Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sunday Roast @ English Lounge, Manchester

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While in UK, you must try Sunday Roast especially if you are a meat lover.
The Sunday roast is a traditional British and Irish main meal that is traditionally served on Sundays.
Most restaurants and pubs serve Sunday Roast during Sundays.

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Before I came to Manchester, I made some research about Sunday Roast and I found many bloggers recommended English Lounge
so I decided to give it a try.
The waitress was so polite and friendly.

 photo DSC02495_zpsqcmbuzog.jpg
The interior of the pub.

 photo DSC02496_zpsweuo2vzl.jpg
And the menu.

 photo DSC02498_zpsdsyg8zzr.jpg
"Tea please" as usual while in UK.

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I ordered their Roasted beef, which was served with home made Yorkshire puddings,  oven baked roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and finished with piping hot home made gravy.
The portion was big but I finished it all.
Even the gravy.

 photo DSC02501_zpsfc3ipxfp.jpg
2 big slices of roasted beef on top and roasted potato on the bottom.
Yorkshire Pudding was good too.
British food isn't that bad.
I pretty love it.
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