Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ippudo Ramen Singapore

I had dinner at Ippudo Singapore, Mandarin Gallery at Orchard Road before boarding my flight on Sunday night!

I love the draft beer! It's the same taste as I had in Japan! But quite costly! It's SGD 9 for 1 glass! Huhu!

My ramen! White soup base!

His ramen! Red soup base...

Total bill was around SGD55 for 2 person!
Expensive ramen....and not surprising me at all....The taste was just normal!
Anyway, since it's one of the famous ramen shop in Japan, you should try at least once!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Off to SG

Going to see my dar-dar tonite! I miss him alot! We didn't meet each other for 2 weeks!!! Tonite I'm flying again after work.... We are going to Pulau Ubin tomorrow for some outdoor activities... ^.^

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another new member

Tada....she will be another new member in my house soon.
My dar-dar tagged me on this photo last nite.

He didn't come back to KL this week. He went to Pulau Batam...
And he said he saw this cute Korillakuma and bought it for me...
Can't wait to see him on this coming Friday...
I will be flying to Singapore again soon ^.^


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dual Face


The photo at the left side doesn't look like me !
Which is the real me?
It's up to your imagination!
Or maybe I have many personalities!
Only that you don't know me well  :-p

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Memories - Cafeteria in SCO-

I regret I didn't take any photo of the cafeteria in office.
However, I collected the receipts of every meal I had in that cafeteria...
So sad that the receipt is fading out...
The printing will be gone someday >.<


Receipt with details of every item you have eaten, and also total calories you consumed and nutrient intake. The paying system was good too. After your meal, you place your tray with your plates on top of a scanner. Then, the system will detect "something" which was attached under your plate, and the detail and price of the food will be displayed on the LCD screen. Then, you scan your EDY card (prepaid card) to make payment. The whole process was only about less than 10 second. Fast and efficient! I miss that place so much >.<

I had 20 times of lunch in that cafeteria! Everyday, I will have lunch with my leader, Inoue-san, and also Dendo-san and Ishizuka-san. At first, I felt very awkward having lunch with my boss... But after some time, I can blend into their conversation well...  We usually chat about non-job related topics! And I can't forget how Inoue-san tease me with Akanishi Jin rumours... huhu! He knows I love KAT-TUN very much ^.^
He also kept talking about his preparaton on his wedding and his honeymoon trip...

I think it won't happen the second time in my life anymore...
But the happy moment in past business trip will be kept in my mind forever!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No title

Just wanna to be lazy!!

Recently, I was so tiring...
Lack of sleep coz I need to wake up early in the morning during the weekend...
And the weekend passed switfly...
Another week has begun...

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