Monday, January 31, 2011


Dar-dar has went back safely to his hometown...
Few days without dar-dar...
Feel lonely and lazy...

Miss him so much^^
Keep thinking of him...

Sorry for the 2 big buttocks~
Photo stolen from Keanhong's FB^^
Thx for taking a nice photo of us~

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pineapple at home

It grows finally...
It's the third plant but it's the first one which grows pineapple~

It is still tiny in size...
Hope it will grow bigger and bigger~

I wish that everything will be fine this year^^

Friday, January 28, 2011

Xian Ding Wei @ Auto City

My dar-dar drove me back to my hometown today ^^ He is the best BF~ He won't let me go back alone ^^ I treated him lunch at Xian Ding Wei as reward ....

The food was simple  and nice!

Fried fishcake

Dar-dar's 3 cup chicken set^^

I like my o wa mee suah so much~ Nicer than shilin's one~

Thank you dar-dar~ Drove me safely back to my hometown <3

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CNY Shopping

I went Pavillion for shopping...
I bought a skirt from ZARA and clothes from Forever 21...
Hehe! At least I have some clothes for my CNY >.<

And I bought a cute sling bag...

I helped my brother bought his Macbook Pro too~

Din took any photo when outing today as I forgot to bring my camera ToT

Going back hometown 2moro~ Busy packing my things....
Excited ^^

Monday, January 24, 2011


How do I live without u??


We are just like puppy love couple although we have been together for 4 years~

Genting Trip

8 of us went to Genting...
It has been a long time since last outing with a group of frenz ^^
It was cold and the weather was unpredictable...

It shined and rained all of sudden...
And the nite was so cold.
It was only 13-14 celcius at night.

A tiring day ended with joy and happiness^^
I love this bear^^

Oh no!

He is so adorable


Romantic ride

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A day without stress

I woke up at 12.30noon today and had McD for lunch...
Then i continue my good nap from 3pm to 5pm...
I was lack of sleep for the past few days~
Today is a good day for recharging my battery~

I bought a magazine today, just becoz of its nice and cute gift.
It's a Ipod/Iphone hanger from Juicy Couture.
I love this brand but i can't afford to buy its product.
So i bought this magazine...Haha~

I love JUICY

Cute pink color~


But i dun trust the hanger~haha~ Just for decoration^^

Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's almost 3am and I'm still awake~
I watched videos on Youtube, see magazine and FB + surfing the net....
While my dar-dar is playing mahjong with CY and Pang in my room...

And I played something very bored which I didn't touch it for a long time~

And i tried another one....

And another one....
I gave up at last....
Lol~ All are Japanese stars~Am I look alike >.<

I'm bored...Sleepy~

老妈子火锅店@Equine Park

I had buffet steamboat for my dinner today~ And 50% of the customer were MMU students^^ Haha~
The shop was not so crowded today~


Herbal soup and tomyam

Crabbie~ not so fresh
But the shrimp and fish were quite fresh~
Tada~ Only 3 of us went for steamboat today~

Full and happy^^

Friday, January 21, 2011


the busiest week in my university life has passed...
Everything went not so smoothly though...
But at least, I had tried my best,
I will accept no matter how good or how bad it is...
Just dump all the bad things to the rubbish bin...

It's time for me to rest for a week,
and CNY is around the corner!

Feel like having a date with my dar-dar 2moro...
I was so busy for the passed few days,
left him watching drama and play DOTA alone...

Victory sign!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


After hiding in the hole for a day,
I decided to step out again,
and start my journey...

I don't know when I will lost again,
but I will continue my journey,
until I reach my destination.

Roads full of divergence,
up and down,
high and low,
unclear and mystereous.

I doubted,
I shocked,
I frightened,
I was depressed,
and I know those feeling will come again unexpectedly...

I'll overcome all the circumstances,
I will be strong,
I will stand up again whenever I fall down...

I believe that someting will wait for me in front,
I shall continue my journey...


Tuesday, January 18, 2011






No comment

I'm poor in C programming,
I'm poorer in MPI parallel programming...

I spent days on my assignment but I can't make it.
I'm going to give up, submitting the incomplete taks to the lecturer.
I felt very down...
but now I think openly...

