Sunday, March 23, 2014

My First Snowboarding Experience

 photo DSC_3438_zps24f1f3fc.jpg
Went snowboarding with lab members.
While waiting the night bus....hehe

 photo DSC_3440_zpsaa49372f.jpg

 photo DSC_3444_zps01a79216.jpg
The next morning!

 photo DSC_3451_zps869f3f44.jpg
The place we went:

 photo DSC_3458_zpseea685f5.jpg
Snowboarding was fun! Really really fun!
I wish to try again next time!

Our dinner on the first night! Sukiyaki!
 photo DSC_3461_zps6168e7ad.jpg

 photo DSC_3462_zps227cbabf.jpg

 photo DSC_3463_zps2fe0e9ad.jpg

 photo DSC_3464_zps6dc88ff0.jpg

DAY 2:
Continue snowboarding on the following day.
But I was suffering from muscle pain. Lol.
 photo DSC_3466_zps445cfe65.jpg

 photo DSC_3468_zps1ff23aa3.jpg

 photo DSC_3470_zps027a559d.jpg
It was snowing the whole day!

 photo DSC_3454_zps677e3b09.jpg

 photo DSC_3472_zps9760e123.jpg

 photo DSC_3481_zps8dc9263d.jpg
Do I look cool?

 photo DSC_3484_zps6a369ad8.jpg
 photo 1395367075422_zpsd9ce3c8e.jpg

 photo DSC_3486_zpsdefbf90d.jpg
Curry rice for lunch!

 photo DSC_3487_zps30d83438.jpg

 photo DSC_3488_zps290dbe75.jpg

 photo DSC_3491_zpsfd1a98de.jpg
Dinner was sandwiches and strawberry scone from Starbucks! Hehe


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