Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Having fun in japan

Having my sweet vacation with dar-dar in japan...
Bye bye Malaysia for 2 weeks(^O^)/

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hanging out with best friends ^^

The best boyfriend ...hehehe....
 in RedBox...

Hanging out with my best friends ^^

Finally, have a taste of famous 月光河 in Genting Klang ....hehehe
Really nice ^^ and worth waiting for about 1 hour....LOL

Happy birthday to me dearest Daddy...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ready to take off

I've just bought a set of 5 masks~ Planning to apply it during my 6-7 hours flight to Japan~

My only small cabin size luggage to bring over there~ A bit dirty >.< I used this same luggage when i went to HK 6-7 year ago... Hahaha~

Only 1 black coat to keep me warm on 0-10 degree celcius weather....

Bon voyage....
and happy holidays to all my dear MMU friends ^^
Counting down.... 4 more days to go ^^

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eternity Love

This is a special gift, a memorable gift...
Happy to receive this simple and nice gift...
Keep looking at the tiny stone on my finger...



I'm satisfied although it is merely 0.13 carat.... Lol....
Aiming for a bigger one when proposal~shh....



Valentine's Day 2011


Happy valentine's day~

Although I have an exam on this coming Thursday, i sacrifice my study time to have a date with my dar-dar~
We have a simple date at Mid Valley ^^

We din have a  romantic candle light dinner~ Instead, we had nice Malacca style Fried oyster as our main dish~ We missed our time in Malacca~ where we always buy the fried oyster from a funny uncle at the pasar malam at Bukit Beruang.....

Then, we had Jonker's Street @ The Gardens =Durian Cendol....which recall us our past date in Jonker's Street Malacca....

At later night, we had a great time at a nice cafe, Austin Chase, at The Gardens, with  dar-dar , CY and his gf Shelli~ We had a nice coffee there and chit chatting....

The mille crepe here has a great taste... almost the same with the one in Nadeje, Malacca^^
What a wonderful night with Malacca memories...where I met dar-dar and started my relationship ^^

The 5th Valentine's with dar-dar~
Forever Love^^

Saturday, February 12, 2011

After tough exam...

The exam was tough~
Hope I can pass...huhuhuhu~I just wanna pass my paper ~

Just went to Kinokuniya and bought 2 Tokyo tour guide book for RM105... ToT
One of the book is all about famous food in Japan...hehehe

I missed cheesecake tofu i tasted in Hekinan City so so much~
And Amazake and Akafuku I tasted in Ise Jingu~

Can wait to end my final exam soon~
Start dreaming again...

Cheesecake tofu


Final Countdown

Counting down.....

2 more papers to go...
11 more days to my vacation~

Full of excitement~

Wish me good luck in 2moro's parallel programming paper

Thursday, February 10, 2011






Tuesday, February 8, 2011

After 1st Paper~

I sat for my first paper this afternoon~
After the exam, I followed dar-dar and CY to take the washing machine at Domain, Cyberjaya.
We bought a 2nd-hand washing machine for RM150.
Ours was spoiled.

We had pizza for dinner~
Relaxing and chit-chatting at Pizza Hut....

2 more paper to go!!
Hope I can have a good sleep tonight as I didn't sleep well last night~

Monday, February 7, 2011

ViVi March 2011 Issue

Although I'm busy with exam,
I will spend some time on looking at magazine while relax time^^

On March Vivi issue, all are about fashion on Spring.
I'm confused!
Which attire should I wear in Japan on the end of February?
Winter or Spring?
Don't care~ Hehe~ Enjoying those nice fashion^^

Miliyah's fashion

Simply Love these Polka dress ^^

And white color are in fashion!

Rola is so so so pretty^^
 Simple and nice in Jeans

How about this beige trench coat on Lena?

Must have!! Fringe sling bag~ Cute isn't it!

The hairstyle of the month!
Should i try this hairstyle too???

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini Yee Sang

I requested to have hotate at Sushi King for lunch today~
And I ordered this cute mine Yee Sang~

Huat ar^^
Wish everyting goes smoothly!

Reached my 2nd home safely...

We departed from Ipoh at 2am and reached my 2nd home at 5am....
Quite heavy traffic from Ipoh till Slim River.
An accident occured too!

Finally, dar-dar drove me safely to destination!
Love him the most ^^

I shall have a good rest and start to do revision~
Wisk me good luck on my coming final exam...
It will be the last final exam for my entire degree^^

CNY @ De Garden

3rd day of CNY~I reached Ipoh at around 1pm...
Heavy traffic along Kuala Kangsar to Ipoh...

We had a luxurious lunch with dar-dar's family. Dar-dar's aunty cook at home.
She opened 2 cans of Mexican Abalone, which a can costs RM300++...
And the whole meal we had costs about RM800.
More expensive than restaurant huh!!

After lunch, my mom and dad went back Jitra...
And my dar-dar bring me to his friend's house.
We gambled there~
Hehehe~ I'm quite lucky, i won few ringgits~

At night, we had  gathering with dar-dar's friends at De Garden, Ipoh~





After the gathering, we drove slowly back to KL....
Drive safe^^

Thursday, February 3, 2011

First day of CNY

Today is the first day of Chinese new year~
I woke up at 10.30am, wash my face and had my mom's fried beehoon~
We are on vegetarian diet today~

After the superb meal, i clean up myself and wear on my red dress...
(i washed my hair on the 1st day of CNY...i broke the CNY custom coz i cant stand my flat and oily hair~) 
And put on my pearl necklace...
Hehehe~ Simple, nice and elegence...
Hmm... I'm trying to act as a rich girl^^

And i wore my lucky rabbit socks on~
I love it design and it matches my crocs high heel nicely...

We visited aunt's house and got a lot of Ang Pau $$$$$
Then we went down to Alor Star to pray my grandpa and visited my grandpa.
I get big Angpau from my aunt and grandma^^ My cousin (jie jie) also gave me an Angpau~
I had grandma's nice "huat kuey" which is no.1 to me, others can't beat hers...
In the evening, i went to babysitter's house~And get another angpau^^

Now, i'm staying at home, watching astro while blogging and FB-ing...
I usually stay at home during new year...
I din visit any frens coz im lazy~I rather stay at home~hehe

Talalalala~My new year look~Happy CNY~
Huat ar~~~

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy new year to my family and all my dear friends~
Happy rabbit year ^^
And hope mummy will get well soon~
She was coughing since last few days...

And especially to my dar-dar...
Thanks for all your support and courage,
you make me feel better whenever i feel down,
you are always beside me when i feel emo...

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