After few days lacking of sleep...
Pimples popped out and the dark eye circle...
I gave up!!

This is the process of learning...
I will accept my ability...
I just reach the bottom line ....
Programming needs talent and I don't have it...

保庇,保庇:死也不要那么死得那么难看 =.=

I wanna have a good sleep and face the lecturer later in the morning when submit the assignment~

Saturday, January 15, 2011

An unexpected outing

I woke up at 8.30am and i was rushing for assignment...
Suddenly, the electricity was cut...
It was 9.30am... I waited for half and hour but it still have no electicity supply...

So, my dar-dar decided to bring me for lunch and shopping... We went to Sunway Pyramid ^^
He went around the Megatex Fair which published on newspaper and also radio broadcast....
Hmm.... Most of the goods selling there are electrical goods, cameras, matresses, and electronic goods....
Cheaper than retail price but we don't need either. I met Shin Dee at the fair by chance. It was a long time since our last met in DAICON event.

We had lunch at Ajisen Ramen~ We ordered a big bowl one and we share... Hehe~

Hungry look....

Playing with his chopstick

The decoration in Sunway is quite nice~
A big lantern in the middle~




I found this cute shrimp on the wall~So cute~


I walked around the shops and at last I get a simple red dress at LENCE. It is a nice shop... A girl is playing the grand piano in the shop. Good feel~ I feel relaxing when choosing the clothes inside...
We shopped until 4pm and went back home. I'm happy coz at least i bought a red dress for my new year.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Creme Caramel

As i was craving for caramel pudding for a long time,
i decided to make my own one....

Tada...This time i put it in a big bowl as mould instead of the heart shape one~

Jumbo caramel pudding is in town~

Of coz, i ate them all alone~ hahaha

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brain squeezing

Everything come at once...

What I need to do next week are
1) Send my car for 2nd service
2) Go to embassy to collect my visa
3) Submit ECP4236 assignment (1% progression)
4) Submit ECP3116 assignment (better...2% progression)
5) FYP presentation (85% pregression, due to supervisor's requirement)

Concentrate on my parallel processing assignment first....
Deadline is on 18th. I should have a move now!!!

Excuse me.... Can I split my brain into 2? or 4 ? like my quad core processor?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Caramel Pudding

I'm craving for caramel pudding.
Tat's all for today~ Haha

I made it myself before ^^

Placed in the nice heart shape mould

Caremal on top ^^

Monday, January 10, 2011

First visit to Embassy of Japan in KL

It was 5-6 years ago since my last visit to Embassy of Japan in Penang. I went there to buy form for my Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Today, I'm here to share my experience on my first step into the Embassy of Japan in KL. I went there to apply my visa as I'm going to Japan next month.
It is not easy to apply for visa. A lot of things needed.
Refer here for more information about how to apply visa

It is quite hard to find parking. No vehicles are allowed to enter the building. In the end we have to park at roadside which is towing area. Pray hard to not be towed....Haha~
Then, we have to fill in form and take the visitor pass. That's not all!!!
Then, we entered the room. There, they will keep our handphones and cameras. And our bags, wallet and belongings go through the scanning. And our body too!! What a strict law.

Ok~ You can enter the Embassy now!

I was shocked as I didn't experenced it in Embassy of Japan in Penang. After half an hour, we manage to hand in the documents for applying visa and wait to collect after three working days~~

Can't wait to go for holiday~

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My new toy

Finally, after surveying at Low Yat and Sungei Wang for whole afternoon, I found a shop which give me the best price for NIKON P7000. He offered me for RM1280 for P7000, 4GB Toshiba's SDHC, a case and a mini tripod. ( The shop is Tarita) FYI, my bf's 2 Sony digital camera was bought from the same shop too. Lowest price in Sungei Wang and no problem on the cameras so far. Recommended for all who planning to buy camera.

Still have to wait for few more hours before start to explore my new toy. The battery needed to charge for 5hours for the 1st use. Sleepy...can't wait to explore it.....


Cute toy~

With nice strap

Cool case

4GB free SDHC and i bought an extra 16GB SDHC for RM85....
20GB....enough for me to bring all nice shapshots from Japan ....hahaha~

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