Sunday, March 29, 2015

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Finally tried Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.
Located at Omotesando.
Usually, you need to queue for 2 hours but luckily we just waited for about 30 minutes.

Was so regret that we didn't order the fondue.
Looks so special.

This is what we ordered.
Creme brulee crepe. 

(Hot chocolate drink)
The name of the drink sounds so dirty....LOL

From Max Brenner website.
Suckao is the espresso of the chocolate drinks. 
It is a small, dense, concentrated shot of rich chocolate. 

The term "suckao" is made up of two words that describe the utensil and the unique drink 
it contains: 
To draw the dense liquid through the metal straw. 
The Spanish word for cocoa beans from which this rich chocolate drink is made and which determines its quality.

You can put the chocolate into the hot milk according to your preference.

This is nice but it was abit too sweet....
Luckily 2 of us shared this so we wont feel so guilty after eating this.


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