Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LONDON : Big Ben + Buckingham Palace

 photo DSC03085_zps8jzovx6v.jpg
Traveled from Manchester to London via Virgin Trains.
Booked the ticket online earlier so I paid only £40.80.
2 way trip and unlimited one-day bus and train ride in London.

 photo DSC03089_zpswwpeujnq.jpg
London Euston Station.

 photo DSC03091_zpsswyyloof.jpg
Selfie - the birthday girl.

 photo DSC03093_zps7imes4sx.jpg
My first stop.

 photo DSC03111_zpsj6gbhqgn.jpg
Westminster Abbey

 photo DSC03127_zpslontrxm7.jpg
London Eye

 photo DSC03133_zpsoidqoune.jpg
Big ben and Houses of Parliament

 photo DSC03134_zpsuux0cca5.jpg

 photo DSC03136_zpsvrtjwrjw.jpg

 photo DSC03137_zpsqoctwpov.jpg

 photo DSC03140_zpsw05pihmk.jpg
The famous telephone booth.

 photo DSC03145_zpsebpdwvjc.jpg
At Green Park.
Squirrels running around.

 photo DSC03149_zps0srk7gqe.jpg

 photo DSC03152_zpsuids44y4.jpg
Reached Buckingham Palace after 10 mins walk from Big Ben.

 photo DSC03154_zpsgphzqt94.jpg
Nice weather. Awesome building structure.

 photo DSC03161_zpsqxvm4gwk.jpg
The crowd is waiting for the Changing of the Guard.


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