Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LONDON: Harrods

 photo DSC03295_zpsdlb8ugls.jpg
The must-visit place in London!!
Harrods is a luxury shopping destination which has opened for more than 160 years.

 photo DSC03293_zpsn4blaojb.jpg
Love their cute bear so much.

 photo DSC03291_zpsrozpsetj.jpg
And some cute merchandises.....

 photo DSC03282_zpsufv43pmg.jpg
Celebrating my 27th birthday in London is the most happiest thing in my life so far.

 photo DSC03279_zpsuwmpxtjq.jpg
I wish I could eat this sandwich everyday....

 photo DSC03277_zpsmdm2qoyc.jpg
This is heaven!!!

 photo DSC03275_zpsjl6esulq.jpg

 photo DSC03274_zpsmepl8bat.jpg

 photo DSC03273_zpsqzl0w8ds.jpg

 photo DSC03272_zpsqmoh2mjk.jpg
Nice and luxurious interior.
I had not much time spending here as my trip was kind of rushing...
I wish I could come back again soon.....with my love one...


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