Thursday, June 30, 2011

The First Sneakers in My Life

I fell in love at first sight with this pair of shoes~ Finally i brought it home~ Muaks x10~ (kissing my new shoes...joking....)



For your information, i will be working in a manufacturing company a.k.a factory. And the working attire are t-shirt, long pants and shoes~ So i need a pair of shoes instead of high heels~ Sobs~ I will be given a vest as my uniform soon!

OMG~ My dream as OL has broken >.<
I wish i could wear nice dress or formal suits with 3" high heels to work, carrying a luxury handbag, pretending that  I'm a superwoman.... Lol~
But now, I will be working in a factory~ Wearing t-shirt + jeans + sneaker and a Nike backpack~ Haha~ Hard to imagine~ ToT (I promise i will upload some pics of myself putting on my uniform in near future LOL)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Favorite Drink

One of my favorite drink is Milk Tea~
I searched Youtube for "How to make Royal Milk Tea" and I followed the instructions as the video below.

The tea leaves that I used was Sabah Tea's tea leaves and milk was Australian full cream milk. #FAILed!
Lol~ I can only taste the milk but not the tea. Sobs~ I think I need nicer tea leaves...

At last, I gave up and I went to DAISO(100 yen shop) and got this instant milk tea. Haha~
4 sachets in a packet for RM5~
Good for lazy ppl like me, just add hot water in it~ And it tastes great!

Yum yum~ My high tea~

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Macaron @ Jogoya

Dar-dar's father treated us Jogoya buffet~ I'm not writing much about Jogoya as this was not my 1st time there~
Umm....4th time i think....

But surprisingly, they are selling Macarons here~ They displayed their macaron at the dessert section~ Yeah~ You are not wrong, they are SELLing.... (Instead of buffet ToT)

The macarons were good looking and attracted me~

It costs only RM8 for 5~ Reasonable price @@ Nono~ It's super super cheap to me~ 
Coz I bought macaron from Laduree @Nagoya, Japan before, it was almost RM70 for 4 pcs~

My comment:
(I'm not so pro in tasting macaron, I just grade the macaron according to my tougue~hehe)
Crispiness: 4/5 ( I think it was still fresh~)
Appearance: 4/5 ( Only 3 color/flavor, but they looked really nice, as nice as Laduree)
Sweetness: 4/5 (Not bad! Not too sweet)
Overall i grade it as good macaron which you can find in Malaysia ( I simply grade it, honestly)
(Don't compare with those macaron from France pls~ hehe)

-Only 3 flavor, no choice, come in a box of 5
-Taste: Artificial flavor. The red one is strawberry flavor~ and the other two, i can't identify their flavor~ 

P/s: The quality of the photos are not so nice coz it was taken by iPhone~ I didn't bring my prosumer camera tat day~

Traffic light color

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Ship @ Bukit Bintang

My first visit to The Ship~  It's not so surprising OK! Haha~
Hungry face~ hehehe

He tried to act cute with the napkin #FAIL!

My Seafood au Gratin~Cheese baked with lots of seafood and creamy sauce inside! Thumbs up!

Dar-dar's Beef steak + Tiger Prawn ^^ 

Burpp.....Stomach full~ What a plentiful dinner with my dar-dar XD

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am not Bookaholic!!

In conjunction with Kinokuniya's 10th Anniversary in Malaysia, they are having promotions~ 1 stamp for every RM50 purchase in a same receipt and RM50 free voucher  upon collecting 10 stamps !

Lol~ When I filled in my resume for searching job, i wrote "reading" as my interest. I'm sorry that I lied...
Haha~ Actually I don't have any good hobby, my interest are sleeping, facebooking and blogging...


P/S: The promotion until 30th November 2011^^

But, I've managed to collect 10 stamps from Kinokuniya~ Yippie~ RM50 free voucher XD ( 7 of the stamps was collected by my dar-dar's father...hehehe, I only collected 3!) I went to Kinokuniya to purchase a C programming book. Coz i'm going to work soon, I want to brush up my C language before starting my 1st job~ Hehe~ My brain get rust after 1-2 months of holiday~

Last but not least, fresh cream choux from Sun Moulin@KLCC as my dessert before going back home~ The appearance was nice, but tasted so-so only ^^ Not as great as expected :-(
I prefer beard's papa cream puff~ hehe

Saturday, June 18, 2011

GokuRaku Ramen @ Mid Valley

My dar-dar and I went to try the newly opened Ramen restaurant at Mid Valley~
The environment was nice, with the open kitchen....
Hmm...wat to eat tonight....


