Sunday, August 31, 2014

Off to Singapore

 photo 20140830_095413_zps1af557c3.jpg
Dar-dar cousin sent us to Putrajaya Sentral and we took KLIA Transit to KLIA2.
It is so convenient now, as the KLIA Transit is a direct train to KLIA2 Terminal.
Compare to how we went to LCCT last time, we need to take train from Putrajaya to Salak Tinggi and from there we took bus to LCCT.

 photo 20140830_100950_zpsd31df334.jpg
Sky is so blue!

 photo 20140830_105025_zps9acc4344.jpg
Since it was still early, we had our breakfast at Marrybrown.
Quite nice.

 photo 20140830_114312_zpse4c51e14.jpg
Saw this nice statue made of lego bricks at the departure hall.

 photo 20140830_125434_zps576d26c6.jpg
Yeah! White card! It has been a while.

 photo 20140830_125442_zps33605391.jpg
My first time taking Tiger Airline from KL to SG.

 photo 20140830_180654_zps1169b81e.jpg
Dar-dar and his big bike. Hehe.

 photo 20140830_182013_zps8c881fff.jpg
This cute cat is always there, as told by dar-dar.

 photo 20140830_182023_zpsb4be3fe0.jpg
He is doing stretching.

Yeah! Finally, I could taste my favorite Chewy Junior!
 photo 20140830_185407_zps7e2892ef.jpg

And we had $1.50 per plate sushi at Sushi Express for dinner.
 photo 20140830_191642_zpsad304d03.jpg
Yummy big scallop!

 photo 20140830_194325_zpsf5de4cb7.jpg

Dessert after meal! Garrett popcorn!
 photo 20140830_200606_zpsc91d6dd3.jpg
Japanese need to queue for an hour just to buy this popcorn back in Japan.

 photo 20140830_215046_zps98e6939d.jpg
At night, we walked from City Hall, to Clarke Quay, Liang Court, and Robertson Quay.
Was plan to drink and chill at some random bar but at last we went back and sleep early. LOL!

 photo 20140831_090200_zpse5e24e7e.jpg
Watermelon milk! Hehe! So special.
Why this is not sold in Japan?

The Couple

 photo 20140829_091104_zps53659b65.jpg
The couple in stripes

 photo 20140829_091128_zps786066f2.jpg
Oh my puffy eyes

 photo 20140829_105118_zpsf25f84a3.jpg
The strawberries from Cameron Highlands

 photo 20140829_115845_zpsa6355d2c.jpg
And the sweet sweet corn

 photo 20140829_120006_zps2927287c.jpg
Can be eaten raw.
So sweet and juicy!

 photo 20140829_120012_zpsb5643716.jpg

Saturday, August 30, 2014

KL nom nom

From Cameron Highland back to KL.
On the way, we stopped by at Tapah Rest Area and bought BR31.
 photo 20140829_124442_zpsf3512631.jpg

Sorry but I don't like chocolate coating! Dar-dar added it for me but I don't really like it. Coz it will cover the original taste of the ice-cream.
Btw, inside was my favorite strawberry cheesecake flavor and green tea flavor.
 photo 20140829_124447_zps732a30db.jpg

Afternoon tea at Dragon I.
Another one of my favorite restaurant.
We ordered:
black truffle xiao long bao

 photo 20140829_175946_zps3921d66a.jpg

Salted egg yolk custard bun
 photo 20140829_175251_zpsc029e197.jpg

 photo 20140829_175456_zps22a3dcdd.jpg

XO sauce fried carrot cake
 photo 20140829_175335_zpseff51122.jpg

 photo 20140829_183439_zpsf48ced5e.jpg
OOTD at Mid Valley

Had dinner atBBQ Thai which is located at Old Klang Road with dar-dar and his 2 friends.

The interior and atmosphere of this restaurant is good but I didn't take any photo.
Refer to this blog instead.

 photo 20140829_211840_zpsc5cd5991.jpg
Thai coconut !

 photo 20140829_212029_zps603a0862.jpg
Fried vege.

 photo 20140829_212207_zps399f41d8.jpg
The NO.1 dish- BBQ Pork Neck.
(4 of us) We ordered 2 plates of it.
1 plate is RM28, quite reasonable for such a big portion.

 photo 20140829_212229_zpsdcfb794a.jpg
You can choose many different kinds of seafood and how you wan it to be cook.
We ordered this prawn but I couldn't recall the name of it.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Food Trip to Ipoh- Sin Yoon Loong White Coffee

 photo 20140828_103108_zps45aea1bc.jpg
Sin Yoon Loong Coffee Shop- the origin of white coffee.

 photo 20140828_105506_zps90a1f671.jpg

 photo 20140828_104729_zpsac2d669b.jpg
So nice!

 photo 20140828_104927_zps01dc5b42.jpg
The most original white coffee.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Food Trip to Ipoh - Sun Mar Poh

 photo 20140827_183727_zps60e996f2.jpg
A very famous restaurant in Ipoh- Sun Marpoh.
Even Hong Kong actor also came to this restaurant.

 photo 20140827_183840_zps20e1a116.jpg

 photo 20140827_185746_zps0ab4b543.jpg
3 people 4 dishes!

 photo 20140827_185539_zpse07b0c26.jpg
Asam fish- my favorite dish

 photo 20140827_185718_zps3e06ce12.jpg
And their specialty fried praying mantis.

 photo 20140827_185726_zpsb48810d8.jpg

 photo 20140827_185712_zpse0da93c0.jpg

 photo 20140827_193040_zps24450f80.jpg
And their price is very reasonable too.
4 dishes for only RM60.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Loaf @ Langkawi

 photo 1560727_900751293273045_6452726011877396867_n_zpsf0653608.jpg
On the second day, we had a luxurious breakfast at The Loaf , Langkawi.

 photo 1620946_900751436606364_3635851961790433024_n_zps2e17055f.jpg

 photo 10590497_900751473273027_774536095528408566_n_zpsa0ea9d41.jpg

 photo 10600559_900751613273013_1768477157188435049_n_zps308261eb.jpg

 photo 10650018_900751719939669_4726382844143518956_n_zps4c51546e.jpg
A must-try signature Coffee Ice :- The Loaf Cube -60degC

 photo 1546081_900751756606332_1680912761511361954_n_zpse81ec86c.jpg

 photo 10620754_900751579939683_2798351343551897837_n_zps464f07e1.jpg

 photo 10649678_900751829939658_7468850394754333360_n_zps5fc4e0ea.jpg
It melted instantly once the milk was poured into the glass.

 photo 10385468_900752069939634_6837619227173492604_n_zpsb7591ed7.jpg
Grandma's curry mee

 photo 10592678_900752106606297_8798242918375084424_n_zpsa7249f3d.jpg
She looked so happy.

 photo 1620643_900752176606290_3016744986710664034_n_zps83bac877.jpg
She has a really good appetite.
She can eat more than me.

 photo 10574341_900752033272971_7914227053435249648_n_zps1a63ed2d.jpg
Aunt's Sago dessert.

 photo 14188_900752643272910_6309476847891222069_n_zpse1ea573f.jpg

 photo 10625122_900752403272934_8337776569919779729_n_zps1cd9c774.jpg
ME and my grandma.

 photo 10386297_900752866606221_5744542851800240018_n_zps3913952c.jpg
Family photo at the Quay.

 photo 10480005_900752969939544_4080860233968599150_n_zpsd9f75b69.jpg
Our driver of the day.


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