Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beauty Time

 photo DSC_2380_zpsc71bc10a.jpg
Time to care about my skin.
Dehydrating due to cold and dry weather.
Bought these mask from AEON.
Only 50yen each. (Normal price is 100yen each).
1st time trying The Face Shop brand.

New Handphone Pouch

 photo DSC_2381_zps3009859c.jpg
I lost my previous one.
Then found this to replace it.
105yen too! Lol!

Shopping Day

UNIQLO is on sales. So I went out for shopping!
 photo DSC_2359_zpsfef326f2.jpg
My ootd! Snow printed turtle neck top + fake leather skirt! Hehe

 photo DSC_2361_zps2ddbdfde.jpg
The weather is nice today!

 photo DSC_2366_zps5b43be41.jpg
Had Auntie Anne's pretzel and a cup of cafe latte for lunch + tea-time at 3pm.
I ordered apple cinammon flavor 280yen! And coffee 280yen too!
Huhu. Auntie Anne's is expensive in Japan!

So I bought some winter clothes for my dar-dar in Uniqlo and also GU.
Swiped my new credit card. Hehe.

Then after finish buying, I return to Yokohama station for dinner.
 photo DSC_2377_zps6da85f2b.jpg
Have this nice omurice at a restaurant called Hibiya Matsumoto Grill.
Simple Omelette Rice with Tomato sauce.

 photo DSC_2378_zps127461cb.jpg
Close up! Yummy! 900yen for this. Served with salad.

 photo Messenger_5809996122308219015_13852110201116020_zps92c3b6e9.jpg
Loots for dar-dar!
Premium down jacket for only 4,990yen (coz dar-dar wants the hooded one....non-hooded is only 3,990yen though) and the fleece jacket for 990yen! Super bargain!
Also bought heat tech and pyjama set for him!

 photo DSC_2379_zpse725e2b2.jpg
Me trying his clothes....too bulky for me. But nice coordinate rite!

I also bought a scarf for myself.
And also bought collagen tablets, hair spray, make up remover, and eyebrow pencil.
Everything finishes at the similar timing, so need to restock. Lol

Happy weekend.
Might rest at home tomorrow!


 photo DSC_2355_zps3f89a350.jpg
1122 is いい夫婦の日
My all time favorite premium roll cake with strawberry on top!

 photo DSC_2357_zpsd4c91de9.jpg
this time has 2 slices of strawberry instead of 1!
Refer back my old post!
Hehe! and maybe it's the beginning of strawberry season in Japan. So the strawberry is sweet compared to the one I had in May.

Yum yum!

Christmas Deco MM21

 photo DSC_2368_zpsb057e61c.jpg
Xmas Deco at Mark IS
 photo DSC_2365_zps774d21c1.jpg

 photo DSC_2367_zps3ebd7142.jpg

 photo DSC_2362_zps7fdece1d.jpg

 photo DSC_2363_zpsddb8ebee.jpg

 photo DSC_2376_zpsa7e3e1b5.jpg
At Yokohama Landmark Tower

 photo DSC_2372_zps2aa424d4.jpg
Queen's Square

 photo DSC_2374_zps6f14c0f3.jpg

The only one in the world

My DIY Nissin cup noodle from cup noodle museum the other day!
Finally, opened and ate it!

 photo DSC_2217_zpsaca57feb.jpg

 photo DSC_2356_zps1aab1ba0.jpg
Curry flavor! Hehe! Yummy!

Friday, November 22, 2013


 photo DSC_2350_zpsdac2ab05.jpg
Getting sick....
Seasonal influenza normally starts from November till February in Japan.
Oh yea. And I got it.
I start coughing and also suffer from sore throat.
Eyes getting red too.
Start to lose my voice as well.
 photo Messenger_5809220525923330899_13850261035096300_zps978e1b79.jpg
So I have to put on mask.

 photo DSC_2354_zpsb412ead2.jpg
So, mask is my new accessory now.
This is how I looked like on the street. Haha!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Campus in Autumn

 photo DSC_2348_zps4771817a.jpg

 photo DSC_2347_zpse3918236.jpg

 photo DSC_2346_zps9d80af60.jpg

nice weather today!
lovely scenery in campus!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

JAL Card

 photo DSC_2329_zpsbbd41248.jpg

Yeah! My JAL Visa card is finally here! Hehe!

One World Day

 photo P1030911_zps5ba40077.jpg
Joined Ebina International Society.
Today, I am the guest speaker to talk about my country, Malaysia.

 photo P1030905_zps54e97a38.jpg
Hehe. Me giving presentation.

 photo P1030909_zpsf6ad759b.jpg
Talking about food. Nom nom.

 photo P1030906_zpsfac3ae6b.jpg

 photo P1030926_zpsfd6acda2.jpg
Tea party after the talk.

 photo DSC_2331_zps3363e651.jpg
Yum yum!

 photo P1030921_zps309165cc.jpg
Had a nice time together with Japanese.

 photo DSC_2332_zps71947de6.jpg
Nice red leaves view from the venue.

After the activity, went to Sato Papa's house.
Sato mama prepared pao as tea time.
Her hand made meat pao and red bean pao was so delicious.
 photo DSC_2333_zps094cbdfd.jpg

 photo P1030928_zps280e2be3.jpg

 photo P1030933_zpsc0efed50.jpg

Thank you!! :-)

Seafood Salad

Had dinner alone at Jonathan.
One of the common/ famous family restaurant in Japan.
Had their seafood salad.
A bit pricy (619yen)but the portion is big!

 photo DSC_2337_zpsd98548a7.jpg
U can choose one of 4 kinds of dressing.
I chose Italian dressing. Hehe. The less calories one.

 photo DSC_2338_zpsb92b9e41.jpg
Lots of Smoked salmon, scallops, shrimps and squid in it. Yummy!


One of my favorite flavor is Matcha / Green tea powder.
If given chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and matcha flavor as choices, I definitely will choose Matcha without hesitation.
 photo DSC_2330_zps1944fb63.jpg
Love this POCKY midi!

 photo DSC_2339_zpse417a944.jpg
Matcha ice cream!


 photo DSC_2334_zps82f4c292.jpg
Found a shop selling cheap SEIKO.
Cheaper than Malaysia.

 photo DSC_2336_zps652ea551.jpg
SEIKO 5 for only 5000yen! Tat's half of the price in Malaysia!

 photo DSC_2335_zps7f47c614.jpg
Great deal.
But I don need a new watch now. Huhu!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy Friday

 photo DSC_2321_zps6249b4b2.jpg
Today's coordinate
Burberry scarf
G.U poncho
Blue legging

 photo DSC_2323_zps04ed6b93.jpg
Bought this cheap wine from nearest supermarket.
Love this Q.B.B Baby cheese recently.
Yum yum!

冬ぴあ 2013 首都圏版

 photo DSC_2325_zpse6aa9d02.jpg
Finally bought this magazine.

 photo DSC_2327_zps99b8eb88.jpg

 photo DSC_2324_zps15e1bed1.jpg
This pair of mickey plush is so sad only sold in Disneyland.

 photo DSC_2326_zpsf4a2b819.jpg
J.s pancake cafe ! So cute!

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