Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Palace Hotel, Manchester

The Palace Hotel,  Manchester
-The place I stayed for a week.

An iconic four star hotel in Manchester.
 photo DSC02514_zpsttszqj6u.jpg
Very nice structure.

 photo DSC02518_zpscrymf3ya.jpg

 photo DSC02519_zpswbmcopor.jpg

 photo DSC02520_zpsk4zqywtt.jpg

 photo DSC02521_zpsumfeenwy.jpg

 photo DSC02522_zpsyqqklgxq.jpg

 photo DSC02893_zpsrwueucun.jpg
The lobby

 photo DSC02523_zps3cyuu9kx.jpg
My room.
About £140 (RM800++ / 26k++ yen) per night.
(The rate when I booked this hotel)
Might be cheaper during low season.
 photo DSC02524_zpsbvt2bcg4.jpg

 photo DSC02525_zps5z6xalbu.jpg

 photo DSC02526_zpssw6ubfha.jpg
I felt like princess for a week.

 photo DSC02527_zpswrf2ztxx.jpg
The very high ceiling made me feel lonely sometime.

 photo DSC02528_zpsx2hwvtyr.jpg

 photo DSC02529_zpsodpq1pqw.jpg
And the place to get relaxed every night.

 photo DSC02530_zps8j7xdm0j.jpg

 photo DSC02891_zpszpxe8fnk.jpg
The mysterious safe room from lift to my room.
Looks so scary.
Phantom might staying inside this box. Haha.

 photo DSC02892_zpsmgkzpeij.jpg
The lovely carpet.

I had a pleasant stay at this hotel.
The service was good.
I was so lucky that I was sponsored to stay at this kind of luxury hotel.
This might be the most expensive hotel I stayed alone in my life.


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