Monday, December 30, 2013

Unexpected gift

Went to Gotemba Premium Outlets.
Coach is on sales.
I got this new bag for only 8820yen after 76% discount.
Dar-dar paid this for me as a present.

 photo DSC_2663_zpsiipwgpfc.jpg

 photo DSC_2666_zpstl3udsb3.jpg

 photo DSC_2668_zps9f7yktlm.jpg

 photo DSC_2667_zpsa6ixnbb4.jpg

 photo DSC_2664_zpsdb43bbnj.jpg
Nice Mt.Fuji view from the outlet mall.


 photo DSC05068_zpsc1c27b01.jpg  photo DSC05071_zpsfd094603.jpg  photo DSC05075_zps6ed1167b.jpg  photo DSC05076_zps96e78a2d.jpg  photo DSC05082_zpsc3f01bdb.jpg  photo DSC05086_zps3b56a743.jpg  photo DSC05090_zpse1eb93e2.jpg  photo DSC05091_zps6e9c20e6.jpg  photo DSC05093_zps8fa21a9c.jpg  photo DSC05094_zps32ae11b8.jpg  photo DSC05096_zps3cce85bd.jpg  photo DSC05097_zps4a71b275.jpg  photo DSC05098_zpsed34b126.jpg  photo DSC05100_zpsc158a0d9.jpg  photo DSC05120_zps156213a5.jpg

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shizuoka Oden

 photo DSC_2649_zps34bsxba1.jpg
Finally, had Shizuoka Oden as planned.

 photo DSC_2651_zpssdynapou.jpg

 photo DSC_2650_zpsitrplzj1.jpg

 photo DSC_2652_zpsel9stuje.jpg
Yummy! Only 100yen per stick!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Panaroma Park

The ropeway connects a total of 1,800m from the summit to the foot of Mt. Katsuragisan, which is 425m high. It takes approx. 7 min for one way.
From the park at the summit, 360-degree grand panorama can be viewed such as Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay, Hakone and Mt. Amagi.


 photo DSC04924_zpsbd66c5e3.jpg
We stayed at Mishima for a night.

Mishima is located in the east of Shizuoka Prefecture, at the entrance of the Izu-Haokone National Park.
To the north of the city we have a fine view of Mt. Fuji (3,766m/12,388ft) and the thawing water from Mt. Fuji gushes out into many ponds and streams around Mishima.
People in Mishima are blessed with a beautiful natural environment and a mild climate, and City of Mishima is tackling to establish a “City filled with fresh green, pure water and cultural fragrance”

Source from:

 photo DSC04925_zpsbf7096c2.jpg
You can drink to water from here. It's from Mt Fuji.

 photo DSC04926_zpse8f27bd8.jpg
The water is so clean and clear.

 photo DSC05032_zpsd1e9bd45.jpg
Our dinner at GUSTO.

 photo DSC05033_zpseb5d9b02.jpg

 photo DSC05034_zpsb8617c6b.jpg

 photo DSC05035_zps991bbdd8.jpg

 photo DSC05036_zps64862cc0.jpg

 photo DSC05037_zps9faa650c.jpg

 photo DSC05038_zps04f31eea.jpg

 photo DSC05039_zps6d0649df.jpg

At night.....
Walking back to our hotel...
 photo DSC05041_zpsa86dcf86.jpg

 photo DSC05042_zps6a35f36a.jpg

 photo DSC05043_zps424bb043.jpg
Had a good rest in hotel.

The following day, we checked out from hotel and visited to Mishima Taisha before continuing our journey Shizuoka.
 photo DSC05044_zps462af46f.jpg
 photo DSC05045_zpsd6875b7f.jpg

 photo DSC05046_zps489c9d9b.jpg

 photo DSC05047_zpseece247a.jpg

 photo DSC05048_zps6d8189ea.jpg

 photo DSC05049_zps66d29dae.jpg

 photo DSC05050_zps0a08ab82.jpg

 photo DSC05051_zps5a4eb974.jpg

 photo DSC05052_zpse4247a01.jpg

 photo DSC05053_zps92638327.jpg

 photo DSC05054_zps87bd0e04.jpg

 photo DSC05055_zpsfe76d37c.jpg

 photo DSC05056_zps2d718346.jpg
Bought omamori for my dar-dar.
Wish him good luck in his coming new career.

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