Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese Lunar New Year in Yokohama Chinatown 2014

Immersing in the CNY mood at Yokohama Chinatown
 photo DSC_3034_zpso2rz8g6s.jpg
Yokohama Chinatown is believed to be the biggest Chinatown in Japan.
Chinese New Year in Yokohama Chinatown to be one of the most colorful, lively celebrations that you can find in Yokohama.
It was so happening during the first day of CNY!
 photo DSC_3036_zpsm8vsz2so.jpg
Too crowded.
Hardly to capture a nice photo.

 photo DSC_3038_zpssfkp3stk.jpg

 photo DSC_3043_zpslxsgfp7j.jpg

 photo DSC_3046_zpswabzhdgz.jpg
The drunken lion finished a bottle of Shau Xing wine. Bravo!

 photo DSC_3049_zpspv4sbkpe.jpg
A really closeup view of the lion dance!

 photo DSC_3052_zpsxe37uyjl.jpg
Nice Lite up at Mazu Temple

Feeling so good that I could feel the CNY atmosphere in Japan although I'm away from my hometown.
I miss my family very much.
Looking forward to meeting them soon!

OOTD: 1st day of CNY

 photo PhotoGrid_1391144771312_zps5syoztsy.jpg
It is normal to wear in red at the first day of CNY.
I got this simple red dress from H&M at a very reasonable price.

 photo PhotoGrid_1391145972431_zpsxuq1cnw0.jpg

 photo DSC_3029_zpsd8gjlshw.jpg
I matched my red dress with with turtle neck inside and a off-white outer!
Looks elegance rite! Hehe!

 photo DSC_3028_zpsualty4aw.jpg
Love my new hairstlye! Hehe!
And I'm ready to go out!

CNY Breakfast Special

 photo DSC_3015_zpsqjmpds9u.jpg

The drip coffee from Doutor was really nice!
And my favorite Baum Kuchen! Taste great too! Only cost 100yen from ROSEN.

Eating vegetarian on the first day (or at least in the day time) of CNY is my family custom!
So I prepared this for breakfast! And I had red bean soup for lunch! Yummy!


Was busy preparing for CNY.
I'll be celebrating CNY without my family in Japan this year.

On New Year eve, I made an appointment to have a hair cut.

 photo PhotoGrid_1391056119188_zpsmzift4lh.jpg
As usual, cut it short. Hehe.

After having a nice haircut, decided to make a new pair of spectacles.
 photo DSC_3014_mr1391066953131_zps7kvjrfd4.jpg
So I went to JIN's and customized a pair of new spectacles.
After trying many pairs, I chose this two tone big frame as my new spectacles.
The frame was 3,990yen and additional 2,000yen for customizing the power and I also paid another 3,990yen to upgrade it to JIN's PC lens.
So ended up total of 9,980yen for my new pair of spectacles.
But I will only get my spectacles after 2 weeks since they don't have ready stock for my lens.

Then, I met up with Crystal for CNY Eve dinner.
We decided to have Chinese food for tonight.
So, I suggested to go to Gyoza no Ohsho for nice and reasonable Chinese food.
It tasted much better than those restaurant in Chinatown. LOL.

 photo DSC_3010_zps4wf2aqqz.jpg
Since today is CNY eve, I just forget about Calories count and ordered this Fried rice set.
Comes with soup, salad, fried chicken and alos gyoza. Only costs 850yen for these! Yummy!

 photo DSC_3012_zpsoajsxpgd.jpg
Dessert - Italian Gelato! Nice one.
Hers: Sesame and yogurt flavor
Mine: Rum & Raisin and Matcha flavor.
The gelato is made freshly from kitchen daily.
One cup for only 260yen!

 photo IMG_20140130_222614_zpspowuoyfx.jpg
At night, I decorated my dining table with some flowers and oranges.
Wish everyone have a 马velous(Marvelous) New Year!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Homemade Sweets

 photo DSC05240_zps14bfda72.jpg
Strawberry pancake topped with whipped cream and blueberry sauce

 photo DSC05241_zps18c96b43.jpg
Yummy! Hehe.

 photo DSC05243_zps65d95e57.jpg
Apple plate!
Left: Cinnamon apple,
Middle: biscuits and strawberries,
Right: Fresh apple

 photo DSC05246_zps46ef95da.jpg
Steamed cake with whipped cream!

