Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cooking Diary November 2014

 photo IMG_20141129_093348_zps82da15ef.jpg
The not so adorable chocolate snowman pancake.
With banana and whipped cream.

 photo IMG_20141120_085620_zpsf2ae9905.jpg
Poached egg on toast

 photo 20141120_090321_zps48d3d01f.jpg

 photo IMG_20141127_120039_zps8a670fc7.jpg
Simple breakfast
English muffin - with ham and egg
Baked beans

 photo IMG_20141124_181758_zpsead265fd.jpg
Homemade hot chocolate topped with marshmallow.

 photo 20141121_090033_zps7f99a361.jpg
Quick breakfast- toast and omelette.

Royal Copenhagen

 photo 20141122_195016_zps4fe46082.jpg
Impulse buying due to the nice packaging.

 photo 20141125_130057_zpsd1644dcb.jpg
Enjoying my nice afternoon tea in my lab.
Pairing a cup of apple ginger tea with cheesecake.

The Choco Pie

 photo 20141128_160207_zps921c09da.jpg
Mc Donald's is offering a new item for side menu - The triangular Chocolate Pie
for only 100yen.

It was so crispy outside and the chocolate inside was so rich.
Quite nice!
Goes very well with a cup of black coffee 100yen.
200yen for my daily coffee fix.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Autumn at Yokohama

It was cloudy on that day.
It would be nicer if the photo is taken during a sunny day.
 photo 20141128_151357_zps4a10e7bd.jpg

 photo 20141128_151425_zps66d15691.jpg

 photo 20141128_152611_zpse049e194.jpg
Nice gingko tree turning yellow.

 photo 20141128_152640_zps9c8e59fd.jpg

 photo 20141128_152645_zps8ea4be97.jpg

 photo 20141128_152758_zps76c6315d.jpg
I love Autumn!

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama

 photo 20141128_125106_zps48205514.jpg
Had lunch at Hard rock Cafe Yokohama.
They offer lunch menu at a cheaper price during weekdays.

 photo 20141128_122705_zps0937b721.jpg
I ordered Cheese Burger.
So yummy!
The thick and juicy beef patty was so awesome.
And the fries was good too!

 photo 20141128_121437_zps48f78dab.jpg
Comes with free flow drink. (Coffee/tea/soft drink)
I ordered hot lemon tea.

 photo 20141128_124858_zps1c3a1155.jpg
Yeah! I finished it all by my own. Hehe

 photo 20141128_122056_zps08602f1a.jpg
For only 1200yen.
So worth the price.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tokyo Sundubu 東京純豆腐

 photo 20141125_213429_zps71c623bf.jpg
Had dinner at Tokyo Sundubu with my labmate.
We had Korean food.
Green salad as appetizer

 photo 20141125_213843_zps4a9408f0.jpg
The cheese and potato chijimi.

 photo 20141125_211026_zps1bb2debb.jpg
The main dish- Oyster Sundub
Love oyster so much!

 photo 20141125_210857_zps239c835c.jpg
Oyster and mushroom stemed egg

 photo 20141125_215415_zpsaf775477.jpg
Last but not least-  dessert!
The dessert was so nice.
Yogurt ice cream with jelly and berry.

Monday, November 24, 2014

 photo 20141123_204838_zpsb15b5ab9.jpg
Hang out with Crystal after some time.
Brought her to Cafe Lexcel which is located at CIAL Sakuragicho.
She ordered latte macchiato and I ordered capucchino.

 photo 20141123_204757_zps963eb43a.jpg
Nice swirl hearts on top.

 photo 20141123_204749_zpsb7b06a40.jpg
Simple heart shape.

Cafe Lexcel is a nice place to hang out and enjoy good coffee.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Xmas Illumination at Yokohama

 photo 20141123_185935_zps0a233e9e.jpg
The Cinderella
So nice!

 photo 20141123_191111_zpsdf05288b.jpg
White Xmas Tree

 photo 20141123_191750_zpsa6647228.jpg

 photo 20141123_192225_zpsb57cad68.jpg
The Toy Story Xmas Tree

 photo 20141123_192351_zps98f45858.jpg
The light up was so nice.
It would be nice if my dar-dar can accompany me.
So romantic HEHE

Friday, November 21, 2014

Nivea Creme

 photo IMG_0046_2_zps62a394d3.jpg
I just cant stop loving Nivea Creme.
This is the best companian for dry weather.
Can apply on anywhere of the body, such as face, hands, legs, and even hair.
Keep my skin moisture and hydrated.
I love it so much.

 photo IMG_0047_2_zps168e5533.jpg

Monday, November 17, 2014


 photo IMG_0024_2_zps1dc727db.jpg
My first visit to Daikanyama after 18 months stay in Japan. LOL

From Gotokyo website
Daikanyama is the source of the latest fashion and is also a high-class residential area. Dotted with embassies and homes of foreigners, the area has the atmosphere of a foreign country. The town has three major streets starting from Daikanyama Station: Hachiman-dori street which leads towards Shibuya, Kyu Yamate-dori street which leads towards Komaba, and Komazawa-dori street which leads towards Ebisu. Among these streets you can find Hillside Terrace, the symbol of Daikanyama, and tasteful and unique shops and restaurants where visitors can enjoy shopping and dining. In addition, the wide avenues of this area in the midst of the city are lined with big trees and greenery, and are most suited to strolling.

 photo IMG_0025_2_zps0f3f8301.jpg
The weather was good for strolling.

 photo IMG_0026_2_zps09c26f58.jpg
Xmas mood on!

 photo IMG_0034_2_zps3b31094f.jpg
Symbolic of Daikanyama??!!

 photo IMG_0035_2_zps9ca01ddf.jpg
Many unique and trendy shops can be found around this area.

 photo IMG_0036_2_zps79983e39.jpg
There are also open cafes.
This is so "NOT TOKYO".

 photo IMG_0037_2_zps8a117c11.jpg
Can see people strolling with their doggies.
Everyone at the street was so trendy and well-dressed.

 photo IMG_0038_2_zps1b925833.jpg
Tsutaya Books

 photo IMG_0039_2_zpse0533b6d.jpg
Daikanyama T-site

Urth Caffe JAPAN

 photo IMG_0027_2_zps5c57920d.jpg

Urth Caffé is an organic coffee company that exclusively carries its own brand of premium, fresh roasted whole bean organic coffee, and hand selected fine teas sold under strict quality and ethical standards.
(From their website)

It was origin from US and they have two branches in Japan so far, one in Daikanyama and one in Omotesando.

 photo IMG_0028_2_zps7dc3cf0e.jpg
Full house during tea-time.

 photo IMG_0029_2_zps0c3604c2.jpg
Manage to get a seat.

 photo IMG_0030_2_zpsa8d707f7.jpg
Ordered a cup of Matcha Latte.
So cute.

 photo IMG_0031_2_zps76ecfc63.jpg
Latte art stays after few sips.

 photo IMG_0033_2_zps5235930b.jpg
A nice place to relax.

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