Saturday, March 31, 2012


Eat, play FB, Sleep...
These are 3 main activities I did for the past few days.

My life is so bored without him.
Can't wait to see him!
I really dislike this feeling.
Eat alone. Sleep alone. Watch TV alone.
No one to share my happiness and sadness...

My 5-days holiday is going to end soon.
So envy when I saw every one is having fun together with their love one...
I only can stare at the monitor screen for the whole day...

I hope this will end soon.
Looking forward to a better life with my love one!

@Venus Fort!

@ Odaiba..


Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Favorite Gindaco

Are you a Takoyaki lover?
Craving for takoyaki which taste similar as in Japan?
Then, I would like to introduce Gindaco,  famous nationwide Takoyaki chain in Japan.
You can get it at the nearest country to Malaysia, which is Singapore =.=
Too bad, they do not have chain store in Malaysia...

Gindaco @ Jurong Point, SG

8 octopus ball for SGD6.8~~~
Mouth watering! I'm getting hungry while writing this post...

You may know how much I love Japan from my blog~
From what I wear, what I use, what I eat, and where I work at!! Hehe~

You may refer to this link for my old post about Gindako in Japan!

Home Sweet Home

5 continuous holiday from today...

Home sweet home...after restless working life for 4 months...
Miss my daddy & mummy so much ^.^

Sorry for being a bad daughter, who went to Tokyo for business trip during Chinese New Year period...
Sorry for being selfish and self-indulgence all the time =.=

No matter how, I'm still your lovely daughter.
Thank you for supporting me...


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ROUMANTEI at Shinjuku

Attention to Omu-rice lover!
Nice omurice found in Shinjuku.
ROUMANTEI! And italian and french restaurant. Lol.

 photo 417466_377442022270644_952570572_n_zpsfc3ca00c.jpg
Demi glass sauce?
 photo 426499_377441878937325_1300104333_n_zps38a764c3.jpg
Creamy mushroom sauce?

Which do you prefer?

 photo 399792_377442055603974_332624234_n_zps114fd182.jpg
Feed my camera first!

 photo 425061_377442085603971_1632394787_n_zps5fe1cf08.jpg
Yummy! Big portion!

 photo 402027_377441982270648_1177192606_n_zps79de1d88.jpg
Comes with tiramisu in set!

Short trip

I went to Singapore on last weekend.
My boy is there.
 I missed him a lot.
Although it was a short weekend, but I precious every second that I spent wth him!

SEE! He is so cute, isn't it?

Me @ Marina Barrage!

Mixed feeling coz we are being apart now.
Sometimes, I feel very lonely coz no one quarrel with me, no one accompany me for dinner!
Hope this long distance relationship wont last for so long...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Quote of the day

Quote from my friend's Facebook status:
There are there question to ask yourself.
1) What do you have?
2) What do you want?
3) What you can sacrifice?
Sometimes, we need to let go something in order to get something.
We have to judge which is more important to you.
And most important, you are happy with what you have decided.
And don't regret about what you have decided.

Saturday in YOKOHAMA

 photo 395851_378937498787763_248816536_n_zpscc6e73ac.jpg
Weekend! Heading towards Yokohama!

 photo 431258_378937675454412_1852765124_n_zpsd95250ff.jpg
At Yokohama Bayside Mitsui Outlet Park!
Weather was fine!

 photo 422510_373390092675837_549175900_n_zps4799e388.jpg
Bayside Kitchen!
My hot dog set!
 photo 422713_373390052675841_1100332623_n_zpsadc3ed61.jpg
My hot dog set!  Yummy!

 photo 424833_378938098787703_1516976339_n_zps198bcb85.jpg
Street performance was great! Akira-san!

 photo 407912_378938142121032_426014516_n_zpsf1c233be.jpg
Hard Rock Cafe!

 photo 432061_378938375454342_1218803380_n_zps3e3a3c20.jpg
Minato Mirai! Nice as usual!

 photo 417483_378938582120988_1259447535_n_zpsbd9ed0a6.jpg
Yokohama Chinatown

 photo 428131_373390186009161_1251114642_n_zps4a862906.jpg
Coco ichibanya Curry level 6!
It was very spicy!
Took me a long time to finish it!
 photo 432298_373390216009158_236028958_n_zps64ced09f.jpg
Wow! amazing! I finished it by my own!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yakiniku Party at Gyukaku

One of my favorite yakiniku shop!

It's good to have Yakiniku during winter!
I love beef tongue the most. Hehe!
 photo 424711_373381609343352_527690724_n_zps725521ac.jpg

 photo 425918_373381636010016_2113514513_n_zpsfbf57792.jpg

 photo 401349_373381669343346_1564296149_n_zps78293a3b.jpg
Yum yum!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Face


It's just a small things but it makes me feel happy!
Maybe I'm still like a little girl~
Who likes to be pampered....

When I'm going to grow up?

Sunday, March 18, 2012






Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baked Egg Plant

Tonight's main dish!
Initially, I planned to bake the Egg Plant on stove. But I realized that I don't have aluminium foil at home.
At last, I end up with putting the Egg plant in the Microwave.
The topping was Tomato sauce( Spaghetti Sauce)!

Not so bad... But I think it would be nicer if put some cheese on top of it! I should try next time XD


Chance to Change

A chance to change my future has come.... That I've been waited for so long...

Everything will be in process secretly until I succeeded! I'm still planning it wisely to ensure the possibility of success is high!!!

Started to dreaming while planning... I pray hard for everything to go smoothly...

Be patient. Be steady. Be cool!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cooking Diary

#1 Monday's Dinner
Tomato Fried Rice with Omelette

 #2 Tuesday's Dinner
Bitter gourd Beehoon

I'm still not good in cooking. The taste was not good at all...Sobs!
I think I need to refer to recipe next time rather than just mix and match the ingredients by myself.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sorry for leaving you for so long...

I'm back to my secret base.
I'm so sorry. I've been abandoning this blog for a long time.
I was too busy for the past few weeks.
A lot of tasks to catch up before the deadline.

I had a stressful time for the past few weeks, struggling to finish my job.
Finally, I manage to catch up. After long working hours, OT, and rushing rushing rushing....

Recent updates:
I'm Hone Alone!
My dar-dar has gone to Singapore for 3 months for his training.
Leaving me alone at home...Sobs.

Cooking newbie
Since I'm now living alone, I wish to take this opportunity to learn how to cook.
So far so good...
Today is just my 1st day! We will see how! Hmm...

Lunch: Spaghetti with Luncheon Meat

Dinner: Tomato Egg Rice

Dinner: Steam Vege! Healthy!

And...Not to forget to post a recent photo of me!
Sobs! Pimples + dark eye circle! Restless night...

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