OMG! How amazing!
I can make desserts! Hehe!

 photo DSC_2992_zpsfwkhfp89.jpg
Strawberry is my favorite fruit! Hehe!

Ururusu from Yomeishu

 photo DSC_3000_zpsjlzvjtpc.jpg

Entered some campaign online and I got a free coupon for this.
So I redeemed it from lawson. Retail price is 140yen.
It's a vinegar drink where you drink before meal.
1 bottle is 140ml, 10kcal.
It contains 4100mg of Indigestible dextrin in one bottle, which equivalent to the amount of fiber in a lettuce.

And the CM is so funny! Hehe.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Girls Food Hunting Date in Odaiba

Went out with Tiya!
Our destination was Odaiba!
Odaiba is the second place that I like after Yokohama's Minato Mirai.

Our first stop:
Takoyaki Museum (Decks)
We ordered Takoyaki from 3 different stalls.

I think 芋蛸 is the best among 3.
 photo DSC_2912_zpssyszxosj.jpg

2nd place goes to やまちゃん!
Topped with spring onion like mountain!
 photo DSC_2914_zpsn4hca1si.jpg

3rd place goes to たこ焼 十八番!
 photo DSC_2915_zpsnnjrmdwx.jpg

2nd stop:
Tanto Tanto (Venus Fort)
 photo DSC_2984_zpsapc3ktsl.jpg
We ordered JUMBO pizza! Wakakaka!

 photo DSC_2983_zpsa5ymcksj.jpg

3rd stop:
Kate Rose Cafe (Diver's City)
 photo DSC_2985_zps7zxhllw6.jpg

 photo DSC_2986_zpsgat5gpb6.jpg
Dessert + Drink for 850yen per person.
 photo DSC_2987_zpsur7agdkh.jpg

 photo DSC_2988_zpsgdygiunj.jpg

Trick Art Museum at Odaiba

 photo DSC_2919_zps8115273a.jpg

 photo DSC_2924_zpsac1fb585.jpg

 photo DSC_2929_zps91dfddd2.jpg

 photo DSC_2936_zpsce120273.jpg

 photo DSC_2937_zpsffa7f59e.jpg

 photo DSC_2940_zpsdf85202c.jpg

 photo DSC_2941_zpsee2d9a8f.jpg

 photo DSC_2948_zps7a6221a8.jpg

 photo DSC_2950_zpse550c70d.jpg

 photo DSC_2953_zps23ff2f6b.jpg

 photo DSC_2956_zpscef64e49.jpg

 photo DSC_2963_zpsac3a1b1a.jpg

 photo DSC_2971_zps8a0e4009.jpg

 photo DSC_2973_zpscb972911.jpg

OB Party

 photo 1-1_zps5fc6c2fb.jpg
My prof giving speech! I was smiling at the

 photo 1-3_zpsb9722c55.jpg
Group photo! Hehe

 photo DSC_2890_zps58pdw39j.jpg
Nice view of Shinjuku Sumitomo Building from 50th floor!

 photo DSC_2895_zps4fv0sgge.jpg
The Wine Bar

 photo DSC_2896_zpsjpr0hmb7.jpg

 photo DSC_2897_zps8guvzggl.jpg
Wine ! Drink-all-you-can!

 photo DSC_2898_zpsar4mh5ee.jpg
Nice Tokyo night view from 50th floor.

 photo DSC_2903_zps4xous4ob.jpg

 photo DSC_2904_zpswdb8rtpb.jpg

 photo DSC_2905_zpsq2ozrivs.jpg

 photo DSC_2906_zpsjcyfz4y8.jpg

 photo DSC_2909_zpsjdz6mtuy.jpg
Cheese fondue

 photo DSC_2908_zpsie94l6pe.jpg

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