Monday, March 31, 2014

Cool Face - Another me

 photo 2014-03-30-22-20-10_deco_zps15c3cc1f.jpg

Cold Stone

Expensive ice cream to pamper myself!!
 photo DSC_3548_zps834cf3a5.jpg

 photo DSC_3549_zps338a42e5.jpg
This costs me 690yen.

Friday, March 28, 2014


My Healthy Meals

Wholemeal french toast + fresh strawberries
Egg crepe + homemade strawberry sauce
A cup of americano

 photo IMG_20140329_083745_zpsf1bcd8b8.jpg
Tortilla roll

Tortilla pizza


Curry chicken koay teow

Big breakfast

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yellow me

Me in yellow!
Got this jacket from Old Navy for only 1,000yen!
And the T-shirt for only 500yen from Old Navy too!

Welcoming spring with bright yellow!

Sakura burger from McD

New menu from McD.
Sakura teritama burger!
It's a pork burger with sakura flavored bun and sakura flavored mayonnaise.

Cute pink packaging!

And also Sakura McFloat!
Whole set for 650yen! Hehe

Twin egg yolk

Found this when I was breaking the egg!
Twin egg yolk!
First time in my life! Lol.

And so, this is my twin egg yolk sandwich. Hehe

Sunday, March 23, 2014

My First Snowboarding Experience

 photo DSC_3438_zps24f1f3fc.jpg
Went snowboarding with lab members.
While waiting the night bus....hehe

 photo DSC_3440_zpsaa49372f.jpg

 photo DSC_3444_zps01a79216.jpg
The next morning!

 photo DSC_3451_zps869f3f44.jpg
The place we went:

 photo DSC_3458_zpseea685f5.jpg
Snowboarding was fun! Really really fun!
I wish to try again next time!

Our dinner on the first night! Sukiyaki!
 photo DSC_3461_zps6168e7ad.jpg

 photo DSC_3462_zps227cbabf.jpg

 photo DSC_3463_zps2fe0e9ad.jpg

 photo DSC_3464_zps6dc88ff0.jpg

DAY 2:
Continue snowboarding on the following day.
But I was suffering from muscle pain. Lol.
 photo DSC_3466_zps445cfe65.jpg

 photo DSC_3468_zps1ff23aa3.jpg

 photo DSC_3470_zps027a559d.jpg
It was snowing the whole day!

 photo DSC_3454_zps677e3b09.jpg

 photo DSC_3472_zps9760e123.jpg

 photo DSC_3481_zps8dc9263d.jpg
Do I look cool?

 photo DSC_3484_zps6a369ad8.jpg
 photo 1395367075422_zpsd9ce3c8e.jpg

 photo DSC_3486_zpsdefbf90d.jpg
Curry rice for lunch!

 photo DSC_3487_zps30d83438.jpg

 photo DSC_3488_zps290dbe75.jpg

 photo DSC_3491_zpsfd1a98de.jpg
Dinner was sandwiches and strawberry scone from Starbucks! Hehe

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More foodies from me

Creamy pumpkin soup

Banana + strawberry + cereals in milk. Yum yum!

Fried tanghoon with mushrooms

Addicted to coffee

I bought an espresso machine few weeks ago.
From Delonghi.
So I make my own cup of espresso in the morning whenever I have free time.
Enjoying the process of grinding coffee beans and extracting the espresso.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Getaway to Enoshima

 photo DSC_3342_zpsc5d02f27.jpg

 photo DSC_3356_zps4998b430.jpg

 photo 1394853588339_zps4c6a3af8.jpg

 photo 1394853643557_zpsa7e49fc2.jpg

 photo 1394853615380_zps0b19a7a2.jpg

 photo DSC_3357_zpsc5b821e1.jpg

 photo 1394853695898_zps97fb99d6.jpg

 photo 1394853654207_zpsecdffb90.jpg

 photo DSC_3358_zps5e39531b.jpg

 photo DSC_3360_zpsd6b11b28.jpg

 photo 1394853805599_zps4f147a5d.jpg

 photo DSC_3361_zps559341b8.jpg

 photo DSC_3363_zps2622d37c.jpg

 photo DSC_3368_zps918642df.jpg

 photo DSC_3371_zpsa656f50e.jpg

 photo DSC_3378_zps017cfde7.jpg

 photo DSC_3404_zps4968d5aa.jpg

 photo DSC_3405_zpsf775cb19.jpg

 photo DSC_3406_zpsf54a42d6.jpg

 photo DSC_3407_zpsb884f142.jpg

 photo DSC_3408_zps403fc383.jpg


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