Monday, June 15, 2015

Kanazawa Trip: Higashi Chaya District

Higashi Chaya District (East Geisha District) is the biggest of the four chaya (Geisha) districts in Kanazawa.
Chaya is a traditional place where Geisha have entertained people by dance and music since the 17th century.
Kanazawa is the second biggest existing Geisha city after Kyoto.
Therefore, Kanazawa is also known as "Little Kyoto".
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This reminds me Hanami-koji Street (Gion) in Kyoto.

Spotted a happy couple taking wedding photo in Japanese traditional costume.
So pretty!

Kanazawa produces 99% of all gold leaf made in Japan.
Therefore, you may find many products made with gold leaf here in Kanazawa.
Such as gold leaf mask, cosmetic products, handicrafts and etc.
And also in food, cakes, desserts and coffee.

I regretted not to try this ice-cream with gold leaf.

The luxury mask sheet.

This pancake shop was on my itinerary but unfortunately it was closed during that day.

Found this cute sleepy Shibainu. Hehe!

And I saw a gold color car too!


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