Sunday, July 12, 2015

John Rylands Library

John Rylands Library , Manchester
One of the most magnificent library in the world.

A place that you must visit if you come to Manchester.
An hour is sufficient. Free admission.

 photo DSC02449_zpsde3mnjsf.jpg

 photo DSC02450_zpsguzru5yk.jpg

 photo DSC02456_zps9ooizm3q.jpg

 photo DSC02459_zpswiioitdx.jpg

 photo DSC02461_zpsmjmx8tr0.jpg

 photo DSC02462_zpstlhf0pq1.jpg

 photo DSC02463_zps3cd0ppi7.jpg

 photo DSC02464_zpsqxwpxghf.jpg

 photo DSC02470_zpsc5ugolgp.jpg

 photo DSC02473_zpsrl9rbyhc.jpg

 photo DSC02474_zpsomgwyoae.jpg

 photo DSC02475_zpsf1t1thvr.jpg

 photo DSC02476_zpsejxgrgmb.jpg

 photo DSC02477_zps2coseh5n.jpg

 photo DSC02478_zpski69vrny.jpg


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