Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cooking Diary May 2015

Time passes quickly.
I made most meals during weekdays in May but I just pick up some nice menu to share.
Egg and cheese tortilla wrap  + Shrimp salad with french dressing.
I bought cheap fresh shrimp from AEON.

Random breakfast
Omelette sandwich + marmalade and whipped cream sandwich
And a cup of black coffee

This is Soumen salad 
For those who don't know what soumen is.

Soumen is a popular food in Japanese especially during Summer.
It is eaten cold with some topping and sauce.
Very healthy and balanced meal.

Fish fillet sandwich.
Tried something different.
Not bad.

And a big bowl of colorful salad.
Cucumber,  lettuce, pumpkin , chicken , cherry tomato.
Very healthy yet low in calories and carbs. 

Granola parfait with strawberry.
Simple but cute.

Roasted beef + cheese + spinach + sunny side up English muffin sandwich.
I bought discounted roasted beef from AEON.
And I just arranged it with ingredients I have in my refrigerator.

An Malaysian style breakfast.
Pork floss toast with 2 half boiled egg. Yummy!!!

And I love stroopwafel so much. 
Had this during tea time in my lab.
Wish I could go to Netherlands one day.
Meanwhile, take a break and have this stroopwafel first. 


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