Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The last day in Year 2014

 photo 20141231_114320_zpsfb1ba5f8.jpg
It's the last day of the year, but it was just a normal day.

 photo 20141231_180017_zpsde01952f.jpg
Had strawberry parfait for dinner alone to celebrate.
I wish my dar-dar can accompany me.

 photo 20141231_175907_zps906c2a9a.jpg

 photo 20141231_180507_zpsde62f09c.jpg
The tired face.
Went to lab today as usual.
What a restless year.
What a lonely new year eve.
I hope 2015 would be a better year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cooking Diary December 2014 (3)

This will be the last cooking diary post for year 2014.

 photo 20141230_115135_zpsaeb6cadd.jpg
Black pepper fried koay teow

 photo 20141225_115959_zps856febdd.jpg
Pasta in a jar

 photo 20141228_124601_zpsbee31949.jpg
Veggie and tofu soup

 photo 20141226_193327_zps7af9ed65.jpg
Ok. this is not what I cooked.
I bought this chicken from SOGO yokohama and I just decorated with green leaves and potato salad. LOL

Monday, December 29, 2014


 photo DSC_0003_zps15dca62f.jpg

Finally tried Macaron from PIERRE HERMÉ PARIS for the first time in my life. LOL
Bought half a dozen from their store located at SOGO Yokohama.
303yen for each macaron.

 photo DSC_0006_zpse1d7ef44.jpg
I have no idea what I have ordered actually.
I just simply picked six of them.

 photo DSC_0007_zps031f3a64.jpg
Then, back home, I figured out what I have picked.
Infiniment Rose
Infiniment Pistache
Infiniment Caramel
Infiniment Jasmine
Mogador (the yellow one, with brown filling)
Montebello (the red and green)

 photo DSC_0008_zps06051ca7.jpg
Among the six, I love the Caramel, Pistache and Rose the most.
I don't really like Mogador - passion fruit flavor. Too sour for me.
I prefer something sweet. Hehe.

Macaron from Pierre Herme is just heavenly awesome.
I wish to eat more. Hehe!
Yeah! I fulfilled my wish in Year 2014 - which is "to have Macaron from Pierre Herme"!
Keep hunting for good food and nice dessert in Year 2015

Sunday, December 28, 2014


 photo 20141227_161940_zps9138c3e9.jpg

Yuki Ichigo

  photo 20141230_204809_zps205d1614.jpg

 photo 20141230_205211_zps5c568e2f.jpg

Saturday, December 27, 2014

McD's New Menu

 photo 20141220_170919_zpsd4838dab.jpg
New menu from Mc Donald's.
Kani Korokke Burger
(Crab Croquette Burger)

 photo 20141220_171037_zps182ecd14.jpg
The bread is different from Big Mac.

 photo 20141220_171046_zps3b094052.jpg
A thick patty.
Quite nice.
Creamy croquette inside.

New Flavor from Starbucks

 photo 20141226_141431_zps55f1be8a.jpg
Took a short coffe break at Starbucks Coffee.
I am not a fan of frappucino, but I tried this since this is their new limited menu.
Orange Chocolate Mocha Frappucino
Hmm....still, im not a fan of frapp, taste so-so only. Hehe.
But I somehow like the orange peel thing sprinkled on top.

Friday, December 26, 2014


New gindaco stall is opened at The Diamond at Yokohama Station.
It has been awhile since the last time I had Gindaco.

 photo 20141226_122336_zpsccfc21a9.jpg
Before mayo is applied.

 photo 20141226_122415_zpscef28a8c.jpg
With Mayo.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Xmas Eve

 photo 20141224_125043_zps61ab4105.jpg
Stayed in the lab for the whole day till night.
No celebration for Xmas eve this year.
Wearing knitted top from H&M,
bought it suring sales, it costs only 500yen.

 photo 20141224_203743_zpsfd22e4ab.jpg
My new nail color from Missha, Nude sand color.
Quite nice.

Xmas Deco at Takashimaya

 photo 20141220_143811_zpsa8ad25ff.jpg

 photo 20141220_143802_zps4579b383.jpg

 photo 20141220_143753_zpsa1de93c1.jpg

 photo 20141220_143740_zpsd7785639.jpg

 photo 20141220_143736_zpsbd0b6c71.jpg

 photo 20141220_143723_zps416b2126.jpg

 photo 20141220_143700_zps59d1514d.jpg

 photo 20141220_143643_zps1978d572.jpg

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Ichiran Ramen

 photo 20141220_121724_zps3dde92d4.jpg
Had ramen for lunch at Ichiran Ramen.

 photo 20141220_121817_zps66533b3e.jpg
OMG. This is better than Ippudo!!!

 photo 20141220_121317_zps33115fb9.jpg
You can customize your ramen.
From soup, noodle, and topping.

 photo 20141220_121938_zps11f6e206.jpg
Keep slurping.

 photo 20141220_121535_zpsa03e0ec2.jpg
Ordered half boiled egg too. Hehe.

 photo 20141220_121955_zps8c56ceac.jpg
Yummy oily thick pork-based soup!

 photo 20141220_122656_zpsd703fa0f.jpg
The egg was great too!

 photo 20141220_123258_zps62c82839.jpg
Enjoyed till the last slurp!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Loot of the day

 photo 20141220_202305_zps899b082b.jpg
Went shopping today.
Bought new cleanser from LUSH.
Xmas special- Buche de Noel.
Nice almond smell.
Quite good.

And also a nice nude color nail polish from MISSHA.

And also nice bangle from MIXXO.
They are having 70% discount.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Pavlov Patisserie

 photo IMG_0011_2_zps6c4273d3.jpg
A very nice shop in Yokohama.
The sell pound cake in front of the shop and they also running a cafe at the back at the same time .
 photo IMG_0012_2_zps677e58e6.jpg

 photo IMG_0013_2_zpsf5051512.jpg
Nice entrance.

 photo IMG_0014_2_zps1e4bcd03.jpg
fake cakes were nicely displayed.

 photo IMG_0015_2_zpsfcc9a8c1.jpg
Nice and class place.

 photo IMG_0016_2_zpsaaa214b6.jpg
Cakes for sales are nicely displayed.

 photo IMG_0017_2_zps562e0ba3.jpg
The interior is nice.
Very classy but relaxing.

 photo IMG_0018_2_zps75a6581f.jpg
Ordered their special tea.
Very nice smell and good taste.

 photo IMG_0019_2_zps6b64cfaf.jpg
Cute saucer.

 photo IMG_0020_2_zps2477d2f6.jpg
Ordered their Pavlov set.
1296yen ( comes with drink)

 photo IMG_0021_2_zps510ee438.jpg
1st layer - savory cake served with cream cheese.
OMG. Heavenly awesome.

 photo IMG_0022_2_zps8e34c50d.jpg
Comes with salad too.

 photo IMG_0023_2_zpsb55a0653.jpg
Then, 2nd layer was all sweet cakes.

 photo IMG_0024_2_zps6aa11b04.jpg
Yum yum yum!

 photo IMG_0025_2_zps83a138b3.jpg
Gold sheet on top.

Every cake was so unique and nice.
It was not very sweet but rich in taste.
Just suit my taste bud very well.
Good environment, good food, good weather,
what a good weekend.

 photo IMG_0026_2_zps51d81def.jpg

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