The waitress who served us was good and polite....
And the food was served promptly^^ Thumbs up~

My Nitamago Tonkotsu Ramen, served with char siew, seasoned egg, black fungus, bamboo shoots and seaweed. The soup was thick and nice! RM17.90 for this ^^

Dar-dar's Gokuraku Ramen~ The taste of the soup was slightly different than mine~ RM16.90 for this!!

They serve other food such as rice meal and skewer.
Refer to their official website for more details :
GokuRaku Ramen

Last but not least, a slice of rare cheese cake as my dessert (non-baked cheesecake). RM8.90 for this^^
It was decorated by fresh straberries and blueberries ^^
So yummy~ I can say that It's a must try item in this restaurant~

As a conclusion, it's a nice restaurant if u have a higher budget. Total bill was RM58.80 for 2 person.
Don't care about price long as you are happy with the meal~ haha~

Good News

I just received a call from the agent and she said that I was selected by SONY as position of Design Engineer ^^
About the salary and benefits wise haven't confirm yet~
But for my case, i will be hired by the agency, so it will be a 1-year contract position >.<
But no matter how much, I think I will accept the position~
Don't wanna be so choosy anymore~ Haha~

I'm so happy ^^
Finally I get a job which I dreamed to ^^ Hehe~

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dull life

I am bored with my dull daily routines~
I'm enough with holiday~
I woke up at 10am everyday, 
sitting in front of my computer,
 keep watching old clips from Youtube, 
see forums and facebook-ing...

Wish to start a new chapter of my life as soon as possible~

And Happy Birthday to my dearest Mummy ^^
 I love her so much ^^

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I had a splendid meal with my dar-dar at Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid~
 I am seafood lover, so dar-dar treated me shrimps for dinner ^^

The interior of the restaurant~

Run Forrest Run

And this yogurt blend smoothie is also called "Run Forrest Run"
Strawberries, banana and orange blended with Rapsberry flavored yogurt ^^


Dar-dar's bucket of shrimps

My Cajun Shrimps

And lastly my SS photo....hehe

A happy weekend ended happily~

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lazy Worm

My new bedsheet ^^

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I miss Omu-Rice

Omelette rice is my all time favorite...
From the Malaysian Nasi Goreng Pattaya to Japanese style OmuRaisu~

One of the food I wanted to try in Japan was Omelette Rice~
I had it at a shop called Om's Dining at ShinSaiBashi ( Famous shopping street in Osaka)

Fuwa-fuwa~The omelette melted in my mouth~
And the beef sauce was a great combination with the omelette and rice...
I can't grade it as the best one as this was the first time I had the Japanese style Omelette Rice in Japan~ 
But it was delicous~ I love the moment when I cut the omelette into two~ The half-cooked omelette flowed out~
I asked my dar-dar to take  video for me when cutting the omelette but he accidentally press stop when I haven't finish cutting the omelette... So, no video for demo at last~ Lol~

And my dar-dar ordered the normal omelette rice coz he don't like half-cooked egg~Hehe~
Omelette rice in tomato sauce

I will definitely try it again in my coming Japan trip in near near future~ ( Saving $$.....)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A letter from your daughter

To my dearest Mummy & Daddy,

I'm sorry that I haven't found a job.
And I need to get pocket money from both of you for this month~
I promise that this will be the last month to get pocket money from both of you~

I will be independent after this month~
Don't worry about my future. Just trust my choice and support me.
I just need a lil' more time to think and decide before starting a new chapter of my life.

Thank you for loving and caring about me.
I love you <3

Your Daughter
3rd June 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Counting down my Birthday~

Hehe~ Another 1 more month to my birthday~
I requested my dar-dar to buy something for my birthday~
And I keep searching for nice bags from mymilanmilan....
He said he will buy a bag for me if I really like it...
But think deeper, i don't want him to spend money to buy unnecessary things for me~

Just have a look~
Is it worth buying?
#1 Used Burberry Blue Label bag~ Beige color~

#2 New Burberry Blue Label bag ~ Black color~

Both are simple and nice~ and the price is quite reasonable...

To buy or not to buy >.<

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