Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Sometimes, I feel lonely at this foreign country.
Stayed at home all day long.
Not going anywhere.
Kind of wasting my weekend.

 photo DSC_0328_zps80c7bdb4.jpg
Finally bought a teapot 急須 and two nice cup.

 photo DSC_0332_zpsd106d213.jpg
But the sad thing is, I drink alone at home.
ocha & kashiwa mochi かしわ餅 for my tea time :-)
Mochi really nice!

From Wikipedia:

 photo DSC_0330_zpscbca19c9.jpg
Bought a Daruma from Kamakura.
Not yet make a wish though :-)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Kamakura One-day Trip

Kamakura is located at Kanagawa Prefecture, about 30minutes train ride from Yokohama Station.
 photo DSC01493_zpscf1684ef.jpg
Enoshima Electric Line - Kamakura Station
 photo DSC01413_zpsfaf1ca86.jpg
Nice bus!

 photo DSC01415_zps65e781bc.jpg
The main entrance of the famous shopping street in Kamakura
 photo DSC01426_zps799aafbb.jpg

 photo DSC01428_zpse3dd2001.jpg

 photo DSC01456_zps386344ee.jpg
The Great Buddha Statue.
Located at 2km away from Kamakura Station.
 photo DSC01462_zps350fc150.jpg

 photo DSC01469_zps64b4c60b.jpg

 photo DSC01475_zps01f24e2f.jpg
The must try item in Kamakura. Tako Senbei.
They make it on the spot, it's really fresh and crispy!
 photo DSC01478_zpsa28404b8.jpg
Big thin paper-like senbei! Yummy!

 photo DSC01485_zps622d3740.jpg

Sushi alone for dinner.
Red plate = 120yen and blue pate for 180yen each!
 photo DSC01494_zps4cb27f37.jpg

 photo DSC01495_zps8207d9fa.jpg

 photo DSC01496_zps82312dca.jpg

 photo DSC01497_zpse7c2847d.jpg

 photo DSC_0326_zpsea6676a8.jpg

 photo DSC01503_zps4fe1aa65.jpg
The famous souvenir in Kamakura.
Bought 5 pcs for 525yen....
Eat alone at home....huhu....
Lonely girl >.<

Random Cooking Diary 3

Didn't do much cooking this week. Quite busy :-(
Most of them are just simple and quick meal.

 photo DSC01400_zps601d8d31.jpg
Yummy! Sausage in Japan is really nice :-)

 photo DSC_0329_zpsbcf7b573.jpg
Hmm....not so appetizing due to bad appearance of my Udon. Lol....

 photo DSC_0297_zpsbbf527d6.jpg
Sandwich and salad again....

 photo DSC_0312_zps5ff54e7c.jpg
Gyoza and fried vege for dinner!

 photo DSC_0316_zpsb9110a2a.jpg
No time to prepare for dinner after long hour of seminar.
So i bought some Siumai and heat it up using the microwave oven.

 photo DSC_0320_zps21bd79a8.jpg
This is cute....125ml canned beer from Kirin!

Visiting New Born Baby for the first time

Went to visit my ex-Japanese leader's house yesterday.
So glad to meet him again after 4-5 months.
He didn't change a lot!

His new born baby is so cute.
Still very tiny in size coz he is only one month old.

Saw another side of him, apart from "very serious at work" look.
So loving and caring!
I'm sure he will be a very good father :-)

Hope to see him again soon :-(

Had udon at Hanamaru Udon shop alone near Yokohama Station after the visit.

 photo DSC_0318_zps5019a447.jpg
A budget place for filling up your stomach.
Small udon with egg for 294yen.
Fried squid leg for 147yen
and fried chicken for 105yen.

Click here for the menu!
Expenses in Japan is not so expensive if you found the right place.
You can enjoy a nice meal in Japan for around 500++yen!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello Spring

Finally, the weather is getting back warmer....
I could wear skirt instead of long pants and legging :-)

 photo DSC_0307_zpse5b8cdbd.jpg
Green hooded T-shirt from GAP! I really like this pastel color...

 photo DSC_0299_zpsfab51878.jpg
With my new Shiseido foundation!

Next thing I wanna do during this weekend and next weekend is to go shopping for some nice Spring/Summer clothes!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Cooking Diary 2

 photo DSC_0271_zps032b6e89.jpg
New lunch box and mug!

 photo DSC_0272_zps99f22418.jpg
My first bento...hmm....i think i over cook the vege....
 photo DSC_0288_zpsfa10ab73.jpg
Hmm....2nd attempt. Look nicer....but the rice portion was too

 photo DSC_0289_zps78029722.jpg
Dinner. Sandwich and salad.
I love the cherry tomato. Really sweet!

 photo DSC_0291_zpsc7c94698.jpg
Quick lunch. Sandwich with ham and sausage.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Outing ~Rainy Day~

 photo DSC_0281_zpsd493760d.jpg
Rainy days.
And weather is getting back cold.
It's only 10 degree's freezing although it's already Spring season.

 photo DSC_0280_zps45469418.jpg
My lunch. Tetsu's Tsukemen @ Yokohama Landmark Tower

 photo DSC_0275_zpsc3b19eee.jpg
I love Yokohama!

 photo DSC_0277_zps88bef022.jpg
Flowers along the roadside.

 photo DSC_0278_zps5767a50a.jpg
Nice flowers!

 photo DSC_0287_zpsdb82df2a.jpg
Bought Japan Open 2013 Table Tennis Competition from 7-11.
Can't wait to watch it....coz my friend from Malaysia will be the referee for this match :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Erm...I lost some weight

 photo DSC_0268_zpsac617060.jpg
A recent photo of me.
Surprisingly, I lost 2.5kg since I came to Japan.
Lost weight in 3 weeks!
I eat normally and didn't do any exercise.
Only that I walked a lot, from my house to campus, walk around campus and walk back home....
I walk at least 4km everyday.
And I usually use staircase instead of

My target is to lose another 3-5kg before this it possible?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Random Cooking Diary

Started to learn how to cook!
 photo DSC_0227_zpsbe3e2871.jpg
First attempt. Chanpon! It was an easy one, just need to fry the vege, add in noodles and premix sauce.

 photo DSC_0230_zpse9c3e581.jpg
Simple breakfast with Hokkaido Butter. Really Nice!

 photo DSC_0231_zps7ffbefa7.jpg
Nice sliced pork!

 photo DSC_0232_zps24f49a72.jpg
Vegetable soup and siumai.

 photo DSC_0236_zps49d63906.jpg
My nice omelette and toasted bread.
The fried chicken was actually frozen food. 6pcs for 120yen. Just heat it up with Microwave oven.
And the taste really nice :-)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Weekend in Yokohama

Happy weekend!
Happy Shopping.

 photo DSC_0247_zpsf71917ed.jpg
Nice weather today.
Went to Minato Mirai area.
Yokohama Landmark tower,  296.3m high.
It is the tallest building in Japan (for now) and 3rd tallest standing structure in Japan after Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower.

But soon, the tallest building will be replaced by Abenoshi Terminal Building in Osaka in year 2014 tentatively.

 photo DSC_0249_zps04c2920a.jpg

 photo DSC_0250_zps2024c84f.jpg
My lunch -  hamburger set :-) served with rice, soup and salad.

 photo DSC_0251_zps6674a0e3.jpg
Bought a nice messenger bag today.
Manhattan Portage brand sling bag with Cordura material XD
I love Cordura material, it's very durable.
My previous Nike bag was also made with Cordura Material.
Say goodbye to my luxury bag....back to normal and low-profile uni life....hehehe

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