Tuesday, July 21, 2015

LONDON: St.Paul Cathedral + Millennium Bridge + Borough Market

 photo DSC03304_zpsaluusogb.jpg
St.Paul Cathedral

 photo DSC03307_zpsaq67fzcd.jpg
St.Paul Cathedral

 photo DSC03310_zpseqcady5d.jpg

 photo DSC03320_zpsqfgtszaq.jpg
Awesome view.
The Shard, the 87-storey skyscraper in Southwark, London.

 photo DSC03324_zpsdylwhbhc.jpg
The famous Millennium Bridge

 photo DSC03335_zpsm9ofbae5.jpg
And the famous Borough Market.
Foodie Lover must come here.

 photo DSC03336_zpscazm8ugb.jpg

 photo DSC03349_zpscedaw3mb.jpg
Bread Ahead.
Must try their bread and donuts.

 photo DSC03350_zpsz2fg3k6l.jpg

 photo DSC03351_zps6nqizjjz.jpg

 photo DSC03352_zpskizof9iy.jpg

 photo DSC03354_zpsl3nqp6l9.jpg
Bought this olive and cheese stick.
Very long and yummy!

 photo DSC03358_zpsbnz8amy4.jpg

 photo DSC03359_zpsbnvi9wo9.jpg
The Shard.

 photo DSC03360_zpsvj6yyvtv.jpg
Cheeeese anyone?

 photo DSC03362_zpsywdls4hw.jpg

 photo DSC03364_zps611y5t7e.jpg
And the giant cookies.

 photo DSC03365_zps6obcjipv.jpg
Raclette of the famous stall too...

 photo DSC03366_zpst3pkzrri.jpg

 photo DSC03367_zpsupqsj6g9.jpg

 photo DSC03368_zpsc8skc5io.jpg

Too many things to try but I had only limited time and limited space in tummy.
I wish I could come here again with my dar-dar one day.


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