Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I had dessert at Watami @ Pavillion while hanging out with dar-dar's frens~

I ordered Creme Brule! Nice!

And this is my dar-dar's Matcha Parfait!

Both are so nice!

Had a great and relax time since it's a holiday ^^ Hehe! 
Feel happy when eating something sweet!

Gindako's Takoyaki

Sorry for not to blogging about my "winter" Japan trip for a long time~ (and now, It's already end of summer in
Coz I'm lazy and not good in writing travelogue >.<
I'll blog about Takoyaki today^^

Gindako 銀だこ is one of the famous Takoyaki franchise in Japan. 
It has franchise in Singapore (and few Asia countries too). (Address in SG: ION Orchard B4 64-65 RAFFLES CITY City Hall B1-54)
I went to the 1st shop or called 本店 of Gindako located in Ginza, Tokyo ^^ (Address: 4-13-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

The shop is small but it has 2-storey.


 We can have our takoyaki upstairs after ordering our food downstairs.

The size are equal and large.
It was crisp on the outside and juicy in the middle~Very nice ^^

Sorry I can't recall what flavor that we ordered. 

Not to forget to order their Taiyaki too~ Crispy and nice~
Custard flavor~

Red bean flavor~

I miss Gindako's Takoyaki very much~ Hope I can visit there again in near future ^^

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shopping Spree

I'm a shopaholic~
This is what i bought today...
A simple high heel sandal ^^

I started to hate holidays...
Coz I will keep shopping and spending money~
Anyway, Happy holiday >.<

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Holiday

Wee~ It's a long holiday after 2-months hard work~
I will be having 8 days of holiday starting from today until 4th of Sept.
I will be flying off to Phuket from 1st to 4th Sept.
The weather condition there is not so good, but i will keep update myself with the latest condition over there...
I hope that my trip will go smoothly. I will plan an itinerary with more indoor activities~
Pray hard not to rain heavily in Phuket ^^


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo of the Day

It's my car^^My handsome car will have his 1year-old birthday soon~
It's time to send him for SPA(waxing)...hehehe~

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Souvenir from Japan

I got a souvenir from Japan~ It's a nice painting~
The title called 赤不二(Aka Fuji) means red Mount.Fuji~
Simple and nice~ I like it so much ^^


Welcome Party

The main guest for today are 3 pretty girls and 1 handsome guy from Hekinan, Aichi, Japan ^^
I went to Hekinan for homestay 4 years back and the Japan homestay program are still carry on every year.... This time is their turn to come over Malaysia for the very first time, and hope they will have a great stay here~

I met a lot of old friends from MMU Melaka too. We have not met each other for 4 years since I move to Cyberjaya campus. But they didn't change alot. It was just like yesterday....
I really had a great time with old friends and 4 young Japanese people. They will be staying at my friend's house for about 2 weeks.

Group photo~ They are pretty in Yukata~ And they are only 19 years old ^^  Sweet~

She is Emi~

Aya on the left and Mei on the right of this photo~

Their cute reaction when eating durian puff~ They cannot accept the smell~ hahaha~ And the handsome guy is Hiroshi ^^

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Work Place

I have 2 desks. One is for my PC, and one is for my TV board~
My small corner~ The soft color make me feel relax ^^

And my TV trial set =)

Before this, was a TV set for me to play around


Sunday, August 14, 2011

I need rest !!!

I've stepped into working life for 1 month.
I can feel the time passes quickly.
What is so different from university life?

#1 I have a healthier life? (hope so)
I wake up 7am in the morning and i reach home 7pm every day.
And I will sleep at 12am everyday.
I repeat the same routine everyday to ensure that I have enough sleep and I can concentrate on my work on the following day...

#2 I have lesser time on Facebook, Blog and Drama
After work, I will have my dinner with dar-dar. After dinner, we usually will have a stroll in air-conditioned "garden" a.k.a Jusco opposite my house~ Lol~
It's already 10pm when I reach home. Now, I spend lesser time on my blog and drama too >.<

#3 I appreciate weekend
Do not ask me to do anything on weekend. And I usually won't drive during weekend. Co'z driving is tiring!
I need rest, I need shopping, I need nice food !!Now, rest time a.k.a private time is the most important thing in my daily life...

I just can think about this 3 for now. Co'z I'm not feeling well these few days. I got flu >.< I can't think much~ That's all for now. I shall continue my drama....


P/s: My recent photo~

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Working on Saturday

This week passed swiftly....It's already Friday nite!
But I can't stay late tonight, coz I have to work tomorrow~
Sigh >.<
Tiring and sleepy~ 
The 1 week holiday on this end of month is the only motivation for me to wake up early and go to work at Saturday as replacement....

Make.Believe =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love Shrimp

It's my second visit to Bubba Gump ^^

I treated my housemates for dinner in Bubba Gump as I just get my 1st salary last week~ Hehe~
We had a splendid dinner~ I had a great time with them~
What a relaxing night after long hours of work~

My favorite blueberry smoothie~


MORE Shrimpssssssss~~~~~~~~~~~


MORE Fish ^^

Sunday, August 7, 2011





Friday, August 5, 2011

Beach Vacation Confirmed

Short Notice:

I just booked air ticket to Phuket from 1st - 4th September ^^
This will be my 1st time going to Phuket, so I booked a budget hotel which is walking distance to the Patong beach and also the shopping complex Jungceylon =)
I was struggled between a nice view hotel which is quite far from the town and this budget hotel for a long time.... At last, the budget hotel won for its location ...LOL

Can't wait for my 1 week holiday during Raya.
Pretty beach, wait for me ^^

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