Thursday, October 31, 2013

PSS Dinner Group Photo

Some update.
Group photo after dinner at Ginza last week.
 photo 1400412_10151709520269397_681283220_o_zps1a047f25.jpg
Group photo of PSS from Kanto Area.
All of them are from Tokyo University and Tokyo Institute of Technology.
I'm the oddest one, the only one studying in Yokohama National University. Lol....
Always have fun chatting with people from different country and different background.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Winter Boots is here

 photo DSC_2173_zpsfd0b9c10.jpg
I placed an order on 28th night, and I got my boots today(30th oct morning).
But of course, u need to pay some extra charge (300yen) for this service.

 photo DSC_2175_zpsd2f936a7.jpg
Finally, I have a pair of UGG look-alike boots.
I cannot afford to have a pair of UGG boots. It's too expensive for me.
And I don't want to spend any unnecessary money just for the brand since I'm only going to wear this boots for 2-3 months.
Hehe. So I go for a pair of cheap boots.
Only 1,990 yen from Nissen.

 photo DSC_2177_zpsaa1d908d.jpg
The quality is quite good.
I decided to place the order online after reading the good review from customers.

 photo DSC_2178_zpsed16cae2.jpg
And I love this color too!

 photo DSC_2179_zpsa1fc7f29.jpg
With fury fury detachable 2cm high insole.

 photo DSC_2174_zpsc6370aed.jpg
Can't wait to wear this for outing!
So warm and comfy!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Smart Illumination 2013

 photo DSC04073_zps30244b40.jpg
Smart Illumination Yokohama is an art event: an effort to develop a new nightscape using energy saving technologies in the Central Yokohama Shoreline District. A mystical nightscape never seen before will be created by combining LED illumination and other highly advanced environmental technologies with artistic creativity.

 photo DSC04052_zps3ede8c11.jpg

 photo DSC04054_zps9028788e.jpg

 photo DSC04056_zpsa1d362a0.jpg

 photo DSC04069_zps69dd409b.jpg

 photo DSC04072_zps4c08fff8.jpg

 photo DSC04053_zps5a4f3efd.jpg

 photo DSC04063_zpse1eabf73.jpg

 photo DSC04047_zps967d2d80.jpg

 photo DSC04065_zpsa3669db4.jpg

 photo DSC04067_zps3cf55339.jpg

 photo DSC04074_zps3ea4b578.jpg

 photo DSC04077_zps81d4d785.jpg

 photo DSC04082_zpsc0f92cb9.jpg

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Clear Blue Sky ~Happy Sunday~

 photo DSC_2153_zpsaeb7be86.jpg
Clear blue sky after the typhoon.

 photo DSC_2146_zps4f7dbabf.jpg
New black polka dress with wine red color legging.
Learning how to wear like a Japanese. Lol...

 photo DSC_2154_zps167db39c.jpg
Selca while waiting for train.
Hardly open my eyes. Sun is too bright!

Mont Blanc Pudding

 photo DSC_2164_zps184e48ab.jpg
Mont Blanc Pudding with Halloween packaging! 210yen.

 photo DSC_2165_zps6977cf65.jpg
This is how it looks like!

 photo DSC_2166_zpsb64609d6.jpg
The marron cream is nice.
Cheap dessert from supermarket taste good! Yummy!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Chaos in supermarket!!??

 photo PhotoGrid_1382709414346_zpsbe372a4f.jpg
Chaos in supermarket due to typhoon??!!
The supermarket is closing down for renovation, so they are selling off their stuff very cheap!!! Hehe!

Kamukura Ramen

 photo DSC_2133_zpsf5d93f0f.jpg
A famous ramen chain store from Kansai.
Had Kamukura Ramen which is located at MARK IS Food court.

 photo DSC_2132_zpseaf9a1a9.jpg

 photo DSC_2134_zps2b519f53.jpg huge bowl of ramen.
Ramen noodles in a delicious pork based soup.
Topped with egg, thin juicy slices of roasted pork(cha-siu) and plenty of cabbages and nira(chinese leeks).
Especially the soft-boiled egg The york was so creamy.

Dinner in Ginza

 photo 1_zps23798342.jpg
Had a nice dinner with PSS at Ume No Hana restaurant located at Ginza.

 photo 2_zps79e2fddf.jpg

 photo 3_zps506ed137.jpg

 photo 4_zps26713c79.jpg

 photo 5_zpsd0f15a8c.jpg

 photo 6_zps536d75c7.jpg
Today's menu

 photo 7_zps82588070.jpg

 photo 8_zps83b562a1.jpg
The tofu was nice and creamy!

 photo 9_zps2371998c.jpg

 photo 10_zps01a679f6.jpg
My japanese sake in bamboo!
 photo 101_zps0be33f16.jpg

 photo 11_zpsab03c24a.jpg

 photo 12_zps4bdd0986.jpg
 photo 13_zpsd185bae9.jpg

 photo 14_zps2408ac8f.jpg
Tofu shumai

 photo 15_zps76f1d645.jpg

 photo 16_zps516418ef.jpg
Yuba nabe~
 photo 17_zps078e366d.jpg

 photo 18_zps65977f6a.jpg

 photo 19_zpsf1b122d7.jpg

 photo 20_zps267c102d.jpg
Fried yuba

 photo 21_zps33c31900.jpg
The lemon squeezer is cute!

 photo 22_zpsb1c348cf.jpg
Yuba gratan

 photo 23_zps7fa86e6d.jpg

 photo 24_zpsfb5646dc.jpg
Finally rice!

 photo 25_zpse9e0c69f.jpg
Last, but not least dessert!
Maron ice-cream!

 photo 26_zps59f0007e.jpg
Photo with Kael from Thailand.

The menu in Japanese

  • 嶺岡豆腐
  • お浸し
  • 湯葉煮
  • 茶碗蒸し
  • お造り
  • 名物 とうふしゅうまい
  • おしのぎ
  • 湯豆腐
  • 生麩田楽
  • 湯葉揚げ
  • 湯葉グラタン
  • 汁物
  • 飯物
  • 香の物
  • デザート

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