Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Greggs: Always Fresh. Always Tasty

 photo Photo 7-3-15 4 00 24 PM_zps8m0lnhts.jpg
I really wanted to try something very local, so I skipped my hotel's breakfast which was paid (around 12-13 GBP) and went to the nearest Greggs to grab a sandwich.

Greggs is the largest bakery chain in the United Kingdom, with 1,671 outlets.
It specialises in savoury products such as pasties, sausage rolls and sandwiches and sweet items including doughnuts and vanilla slices.

 photo DSC02887_zpsvo4kuyiu.jpg
My kind of Bed and Breakfast.
I went to the street to buy a sandwich from Greggs and also a cup of Americano from Starbucks.

 photo DSC02889_zpsil2in3d5.jpg
Chargrill Chicken Oval Bite
So yummy!
Their bread was loaded with sesame!!
A healthy meal for 400kcal and below.

 photo DSC02890_zpsu1juad1n.jpg


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