at 9.30am till 1.30pm.
I have lunch break from 1.30pm to 2.30pm, then I'll continue work until 6.30pm.
After work, I go back by KTM. It takes about 20minutes journey to KTM Serdang. Then, I'll take bus back to Putra Permai. I usually reach home around 8pm.

After dinner, I left 3 hours free time. I spend my time facebook-ing n blogging.....
I usually sleep at 12am. What a healthy life. I usually will take a nice bath before going to bed.

I'm so tired with this healthy life. I want my university life back~~~
This routine keeps repeating everyday. I hope that intern will end soon. I'm so sorry to my dar-dar. He has to wake up early every morning to send me to the bus station. Thank you so much. Muaks

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