Sunday, September 29, 2013

Study Trip to Gifu Prefecture : Part 4 All about Food

 photo DSC_1755_zps228ac617.jpg
At kamisuwa. Lunch buffet before continuing our journey to Shirakawago.

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 photo P1030951_zpsf5c0b376.jpg

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 photo DSC_1791_zps8dfc047d.jpg
Hida beef shabu-shabu!

 photo DSC_1796_zps8f95302c.jpg
Nom nom!

 photo DSC_1793_zps6030245f.jpg

 photo DSC_1792_zpsab1b78e1.jpg

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Night alcohol!

 photo DSC_1803_zps89bb8c1a.jpg
Breakfast on the following day...
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 photo DSC_1814_zpsf16ae22e.jpg
Unagi pie

This trip was EAT EAT EAT trip! Hehe!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Study Trip to Gifu Prefecture : Part 3 Gujohachiman

 photo DSC03833_zps05a688f6.jpg
Gujohachiman is a small town in Gifu Prefecture.
Nice natural view!
 photo DSC03836_zps273595d6.jpg
Went to Sampuru-koubou, for food replica experience!
 photo DSC_1804_zps246a89d4.jpg
Tada...I chose prawn, pumpkin and sweet potato!
 photo DSC_1808_zpsf84ab612.jpg
Demo before our turn.
 photo DSC_1809_zpsd779a100.jpg tempura!
 photo Messenger_5788470550091261110_13800789237394464_zps18eebb5f.jpg
Hehe....looks so real....

 photo DSC_4272_zpsa23123bb.jpg

 photo DSC03896_zps6b20c33e.jpg

 photo DSC03894_zps5ef10d5d.jpg

 photo DSC03874_zps2efacbf7.jpg
Nice view! Experienced another side of Japan!

 photo DSC03871_zps2a98a0d2.jpg

 photo DSC03856_zpsf851bf9f.jpg

Study Trip to Gifu Prefecture : Part 2 Hida Takayama

 photo DSC_4243_zps4159237a.jpg
Hida Takayama
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 photo DSC03770_zps7517ae0f.jpg

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 photo DSC03774_zpsa7028e89.jpg

 photo DSC03777_zps13a97f4a.jpg

 photo DSC03783_zps887d8383.jpg

 photo DSC03786_zps8621d967.jpg

 photo DSC03790_zpsb8c2b06f.jpg

 photo DSC03791_zps5f47228a.jpg

 photo DSC03801_zps3e0ceea8.jpg

 photo DSC03804_zps6551332a.jpg

 photo DSC03805_zpsbdbef5b1.jpg

 photo DSC03808_zpsa950400d.jpg

 photo DSC03813_zps627fd692.jpg

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