Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thomas's Cafe at Burberry

My most favorite brand - Burberry opened a cafĂ© within its flagship on London’s Regent Street, called Thomas’s just few weeks ago.
I immediately added it into my itinerary when I knew about this.
 photo DSC03199_zpstfaoqtad.jpg
121 Regent Street

 photo DSC03234_zpsh8qlknfs.jpg
Thomas's cafe

 photo DSC03203_zpszp5ybl8h.jpg
Nice and simple yet very classy!

 photo DSC03204_zps0ieia1pu.jpg
Love this signature so much!
Similar with "My Burberry".

 photo DSC03205_zpshc5erumt.jpg
You may refer the menu online.
Price is very reasonable and affordable.

 photo DSC03206_zpsv0dckkte.jpg
Nice weather, nice seat.

 photo DSC03208_zpssjjfo69o.jpg
Darjeeling tea from Lalani & Co.

 photo DSC03219_zpsud8lsvgr.jpg

 photo DSC03209_zpsovwlxf0a.jpg
And the nice engraving on the cutlery.

 photo DSC03215_zpsekkby8o3.jpg
British kind of breakfast.

 photo DSC03210_zps2gmutuwp.jpg
I enjoyed their British classic scone with Rosebud jam & clotted cream and their tea very much.
This is the best scone ever I have tasted in my life.
It was served in a hot bean bag to keep the scone warm.

 photo DSC03211_zpsf3c3n5id.jpg
And the clotted cream and jam.
I wish I could lick them all.

 photo DSC03223_zpswkbvol9b.jpg
Nice and sexy scone!!!
3 is not enough. I want more!!!

 photo DSC03225_zpsnhcux8ge.jpg
The waitress here was very friendly, warm and polite.
They came and asked "How are you today?"
And I started to tell them I woke up very early and traveled from Manchester.
And also I told them, "Actually, today is my birthday" .....then they wished me Happy birthday and served me a free drink.
It's a strawberry and ginger fizz.
So lovely, isn't it?
They really made my day.
I was very happy to celebrate my birthday here, even I was alone in a foreign country.

A quiet place to relax and enjoy but I guess this will be a famous noisy tourist spot soon in the future.
Anyway, I hope they can maintain the good quality in terms of service and food until my next visit in future.


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