Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LONDON: Monmouth Coffee

 photo DSC03331_zpsrggqzwbt.jpg
Located at Borought Market.
Monmouth Coffee is one of the famous coffee shop in London.
 photo DSC03337_zpsdkbcxrjf.jpg
Very crowded since it's a Saturday.

 photo DSC03340_zpsohddscdl.jpg

 photo DSC03341_zps35z0zonx.jpg

 photo DSC03343_zpstpb5viao.jpg
Looks yummy!

 photo DSC03344_zps11nzwx3t.jpg

 photo DSC03346_zpsowuf2mlu.jpg
I ordered a cup of Macchiato.
FYI, they are serving double shot.
Good coffee.
I was energized to continue my trip.
Love ya!


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