Monday, August 31, 2015

Laneige BB cushion

Decided to try Laneige BB cushion after seeing tons of good review from blogs and Youtube videos.
Got this from Amazon, was shipped from Korea, price around 3,500yen including postage.

Applied a thin layer of Laneige BB cushion, no base make up, no concealer,
no filter, no photoshop , only natural sunlight from the window.
Photo taken by using Iphone 6 plus front camera.
Not bad.
I love the coverage and the texture of this BB cushion.
So natural.

Another shot.
Left face where BB cushion is applied(<-- p="">
Right face which is without make up, with dark eye circle (-->)
No eye make up for this photo, but looks like eyeliner is applied on the left face.
Uneven skin was nicely covered. 
I'm using no 21 (natural beige) since my skin is not so fair and slightly yellowish.

Will keep using this product for sometime.
Hope I will have a new post regarding this product after some time.

Cooking Diary - August 2015

Tried Weetabix for the first time.
Quite nice!!!

Cooked porkchop on the other day....

Freshly blended carrot juice and oat porridge for breakfast

Macaroni salad with ham.

I love this SHIOPAN (salty bun) from Pompadour so much!!!

Kiwi bage and some potato salad and minestrone soup!

of course, bagel from Pompadour!!!

Baguette sandwich....simple and delicious!!

Granola + kiwi + yogurt!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ueshima Coffee + Autumn clothes hunting

This is simply delicious.
BLT with egg and cheese sandwich from Ueshima Coffee.

Tried some clothes at H&M....
Hmm....not so good....

Btw, this was my OOTD....

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Junoesque Bagel, Jiyugaoka

For the bagel lover like me!!!!

I ordered salmon and cream cheese bagel set.
Come with fries and drinks.
And you can choose your bagel and cream cheese from the list and customize your own sandwich.
I ordered pumpkin bagel.

Gorilla Coffee in Shibuya

Coffee time at Gorilla Coffee in Shibuya.

Banana cheesecake- this is one of the best cheesecake U had in JAPAN.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Me in Yukata

Do I look good in Yukata?

Leng Heng BBQ Seafood & Claypot Deluxe

Total bill SGD252 for 4 dishes.


More foodie I had in SG

Was craving for LLAO LLAO!
Finally can share it with my dar-dar!!

And chillax at Paris Baguette!

This for only SGD1.
Free flow coffee somemore....
Taste so so only though.....

KOI!!! Our favorite Green Tea Macchiato.


Black ball

Red bean soup

Pork Chop bun!!

And more IKEA FOOD.....

Imakatsu, Singapore

Japanese tonkatsu specialised restaurant in SG!
Came back holiday from Japan, but still having Japanese food in SG....LOL
This is located at Star Vista.

We love pork so much!!!!
Japanese quality! Thumbs up for the nice food and good service.

The hungry face...
Can I eat this now????

Imakatsu in Roppongi was awarded Michelin Bib Gourmands 2015.

Feel free to try out their sample before deciding to walk into the restaurant or not....


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