Friday, February 28, 2014


 photo IMG_20140228_032229_zpsed36a48d.jpg
In flight meal. Breakfast!
But I think MAS one is nicer! Lol.
Chocolate cake doesn't match with the omelete.
They should serve bun or bread instead.

 photo 2014-02-28-05-00-52_deco_zps7e892e1f.jpg
I always prefer window seat. Hehe.
This time I chose the seat near to plane engine.
Hmm....ppl said it's the worst seat position? Lol
But the good thing is, meal is served earlier since it is the first few rows of economy seats.

 photo IMG_20140228_071837_zpsda3cee82.jpg
Took Narita Express (NEX) from Narita to Yokohama.

Hello, JAPAN! I'm back!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Last Day in Malaysia

Today is my last day in Malaysia.
Early in the morning, dar-dar and I went to McD at Equine Park for breakfast.
We used to come here very frequently during our university time since we stayed opposite of the McD last time.
Now, it was newly renovated and comes with Mc Cafe too!

 photo DSC_3311_zpsb4345520.jpg
Mc Cafe in Malaysia is cheaper than in Japan! Hehe!

 photo DSC_3308_zps6057bd42.jpg
My brekkie wrap and a cup of cappuccino.

 photo DSC_3309_zps6d206f7d.jpg
With coffee art , hehe!

 photo DSC_3310_zps21b0fcff.jpg
And a slice of strawberry butter cake.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh

Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh is my favorite bak kut teh!

 photo DSC_3293_zpsbc04cc3a.jpg
Went for dinner at Yap Chuan with dar-dar and his dad.

 photo DSC_3290_zps2f428889.jpg
"wet" bak kut teh!

 photo DSC_3291_zps52b8dc00.jpg
"dry" bak kut teh!

 photo DSC_3292_zpsd4f9c3b1.jpg
Another must order dish every time we go.
Their fish topped with seasoned onions.
Sour mixed with salty taste.
Very appetizing!

Yap Chuan Bak Kut Teh
53, Jalan BPU 2,
Bandar Puchong Utama,

 photo DSC_3294_zps99b3d5d8.jpg
Nice sunset!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Genting 1 day trip

 photo DSC_3295_zpsaa1b2bf7.jpg
Fish head noodle for breakfast before departing to Genting.
 photo DSC_3299_zpse1865097.jpg
First world hotel
 photo DSC_3298_zpsa53b6913.jpg
Previous Genting Theme Park has been demolished.
The Genting Theme Park is closed from 1 September 2013 to make way for the world’s first Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park.
 photo DSC_3297_zps39dae8bf.jpg
So we went into casino and I gambled for the first time in my life.
Basically, I just bet with dar-dar's money and followed dar-dar's instruction.
In the end, we won RM 62.50. Lol.
So we had a free lunch at Nyonya Color with the money won.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Daddy's Birthday

Celebrated my dad's 60th birthday!
Black Forest cheesecake from secret recipe was quite nice! 
Had our dinner at a restaurant in Alor Star!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Driving License

My dad drove me to JPJ to renew my driving license,
It expires on July though.
Got it done in 15 minutes. Hehe

Teh Tarik and capati- Malaysian style breakfast !

Home sweet home

On the way back to Kedah

Hot sunny day

Car wash before arriving at home.

Home sweet home

Dinner with daddy, mummy, ee ee and grandma.
Kerabu apple,
Lor Han chai,
Pork knuckle 

And steamed fish!

A trip to Malacca

Jonker walk

Hard Rock Cafe Malacca

Famous church

Melaka famous dish- chicken rice ball

More photos from my DSLR
 photo DSC05278_zps1176b5f7.jpg

 photo DSC05279_zpsdaa23477.jpg

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 photo DSC05283_zps7544cfaf.jpg

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 photo DSC05288_zps17026e76.jpg

 photo DSC05289_zps47e35ea3.jpg

 photo DSC05298_zpseed2280d.jpg

 photo DSC05299_zps9e890a21.jpg

 photo DSC05300_zps0370b29f.jpg

 photo DSC05314_zps606ec2dd.jpg

 photo DSC05315_zps82fe7c7a.jpg

 photo DSC05316_zps2fe95a8a.jpg

 photo DSC05317_zps6ef4e67a.jpg

 photo DSC05320_zps4a8d5bd3.jpg

 photo DSC05323_zpsddf7bc55.jpg

 photo DSC05325_zps631eb1dc.jpg

 photo DSC05331_zps4a6d47e8.jpg

 photo DSC05335_zps489205f6.jpg

 photo DSC05337_zps1b5999e8.jpg

 photo DSC05347_zps434b5d72.jpg

 photo DSC05349_zpsfac01c99.jpg

 photo DSC05353_zps89c57d55.jpg

 photo DSC05365_zpsc202c644.jpg

 photo DSC05368_zps76d05268.jpg

 photo DSC05369_zps8dd54eec.jpg

 photo DSC05370_zps763094ab.jpg

 photo DSC05371_zps98588ced.jpg

 photo DSC05373_zpsec32c87c.jpg

 photo DSC05374_zpsd3ae62d1.jpg

 photo DSC05375_zps2352a15a.jpg

 photo DSC05377_zpseed40e04.jpg

 photo DSC05378_zpse8bf908b.jpg

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 photo DSC05380_zpseaa47083.jpg

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