Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LONDON : Regent Street + Piccadilly Circus

 photo DSC03172_zpswnssv6au.jpg
Must visit this department store.
A very old and famous department store established in 1707.
Their tea is very famous, good for souvenir.

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 photo DSC03176_zpserzmkyyq.jpg

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 photo DSC03182_zpsjmkias8r.jpg
If you have budget, I suggest to have afteroon tea here.

 photo DSC03190_zps8ky60984.jpg
Shopping at the famous Regent Street is a must thing to do in London!

 photo DSC03193_zpsxdszvivu.jpg

 photo DSC03237_zpsiucsepqh.jpg
And of course, Burberry flagship store.

 photo DSC03241_zpst1jacvrm.jpg

 photo DSC03252_zpslwp62pa8.jpg
And also M&M's World is a good place for choosing souvenir.

 photo DSC03260_zpsewhlhync.jpg
Sweetie ladies spotted


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